Tuesday, September 29, 2015

A Good Speech

A good speech…..
Toastmasters flourishes only because everyone  is so generous with their  time, efforts and creative energies, bringing a wonderful array of witty, inclusive and thought provoking  speeches delivered with aplomb. A good speech must say something worth saying, be free from verbal bluff of any kind, and make  its points with facility and directness. For the subject of your speech, you have the whole wide world to roam in and are only bound by the rules of good taste. Originality is vital, so stamping your  personality is a must  to make memorable and interesting  speeches. A good structure, quotes and listening to the positive feedback from evaluators  will insure one can climb higher next time.
Kieran Butler about to take questions
The second meeting of the season got off to a timely start with PresIdent Marie Lynes welcoming  11 guests, and also the usual suspect . Toastmaster for the evening was Margaret O’Regan making it all look easy as she unflappably sailed through a full program with ease. Jerry O’Callaghan was a diligent Timekeeper. Liam Flynn as Topicsmaster, gave us a great array of topics to get our teeth into, with Don McSweeny taking away best topic.
We had 5 delightful speeches, the first was served up by Marie Lynes who it seems moon lights for the British tourist board (I jest). She spoke of her fascinating trip to Oxford with its wealth of history, and her disappointment at not meeting Inspector Morse. Threasa O’Reilly, with a speech in titled “the ultimate challenge “ is obviously not just fit, but also well able to explain all the gear and transitional phases of a triathalon. She took away best speaker award for her effective use of visual aid. Ann O’Donovan is definitely no stranger to organising reunions, as she gave a confident presentation from start to finish on a very enjoyable trip down memory lane. ”Assessing the point “ was the title of Michael Boyle’s speech, delivered with an optimistic flourish, in an effective and interesting presentation. Kerin Butler is always a joy to listen to because he never shies away from intricate subject matters, giving us an oration on “Continental evolution, Creating a more perfect union”, with a question and answer session. Well done to all the speakers, who  contributed  greatly to a very enjoyable  evening.
Liam Flynn;Topicsmaster, Marie Lynes;President
and Margaret O'Regan; Toastmaster
All aspects of the meeting were evaluated, and Ray Ryan acted as quality control, entertaining us  in his role of general evaluator , awarding Pat Sexton a wel l deserved best evaluator. The 8th of October heralds the much anticipated Humorous Speech and Table Topics Contest, guaranteed to be well worth coming along to. A very special night in the toastmaster calendar,  and a great evening  to come along to as a guest.
 Competition can bring out the best, most compelling talent of the club. So to know more about an evening of sparkling entertainment and conviviality,   
go to www.speakeasytoastmasters.com
 You can also contact EVP Brendan Foley at 087 7938641 or President Marie Lynes at 087 9746947.Speakeasy Toastmasters meet on alternative Thursdays in Mallow at the Hibernian Hotel.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Ted Corcoran for Clonmel Toastmasters on October 8th

Clonmel Toastmasters are looking forward to Past International President of Toastmasters Ted Corcoran
Ted Corcoran
 conducting a speech writing workshop at our next meeting on Thursday October 8th in Raheen House Hotel, Clonmel. We would love to see members from Cashel Toastmasters Thurles Toastmasters , Dungarvan Toastmasters The Tower Toastmasters, Waterford , DLS Communicators - Waterford , The Galtees Toastmasters, Mitchelstown :-  Contact Mick White on 0864038587 if interested. Meeting starts at 8pm sharp"

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Great Opening Night at Speak Easy Toastmasters, Mallowl

Great opening night at Speak Easy Toastmasters

Toastmasters international was founded by Ralph Smedly in 1924 in Santa Ana California. He and a few good friends gathered in a basement "to afford practise and training in the art of public speaking and in presiding over meetings, and to promote sociability and fellowship among its members". They named there group Toastmasters.

Growth was slow during the early years but increased rapidly after World War Two and by 1954 there were nearly 1,500 toastmaster clubs. Throughout its history, Toastmasters has had over 4 million members.  In 2015 our organization has over 332,000 members in 135 countries, through some 15,400 clubs.

