Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Murder by Moonlight

Speakeasy Toastmasters 12th May 05.

The trial in the case ,which has become known as Murder by Moonlight took place in Mallow on the 12th May. It was carried out expeditiously. There was considerable tension in the courtroom as the evidence against the accused mounted. Prosecuting Councillors Tony O Regan and Sean Corcoran had the defence under pressure. Mary Buckley and Loretto Barry fought back valiantly on behalf of the accused Michael Cronin. They succeeded in creating a doubt which eventually prevailed on the minds of the jury. Under foreperson Marie Fitzpatrick the jury after a full, sometimes acrimonious, sometimes amusing, debate returned a not guilty verdict.

Gerry O Callaghan and Pat Duggan were witnesses for the state. Noel O Connor as Dr. Shanahan was professionally impartial. Intense cross examination did not shake Ann Buckley's evidence. Mary Stack made a strong impression on the jury as did the good neighbour Michael Donegan. The judge played by Angela Sheehan was firm decisive and absolutely impartial. The not guilty verdict was greeted warmly.

Later Sean Corcoran President said it was a different Toastmaster’s night and pronounced it a great success and most enjoyable. He thanked all participants and the large audience and invited them to become members.

The next meeting will May 26th at the Hibernian Hotel. There is a full programme and guests as always are welcome.