Tuesday, December 22, 2015

A Jovial Christmas Meeting At Speakeasy Toastmasters

It’s been a great first half of the Toastmaster year with very enjoyable meetings at Speak Easy Toastmasters.
 Our last meeting (Thursday 17th) of 2015 had a fantastic Christmassy atmosphere.  Once again our President Marie Lynes set the tone of the meeting by extending a very warm welcome to members and guests.  Our meeting planner and coordinator Theresa O’Reilly then assumed the role of Toastmaster.  Tony O’Regan was called upon to say a few words about our dear departed friend and fellow Toastmaster, Jerry Mulcahy.
We had three very fine speeches on the night and it is not possible to do them full justice in this short report but suffice to say they were a joy to listen to.
New member, Donie Turner was first to the lectern with his ice breaker “Looking Back”. Donie’s competitive spirit shone through as he kept us entertained with tales of athleticism.
Rona Coughlan donned a Santa suit for her speech entitled “Be Careful What you Wish For”.  A rhyming story with many twists and turns and let’s just say poor Mrs Clause learnt a valuable lesson in this wonderful imagination fuelled tale.
To round off the speech part of the meeting we had Michael Cronin with a tale called “Christmas Countdown”. He read a story of the Twelve Days of Christmas written by Frank Kelly which was a series of letters from Godnait O’Lunasa to Nuala thanking and then being less than impressed as pandemonium ensues.  Well worth looking up on YouTube.
 The audience really showed their appreciation for the speakers.  
 We had a lovely relaxing second half of the meeting, munching nibbles and drinking tea in a less formal atmosphere as Topicsmaster Ann O’Donovan had us all regaling tales of past Christmas.  The quote of the night was “a boyfriend is for life not just for Christmas”.
The convivial atmosphere continued as Marie Fitzpatrick gave a comprehensive Timekeepers report. Evaluators Tony O’Regan, Tom O’Connor and Mary Moynihan were listened to attentively by the speakers as their comments were designed to praise and encourage. Brendan Foley was  our General Evaluator on the night.
 Speakeasy Toastmasters will be resuming in the new year on the 7th of January, 8 p.m. Hibernian Hotel. All guests are more than welcome and won’t be asked to speak. For more information go to www.speakeasytoastmasters.com or contact Brendan Foley 087 7946947 or Marie Lynes 0879746947.
Wishing everyone a very enjoyable Christmas and new year celebrations  
‘till we meet again in 2016…..

Monday, December 14, 2015

The Diving Bell and Butterfly

Friday the 3rd of December saw members of Speak Easy Toastmasters and guests gather for their fortnightly meeting in the Hibernian Hotel, Mallow and what a wonderful meeting it turned out to be.
Ray and Marie
Our President, Marie Lynes

Theresa, Mike and Liam
opened the meeting and welcomed everybody before she handed control for the rest of the meeting to Toastmaster, Ray Ryan.  Ray himself is a very experienced toastmaster and was previously Division A Governor (Cork/Kerry/West Limerick)

Topicsmaster for the evening was Dermot Kennedy and timekeeper was Noel O’Connor. 

We had a packed and very enjoyable program with 5 speeches. First to the podium was Claire O’Connell “I was Lost Before the Dawn” she gave us her unique insights into how first impressions don’t always last after you get to know some people. Norbert Kaiser had a very apt titled speech “The Ice Breaker” always wonderful to have an ice breaker in the club especially with such a high standard already. Theresa O’Reilly with “Positive about Mental Health” doesn’t shy away from tough subjects.  She used examples of well-known people who suffer from mental health issues. Pat Sexton read an excerpt from the book “The Diving
Deirdre and Sean
Bell and Butterfly” it was written literally in a blink of an eye. One line that really summed up this monogram was “dreams lined up like a beauty pageant”. Last but not least was Tom O’Connor’s tale of hope about Arthur Malcolm, an Australian who worked down a coal mine at twelve years of age and was an alcoholic and in jail at 15.  He went from these lows to the heights of having the word “eternity”  light up the sky across Sydney harbour in 18 meter letters.  What a evening of  great speeches. Well done to each of the 5 speakers.

   On the 17th of December we have our Christmas Toastmaster theme meeting and visitors and guests are welcome to attend, so whatever the weather do come along.  Past President the late, Jerry Mulcahy last made a special effort to join us for last year’s  Christmas meeting. He will be greatly missed and are thought and prayers are with his family. He was a real gentleman that had a unique way of telling a story that would bring a time gone by to life.
Kieran, Helsa and Claire
When we think of him it will be with a smile on are faces at all the fond memories we hold dear. We meet every second Thursday in the Hiberian Hotel at 8 p.m. For more information go to www.seakeasytoastmasters.com or contact EVP. Brendan Foley 087 7938641 or President Marie Lynes 087 9746947.

