Thursday, May 29, 2003

29 May

“The Conspiracy” was the title of Noel O’Connor’s speech at the Speakeasy Toastmasters Meeting on Thursday May 15’th. The aim of Noel’s speech was “Bringing History to Life” in which he had to “understand the purpose of stories of historical events or people and to use the storytelling skills developed in the proceeding projects.” “ The topic I am covering tonight is The Donaraile Conspiracy,” said Noel as he went on to tell us that the story started in the year 1829 and it had its origins in the days of the White boys which started in Co. Tipperary. Noel then went on to tell us of the people involved in the conspiracy, how it evolved and how it ended in the courts with the famous Daniel O’Connell defending, successfully most of those charged. Noel presented many fascinating facts and dates all delivered without the use of notes.
Claire O’Keeffe evaluated Noel’s speech.
Michael Cronin was next to the lectern with an advanced speech from The Speciality Speeches Manual, Stage 3. Sell A Product in which he had to “understand the relationship of sales technique and persuasion.”. The title of Michael’s speech was “The Prescription”. “I have the answer, something that will inspire, invigorate, make you happy, give you wisdom, and even at times make you very mad and no it’s not a new wonder drug from the Pfizer Corporation” began Michael. Who went on to explain that for the most of us quotations were what we saw at the bottom of a calendar page but tonight he had the answer and he was going to sell it to us. It was “The Little Book” series of quotations in which there were six books, “one for every mood that we may have” Michael read a selection of quotations from the books, such as. “George W Bush on Pollution, “It isn’t pollution that’s harming the environment it’s the impurities in our air and water that are doing it.” And from the Rev. Ian Paisley, “I never made an inflammatory statement in my life”
Tony O’Regan evaluated Michael’s speech.
And the final speaker of the evening was Elizabeth O’Brien with a speech entitled “What’s Another Year?” Elizabeth was completing her 41’st Toastmasters speech and qualified for the Advanced Toastmaster-Gold Award. Elizabeth told us that it was 8 years ago since she gave her first speech in Toastmasters. She then brought us on a journey over the last 8 years telling us of her achievements both in Toastmasters and outside culminating in her recent marriage to William Healy, also a member of Speakeasy Toastmasters. Her fellow Club members enjoyed immensely, all of Elizabeth’s speeches over that period of time and are eagerly looking forward to many more in the future.
Pat Sexton evaluated Elizabeth’s speech.
Angela Sheehan then conducted a Table Topics session with a difference. Instead of her giving the members a topic to speak on she allowed them to choose one themselves by dipping into a paper bag (recyclable of course) and speaking for two minutes on the word that they picked out. “Stress” was the lucky dip word that William Healy choose for himself. “Tidy Towns,” was the topic that Ray Ryan got. Tim Ahern pulled “Mobile Phones” from the bag and “Tipping” was Pat Sexton’s topic.
Joan Lenihan conducted the evaluation session in which all the speakers received feedback from their assigned Evaluators who were in turn evaluated by Joan. Joan also evaluated the meeting as a whole and then presented ribbons to Micháel McMahon for best speech, Kieran Buckley for Best Evaluation and Pat Sexton for best topic.
The Speakeasy Toastmasters Club meet tonight, Thursday May 29’th in the Hibernian Hotel, Chapel Lane, for the last meeting of this season. It is the Club’s CTM night in which a number of members will receive their Competent Toastmasters Award.
As always, Guests/Members of the public are very welcome to attend Club meetings and will never be asked to speak. For further information on the Club contact Sean on 086 6054784 or Pat 087 2364240 or visit the Club’s Website at Email,