Speak Easy Toastmasters was founded in 1993 and is still going strong with some 40  people attending the first meeting of the new season. Marie Lyons, our incoming president, gave a warm welcome at this this initiation.  She was ably assisted by Toastmaster Liam Flynn in the role of M. C.  for the night, who also insured the meeting ran smoothly. Our time keeper was Anne O'Donovan who effortlessly kept us on the straight and timely. Claire O'Connell was grammarian and used the word 'harbinger' as her word of the night.
The ladies enjoy a cup of tea.
 (L to R) Ann Buckley, Loretto Barry and Angela Sheehan.
We had four wonderful speeches ranging on topics from exercise to national finance. Sean Corcoran’s experiences shone through as he hilariously told us his survival guide for the gym and took speech of the night. Marie Fitzpatrick gave a special occasion speech (a roast!).  She chose Michael Fingleton and took what might be a rather dry subject and conveyed it with a sardonic humorous twist. Dermot Kennedy’s speak was “Life Lessons” and it certainly lived up to the title. He gave us five useful anecdotes for his own life. Pat Sexton as always gave us plenty of food for thought; interpreting poetry. He read an extract from author Joseph O’Conner’s book “Don’t speak; Ode to the Celtic Tiger”. Each orator’s speech was warmly applauded. 

Noel O’Connor, as Table Topics Master put great though and effort into his questions and he didn’t disappoint with six topics and nine add-ons. Ann Buckley was general evaluator, and awarded best topic to Marie Lyons and best evaluation to Margaret O’Regan.

Last, but not least, the meeting would not have taken place, only for the efforts of Brendan Foley, the new E.V.P. putting together such a successful program, working tirelessly through the summer behind the scenes. All-in-all, it was a great night, enjoyed by everyone. If you are looking for something different to get involved with this September, why not try Toastmasters? Guests are very welcome and you will not be asked to speak, in the Hibernian Hotel, Mallow at 8pm sharp on the 24th of September. For further information go to www.speakeasytoastmasters.com or contact Brendan Foley on 087 7938641 or Marie Lyons on 087 9746947.

Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Not Built In A Day

I personally never make New Year's resolutions in January.  Instead I like to put my best foot forward in September! It's the start of the school year and also heralds the return of Toastmasters on the 10th of September. After a relaxing summer ,well at least the rain is warmer, it's back to the grindstone .Still it's not all bad ,Coco Chanel says you don't  find yourself you create yourself and I couldn't agree with her more. Toastmasters gives us the tools to succeed in a supportive environment . What more powerful weapon can we wield than that of the art of communication, to have the presence to command a room and the confidence to be your best self ? Don't be deterred, Rome wasn't built in a day! We won't ask guests to speak, so don't be worried about being caught unaware. At Toastmasters we're always delighted to see new faces and if it's not your cup of tea I'll be shocked and don't hesitate to give me constructive feedback at the coffee break .Toastmasters is on every second Thursday,  starting back for the new season tonight, Hibernian Hotel 8pm sharp .

Tuesday, September 01, 2015


  1. Such and such goes and I'm not going if they're there? ..... 
  We can't get on with everyone in life .We can, however, treat people as we ourselves would  like to be treated ,maybe they've  mellowed with age or you can see a new side to someone
I'm mostly in awe of my fellow toastmasters and thoroughly enjoy all the wonderful  speeches.    

2. They're  all old?...    We're a mixed group from all diverse walks of life and it's not age we have in common but an  enjoyment of lively debate ,humorous interchange of ideas and a desire to learn something .   

3.  I'd be bored ,they all waffle on and on ?....    I've got no time for wafflers .I've never gone to Toastmasters and not learn something new.  We have to keep speeches to aims and objectives and evaluators point out the positives but  also helpfully, in an encouraging way, point out unnecessary repetition or going over time.

4.  I'm so shy, I couldn't possibly speak in front of a crowd?....    I've never achieved anything in life that was easy .By doing things that scare you, at least you  know you're alive and before you know it you'll have surprised yourself and that's a great  feeling.  

5.  What would I have to talk about ?....    I believe everyone has a story.You can talk about what you know from your own  experiences, but bear in mind you should never let the truth get in the way of a good story. As  soon as an idea comes, write it down. 

  New season starting on the 10th September ,8.00p.m. sharp .Hibernian Hotel .guests more  than welcome, come along for an enjoyable night