Monday, February 26, 2007


On Thursday March 8th contest fever will envelop the Club. Five members are competing to represent the Club at the Area Final which takes place in Fermoy on 27th March. While we are all very supportive to each other in the Club generally, but it will be cut throat competition on the night. An exciting night promised, so members and guests come along and be entertained by those speakers and of course you will get the cupán tae and the biscuit served with a smile at the interval, and you have an opportunity to meet the stars in person. Could you ask for more!

The last meeting on Feb 22nd was most enjoyable and informative. We had five speakers – Liam O’Flynn who is a new member, gave his icebreaker. His performance was brilliant. Congratulations Liam. We look forward to your next speech. Don’t make us wait too long. Our other speakers were all experienced speakers and lived up to their usual high standard. They were Anne O’Sullivan; Loretto Barry; Pat Sexton and Vivienne Buckley. Ray Ryan again an experienced Toastmaster conducted the topic session - his choice of topics had the audience responding fast and furiously. The response was great and generated many laughs.

Now for a few hints on how to construct a memorable speech

  • Merely to make a speech is not enough.

  • The speech must mean something

  • Lead to something

  • Stir up someone to know or do something

  • Every speech should be directed to the accomplishment of some definite purpose

  • A speech may instruct, persuade, convince, inspire or entertain

  • The Speaker should know before s/he begins just what s/he hopes to accomplish

  • Speakers should have the spirit of a crusader or a teacher

  • S/he should carry that spirit through to the logical accomplishment of his purpose

  • Life is full of intriguing problems to be discussed – don’t waste time on unimportant themes.

  • A Speaker cannot hope to convince the audience if s/he lacks conviction.

  • Speak as though your life depends on convincing your audience

  • Then and only then will your speech be a success

So until we meet again log on to our up to date web page at

Monday, February 19, 2007


……… these are the words that give so much anxiety to those preparing a wedding speech or a presentation. Whether you are there to introduce, dedicate or accept or are giving a wedding speech, your speech should leave no doubt as to why you and your audience have gathered.

Writing or giving a ceremonial speech should have an introduction; body, and conclusion.

  • Create a sense of anticipation.

  • Keep the general principles short

  • Speak for one to three minutes depending on how well the audience knows the speaker.

  • Resist the temptation to list all of the speaker’s accomplishments!

  • Be relentlessly positive

  • Never miss a chance to sincerely compliment the speaker.

  • Humorous anecdotes are fine as long as they reflect positively on the speaker.


Use a quote. Look for a gem of a quote about your speaker. Begin with the speaker’s organization, cause or topic. Tell the audience what it is and why it is important. Then move into your discussion of the speaker. Check to see who has the same birthday as your speaker. You may find the speaker has something else in common with his or her ‘birth mate’. The ending is extremely impprtant. It must build to a climax. It should summarize the speaker’s strengths, virtues, and accomplishments. And ideally raise the audience’s sense of anticipation to the point where they just cannot wait for the speaker to begin.

The same rules pertain for ‘a Mother/Father of the Bride Speech.’ - Only this time the speaker will have 20 + years of experiences to draw from. Please do not include the full 20 years. Always remember brevity is the sole of wit. You do not want to turn all your guests into pillars of boredom while you pontificate on the virtues of your ‘little girl’. Don’t forget to welcome the groom into your family, whether you hate his guts or not! Political Correctness I think it is called.

We have a section in Toastmasters where you can give speciality speeches. These cover social. Corporate and family occasions. Some people join toastmaster for this very section. So come along to Speakeasy Toastmasters Club Meeting on 22nd February at the Hibernian Hotel Mallow at 7.50 p.m. Sharp and you can practise for your next big event. To date the feedback from our guest is so good, that some guests have graduated to members. They are making great progress and are contributing greatly to the success of the meetings. For that we thank them and we are delighted to have them aboard. We continue to roll out the red carpet for guests. You will be most welcome, and relax, you will not be asked to speak unless you wish to do so. See you all next Thursday. We have a fresh programme which holds great hopes for an enjoyable night. Further details at

