Saturday, September 17, 2011

A Poor Boy at Speak Easy

Speakeasy Toastmasters Mallow had a meeting on 15th September. There was a large attendance of members and guests. There were five speeches on the night.

The first was given by Anne Buckley this was an educational talk on impromptu speaking or speaking of the cuff. The theme of the talk was to listen to the topic confirm it to yourself, pause focus on your answer and end your reply. There is no silver bullet just practice. A quote from the speech “your brain stars to work when you are born and stops when you want to speak in public.

The second speech was given by Ian Kingsley and this was an icebreaker or first time speech. This was an excellent speech in which Ian introduced himself to the club, and how toastmasters will help him in giving a speech his sisters weeding. It would also help him to conquer his fear of speaking in public.

The third talk was given by Jerry Mulcahy on how to improve your skills at judging in competitions. A quote from his talk was that there is no substitute for honesty.

The fourth speech was given by Pat Sexton. This was an interpretative reading from Patrick Galvin’s book Story of A Poor Boy. Pat brought the story to life and you could imagine you were there listening to the characters.

The final speech of the night was given by Liam Flynn, and was an impromptu speech on town twinning. He outlined how rewarding it was for the towns and the people involved.
After the coffee and tea break we had a lively topic session overseen by Pat Duggan.
Our next meeting is on September 29th 8pm in HiBi. This is a humours speech contest so it would be a very enjoyable night for you to come and enjoy a night at toastmasters

Thursday, September 08, 2011

A Good Yarn

Speakeasy toastmasters had their first meeting this season on Thursday 1st September. It was a very interesting and enjoyable meeting with a large crowd present. There were four talks on various topics both interesting and informative.
The first talk was given by Tony O Regan who is president for the year. The theme of his talk is that we should listen, think, and then talk. He outlined that toastmasters would help you to attain these skills.
The second talk was given by Mary Moynihan. This was a demonstration on how to give a very humours after dinner speech .The most memorable quote was that old age was all in the mind but the trick was to keep it there and not to let it travel down the body.
The third talk was given by Marie Fitzpatrick titled on how to spin a good yarn. This was a speech on the clever use of words it was very humours on how to knit an Aran jumper which had the audience in bouts of laughter.
The fourth talk was given by Ray Ryan which was a story with a moral after which you would wonder could you trust an eye witness.
After tea, coffee and a chat there were some lively topics given out by Jerry O Callaghan which varied from the rose of Tralee to the value of good neighbours.
The next meeting is on 15 Th September @8pm everyone is welcome

Speak Easy are Returning

Speak Easy Toastmasters club Mallow are returning after their summer break for a new season on Thursday 1st September.
For people who have not been at toastmasters meetings previously they can be assured they would enjoy themselves .
The night consists of four or five five minute talks on various subjects both very informative and enjoyable. Then we have a tea and coffee break for fifteen minutes followed by various topics for half an hour.
The meetings start at eight pm , finish at ten pm and are held every two weeks.
Visitors and guests are always welcome.