Thursday, December 03, 2015

Speak Easy Toastmasters Schools Contest.

Speak Easy Toastmasters Schools Contest.   
 Speak Easy Toastmasters annual schools public speaking contest took place last Thursday night in the Hibernian Hotel Mallow.
After 10 years this contest is still one of the most important events of the year in the club’s calendar.
A big thank you to the Hibernian Hotel for the very generous sponsorship of the use of the room for the evening which was much appreciated. The Credit Union also deserves a big thank you for its continuing sponsorship.  
The audience were treated to a wonderfully diverse range of subjects and interests.
James O’Hanlon from Patrician Academy, Mallow came third with a power point presentation “Social Media or Anti-Social Media “ that many a business Mogul would struggle to equal.
Osato Mickey representing Davis Collage Mallow received second place for a speech entitled “Women’s Rights-A Pipe Dream”? She showed us what it was like to walk in someone else’s shoes.
Mark Mullins from CBS School Charleville won first prize with the winning speech entitled “Young People Should be Trusted to Vote at Sixteen”.  He gave a seamless argument and backed it up with examples of why not to be ageist.
The winning school was CBS School Charleville, Mark Mullins and Cian Cotter. Well done to all the contestants and congratulations to the winners.
 The top table consisted of President Marie Lynes, Topics Master Michael Cronin and Toastmaster Liam Flynn.

Mary Buckley was presented with a bunch of flowers as a small symbol of all the work she has put into the school competition over the last 10 years.
Thanks also to the four school coaches Marie Fitzpatrick, Tony Regan, Pat Sexton and Michael Cronin. Jerry O’Callaghan gave a few inspirational words on behalf of Mallow Credit  Union. Pat was General Evaluator for the evening.
Speakeasy Toastmasters meet on alternate Thursdays in the Garden Room  in the Hibernian Hotel at 8pm.Next meeting is on December 3rd .Come along and see for yourself, for more information go to  www.speakeasytoastmasters.com or contact Brendan Foley on 087 7938641 or Marie Lynes on 087 9746947.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Standing Ovation for Pat

  Every time you go to toastmasters it’s guaranteed you will learn something new. Everyone has their own reasons for joining toastmasters for example they might be shy, have a work presentation or a best man speech coming up on the horizon and many more reasons.
The best way to descried it would be a train where everyone is on the same journey but get off at different places. Some people go all the way, Pat Sexton came first in District 71 Table Topics Contest .A big hearth felt congratulations, well deserved and if that wasn’t enough he also won the Soapbox Competition.
 The atmosphere was cordial as are President Marie Lynes called the meeting to start. Bobby Buckley did a splendid job as Toastmaster and was ably assisted by Liam Flynn as Timekeeper. Theresa O’Reilly gave a wonderful array of topics and even asked Pat Sexton “What you would do if you were not afraid”.

     We were spoilt with four well thought out and enthusiastically presented speeches. First to the podium was Kieran Butler whom there is no doubt has the gift of the gab as he gave examples of how you could smooth talk Noel O’Conner into a pricey purchase. Next up was Helsa Giles with a speech entitled “Winter is Coming” which would be no surprise about Game of Thrones. Dermot Kennedy gave us a well thought out demonstration speech about soft drinks. If you put mentos into coke it fizzes up. Last but not least was Brendan Foley with a speech “My Childhood Hero’s” he told an endearing tale about his love of comics as a child. Well done to all the speakers very enjoyable to listen to.  
   Before tea break Marie Lynes presented Pat Sexton with a cake a lovely gesture which made an ample addition to tea break and added to the celebratory mood. Ann O’Donovan made easy work as General Evaluator awarding best evaluation to Bridie O’Connell who made great efforts to find out about Game of Thrones. Best Speech went to Brendan Foley.
       On Thursday the 26th of November the schools competition, a very special evening and everyone is more than welcome to come. It’s at the Hibernian Hotel at 8 pm sharp. The next Speakeasy Toastmasters will be held in the same location and be on the following Thursday December 3rd .Guest won’t be asked to speak, come along for an enjoyable night. For more information www.speakeasytoastmasters.com
or contact Marie Lynes 087 9746947 or EVP. Brendan Foley  087 6417938.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Oppertunities to Compete