Tuesday, February 13, 2007


It is not my cup of tea - if I got a euro every time I heard that answer when I have invited people as a guest to a Meeting - I would be living in Spain in my villa today. The first thing is you will not know until you try. The second – no pain no gain. Admittedly there are members in all Clubs who – to put it mildly – like the sound of their own voices. Let me tell you they are in the minority. The primary purpose of most members is to gain confidence, to learn to communicate effectively, and thereby, be able to hold their own in their chosen field of employment. Presentations and appraisals are buzz words in today’s work place. And with the advent of Television the demands are even higher to perform well. We are used to the smooth operators who make it all so easy on T.V, but who in fact have to practice to keep up their performances. Toastmasters helps the person who is being bullied in College, or in the work place, or in the home to assert themselves, and stand up to bullies and see them for what they are – weak cowards with a loud voice. Just think what a relief it would be to be able to meet people on an equal footing, make your point diplomatically but firmly, and leave knowing you have not been ‘brow beaten’. This is a good feeling, which will allow you then, to work to your optimum performance.

Without sounding too repetitive there are also the social and fun aspects to the meeting. While it is not easy to participate at the beginning – with time and perseverance it will become second nature to you to stand up and give your opinion voluntarily. By doing this you will slowly notice the change in yourself. You will feel more confident, more decisive, and happier in yourself.

Last week the meeting lived up to my expectations. It was most enjoyable. Because there are different people on the program, each week, each meeting is different. Have you ever gone to a meeting and the same people hog the lime light all the time? This leads to boredom and frustration on the part of the audience. This does not happen in Toastmasters. Every member can book their slot to give a speech and the ‘EVP’ i.e. the person who makes out the program, ensures that everyone gets a fair opportunity, hence the balance and variety of each meeting. In our Club the Educational Vice President is Ann Buckley. She works hard at having a good balance at every meeting.

Some details of the last meeting. Ann O’Sullivan was the topics master of the night. She had a great variety of topics. The response was great, and most enjoyable. The Speakers of the night were Catriona Daly, Pat Duggan, Denis Taylor, Marie Fitzpatrick and John Dillon. Here a high standard was achieved by all. We look forward to their next contribution.

Our next meeting is on Thursday 22nd February at 7.50 sharp. Guests welcome as always. Further details on our website

Tuesday, February 06, 2007


  • Shed the old skin - we must be willing to get rid of the life we’ve planned so as to have the life that is waiting for us. Be flexible enough to turn over a new page and start the next chapter.

  • See the good, expect the best. Your mind is a powerful tool. Don’t waste it over what you don’t have.

  • Challenge yourself. A sure way to fire up enthusiasm and zest for life is to take on a major challenge. Join Speakeasy toastmasters.

  • Initiate positive action. Getting our of a mental rut and gaining more from life means becoming the initiator. Do more than ‘belong’ – ‘participate’

  • Think like a champion – when your mental energy is low and lethargic try thinking like a champion. Get out there and instead of trying not to loose, try to win. Have a game plan - realizing that talent alone is seldom enough.

Remember nothing great was never earned without enthusiasm. Allocate time in your schedule to come to the next Speakeasy Toastmasters Club Meeting at the Hibernian Hotel on Thursday February 8th at 7.40 pm sharp. A great night is guaranteed. We have four excellent speakers and our topics session is guaranteed to enterain. May I sayguests will not be asked to speak, but of course may do so if they so wish. Since September we have quite a few guests and the feed back is gratifying. There is a general election coming up so all you supporters of the various parties if you want to improve your canvassing skills come and join us. You will go home fulfilled, and with a few ideas on how to convince the voter that your’s is the party to be supported. Needless to say we are non political – so all party supporters are welcome. You could say - you will not all be singing out of the same hymn sheet but you could learn the tools of the trade from the same hymn sheet. Just change the words to your own music afterwards!! We have gone up market – the kettle is not on the hob anymore, but for €5 we still serve tea and coffee and ‘the best’ biscuits at half time. Not bad I can hear even the greatest sceptic think!

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