Sunday, October 16, 2011

Barn Brack's and Maths

Speakeasy toastmasters had their meeting on Thursday 13th October.
Anne Buckley was toastmaster for the night. There were four speeches on the night.
The first was a demonstration from Jean Sayers on how to bake a Halloween brack. We got a history of the name and why it was called a barn brack. This was very seasonal. We got a list of the ingredients and a demonstration on how to mix them and other items to add and their significance such as the ring, pea, cloth, coin and match stick. To make it all the better Jean had a brack that she baked the night before which looked delicious and beautiful to taste when we got some during the tea break. The word has it that Michael Cronin got the ring. Jean ended with a quote “A little bit of baking is good for the soul as it is some thing that you can enjoy making that other people enjoy eating”.
The second talk was from Bill Martin. The topic he chose was neuro linguistic programming. The main theme was to think good and feel positive. He outlined some points that he had learned on a course that he was on. And some methods that can help you to feel positive and assertive it was very interesting and enjoyable.
The third speaker was David Clarke with a speech called does maths matter. If any one could make figures talk he could he made maths interesting and enjoyable. He outline that you can be more successful if you have studied maths. He out line that most courses in university and colleges require some level of maths. It was a very enthusiastic speech.
The fourth talk was from Kieran Butler in which he had to persuade the audience .The topic he chose was that an Irish woman was the best a man could get. He outlined all the traits of Irish women some of which were. Their looks, intelligence their ability to socialize and travel .This was a very colourful speech and very up lifting.
After the tea break Tim Aherne gave out the topics which very varied and enjoyable .They varied from taking the first steps in any job to how Mallow could be revitalized.
Our next meeting is on Thursday 27th October in the Hi Bi 8 pm.
Every one welcome

Noel O Connor pro

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Chocolate and Aran Jumpers

Speakeasy toastmasters had their humours speech contest and topics contest on Thursday 29th September. Ray Ryan was contest chair for the night. There were six contestants in the humours speech contest.

Mary Moynihan gave a very funny and entertaining speech entitled what possessed me it was about obtaining an outfit for a wedding and it being a bit snug after being altered Pat Connolly gave a speech about making toys and bartering them for sweets when he was a child and the consequences when it went wrong.

Claire O Connell gave us her views on life with out chocolate and how serious it would be and how good chocolate is for us.

Marie Fitzpatrick Gave us advice on knitting an arn jumper and the advice she got from her close knit friends, there were lots of turns and twists before the last button was sewn on.

Bridget Breen gave a talk on the difference between men’s and women’s brains. It gave us an insight into why men can be happy doing nothing, and women get frustrated if they can’t talk. Bridget won second prise for this speech.

Michael Cronin gave a speech entitled trolley folly in which he gave us the wisdom on how to do the perfect shopping how to pick bargains and get good value. Michael won first prise for this.

In the topics competition there were five contestants Michael Cronin, Liam Flynn, Mary Buckley, Pat Sexton, and Pat Duggan. The topic was what your most important value is. Pat Sexton won it with his view that the truth should not get in the way of a good story. Second was Liam Flynn with the importance of loyalty.

A very entertaining night was had by the large attendance. Our next meeting is on Thursday 13th October guests are always welcome.