Speakeasy Toastmasters in mallow offers a wonderful opportunity to compete at the highest level . Firstly there’s the club competition were your pitted against your fellow club members, then its onwards to the area competition which the best of the four clubs in the area battle it out .Then its onwards for are battle ready contestants to limerick the Division B D71 competition .A proud day as not one, not two but three members of Speakeasy got placed an amazing result and well deserved. The talented  Marie Lynes came second in the Table Topics and taking first place for a jaw droppingly good performance Pat Sexton. Our EVP for the year Brendan Foley whom it’s a wonder has any time at all with all the valuable behind the scene work in getting a program together ,is a real testament to the saying ask a busy man, well done Brendan Foley on coming second.
Pat Sexton will be traveling to the Black Cat Conference District 71 in England we whole heartedly wish him the best of luck. All three are proof of the abundance of talent in the club.
  Marie Lynes are President opened the meeting, welcomed everyone and handed control of the meeting over to the very capable Marie Fitzpatrick who proficiently ran a very enjoyable meeting with help from time keeper Theresa O’Reilly. Noel O’Connor gave a hearth warming speech on the advantages of volunteering in your local community, he summed it all up beautifully by saying ”when you help others you get a different perspective and it can take your mind off your own problems”. ”My First Love” was the title of Breda Forests speech used her natural sense of humour because the title was none other than cunning red herring .Radio was her chosen subject, an excellent “new friend” to evoke and provoke emotion not unlike the speech. Ann Buckley read effortlessly an extract from “Around the Farmgate” a former member of Speakeasy John Dylan wrote a great story about his uncle Paddy a wonderful fiddler who played a haunting tune the Murhur Reel. Bobby Buckley “The Picturesque” a poetic speech ,gave us a lovely insight into the often over looked importance of the ascetically pleasing to the eye .Tony  O’Regan followed his own advice “Be Outstanding” as he did just that, in a bubbly toast to are never aloof, always interesting, much thought of President Marie Lynes.
Ray Ryan was Topicsmaster and had a wonderful array of topics. Sean Corcoran acted as General Evaluator giving us thoughtful feedback. Yet again a very pleasurable evening. Our meetings are open to everyone and we extend a warm and hearty welcome to all. We hope you come as often as you wish and if you decide that you would like to join us, we promise you the sky is the limit. Meetings are held every second Thursday in the Hibernian Hotel, 19th of November. For more information  go to www.speakeasytoastmasters.com
or contact Brendan Foley 087 7938641 or Marie Lynes 087 9746947

Friday, October 30, 2015

Evaluate to Motivate

   A meeting is roughly divided into four parts speeches, table topics, tea break and then for the final part the general evaluator takes charge of the meeting. All aspects of a meeting are evaluated. Evaluators have two minutes to evaluate a speech and the general evaluator, gives his or her feedback on the officers of the meeting and the evaluators. Every speech has aims and objectives and Toastmasters teaches us to listen and never lose sight of the fact that the speaker and their quest for personal improvement in their speaking skills is of the upmost importance. The evaluator offers feedback only on the speaker’s presentation, not on personality or quality’s. It’s vital that a specific improvement is sandwiched in before ending on a positive note encouraging more of the same. Also very important to be specific and encouraging and give examples of what the speaker did well. Evaluation is the corner stone of a successful toastmaster club.
   Marie Lynes are president warmly welcomed guests and members and handed over control of the meeting to Toastmaster Brendan Foley who thoughtfully made a personal comment about all the speakers, which really added to the congenial atmosphere.
  First to the floor was Michael Cronin with a very seasonal speech entitled “A Tale of Two Teeth” a wonderful tale of the origins’ of Bram Stokers life that might have inspired the infamous book Dracula. He defiantly had everyone’s hair on the back of their neck standing up and laughing at the same time.
  Next was Theresa O’Reilly with a speech entitled “Legalise Assisted Dying for a Termly Ill Patient” she gave a wonderfully thought provoking speech with well researched case studies, that really helped illustrate the pro’s and con’s of this important issue.
  Margaret O’Regan was are third speaker to the podium with a speech entitled “Same Care Different Century”. Insisting she’s just a quintessential Irish Mammy, but left us in no doubt that she has many strings to her bow. Her ingenious list of holiday essentials and lively illustrations made for a magical speech.
   Last but not least Liam Flynn who took a fresh look at his “Ice Breaker” with over 40 speech’s and 8 years idea’s gave us a quality speech delivered with confidence, style and class. Well done to all the speakers who entertained us thoroughly one and all.
    Mary Moynihan did a great job as Topics Master. Noel O’Conner was General Evaluator who epitomises what the role requires with insight and understated charm. Ray Ryan was on the clock as Time Keeper. The past week was a very exciting for Speakeasy Toastmaster Club because 3 members successfully move forward from area competition to proudly represent the club in the Humorous & Table Topics Division Final on Sunday 1st of November, Castletroy Park Hotel, Limerick .Well done to Marie Lynes who came second and Pat sexton on first place in the Table Topics Competition. Brendan Foley will be representing us in the Speech Competition. In conclusion another very enjoyable cordial evening. We will be meeting again in the Hiberian Hotel on the 5th of November at 8.00 p.m sharp. Guests are more than welcome and won’t be made speak unless they want to. For more information go to www.speakeasytoastmasters.com  or contact Brendan Foley 087 7938641 or Marie Lynes 087 9746974.