Thursday, May 22, 2003

22 May

Last Thursday Night, May 15’th was one of two very special nights in the Speakeasy Toastmasters Club calendar. It was the night in which 5 members reached their Advanced Toastmaster Award. Toastmasters, Jerry Mulcahy, Micheál McMahon and Noel Ó’Connor, ATM-Bronze (ATM-B). Michael Cronin, ATM-Silver (ATM-S) and Elizabeth Ó’Brien, ATM-Gold (ATM-G).
President, Pat Sexton opened the meeting by welcoming the 40 members and guests and Introduced the Toastmaster for the night, John Murphy. It was John’s first time as Toastmaster and as he introduced himself and explained the function of his role and told us to think of him as “a best man at a wedding”. John introduced the other officers for the night, Topicsmaster, Angela Sheehan. General Evaluator, Joan Lenihan. Timekeeper, Mary Buckley and Sergeants At Arms, Kay Quirke and Elaine Ó’Donovan.
John then introduced the first speaker of the evening, Michael Walsh who was presenting a Stage 8 speech entitled “The Little Rose”. “There are three certainties in life”, began Michael, “we are born, we live and we die”. He then went on to outline his views on death, funerals etc with just the right blend of humour for such a sensitive subject and pointing out that people can spare the time to attend funerals and maybe it would be more beneficial to spend the same amount of time with the person when they were alive. Michael finished by reciting a poem called “The Little Rose” which began with the line “I would rather have a little rose from the garden of a friend, than to have the choicest flowers when my stay on earth must end”
Sean Corcoran evaluated Michael’s speech.
After Michael it was the turn of Jerry Mulcahy to take the lectern with a speech entitled “The Roots”. Jerry was speaking from the Speciality Speeches Manual, “Speaking Off The Cuff” in which he had to prepare and deliver an impromptu speech. Jerry had 5 speeches prepared for the night but was called to deliver just one which was chosen by Michael Donegan just seconds before he took the lectern. Jerry began by telling us the history of the “Allotment” which was a small piece of ground that families grew vegetables on and were issued just after the 2’nd World War. The people who worked these allotments became experts at managing the ground and also at waste management. Crops were harvested only when they were to be eaten and Jerry pointed out the differences between the fresh vegetables from the allotments and the dried and frozen vegetables that are sold today.
Michael Donegan evaluated Jerry’s speech.
“Pity The Poor Millionaire” was the title of Micheál McMahon’s speech which was a project from The Storytelling Manual, “The Moral Of The Story”, the aims of which were, to understand that a story can be entertaining and yet display moral values and to “create” a new story that offers a lesson or moral.
He told the story of Johnny Collins who was born in 1885 and was the youngest of 21 children, 16 of whom survived. He was reared by the 5 sisters who were the stair steps immediately ahead of him. These sisters kept Johnny wrapped in cotton wool and they were inseparable all their lives. Eventually Johnny was the only one left alive, rich but naïve to the ways of the world.
Kieran Buckley evaluated Micheál’s speech.
Topicsmaster Angela Sheehan then kept us both entertained and on our toes with her chosen topics.
“What annual televised event is a must for you?” she asked Deirdre Lenihan who had to speak unprepared for 2 minutes. “Was President, Mary McAleese, correct to air our dirty laundry in public” she asked Donal O’Leary. This topic also produced “add-ons” when Jerry O’Callaghan, Joan Lenihan, Micheál McMahon and Dermot Meaney all had their say on the subject. “Is it a good idea to introduce 3’rd level fees again?” was the topic that Ellen Broderick was asked. Ray Ryan and Pat Sexton had opinions on this one. On a subject that was aired on the Joe Duffy Show during the week, “What do you think of students going for foreign holidays after finishing their exams?” Was the question that Marie Fitzpatrick was asked which prompted an add-on by Joan Lenihan.
“Studies show that Irish people are becoming obese, what do you think what can be done about it” was the topic that Jeremiah Roynane was asked.
President, Pat Sexton presented certificates to Toastmasters, Jerry Mulcahy, Micheál McMahon and Noel Ó’Connor, ATM-Bronze (ATM-B). Michael Cronin, ATM-Silver (ATM-S) and Elizabeth Ó’Brien, ATM-Gold (ATM-G). Pat also made a presentation to Jeremiah Roynane to mark Jeremiah’s recent election to District 71 Governor. District 71 encompasses all Toastmasters Clubs in Ireland and Great Britain and the members of Speakeasy Toastmasters are both honoured and delighted that one of their fellow Club members has been elected to such a high profile position in Toastmasters International. Congratulations also to Speakeasy Members, Dermot Meaney who was appointed District 71 Secretary and Tony O’Regan who has been appointed District 71 Treasurer.
The next and final meeting of Speakeasy Toastmasters takes place on May 29’th in the Hibernian Hotel, Chapel Lane and will be the Club’s CTM Night.
As always, Guests/Members of the public are very welcome to attend Club meetings and will never be asked to speak. For further information on the Club contact Sean on 086 6054784 or Pat 087 2364240 or visit the Club’s Website at Email,

Thursday, May 15, 2003

15 May

At the Speakeasy Toastmasters Club meeting on the Thursday 1’st May “Them Bones, Them Bones” was the title of a speech delivered by Barry McCarthy. Barry was delivering a speech from the Advanced Manuals in which he had to, “Prepare a report on a situation event or problem of interest to the audience and answer questions from the audience” Barry brought along Dennis whom he proceeded to hand from the pillar. Dennis was of course a skeleton and Barry brought us through the body’s skeletal system. He explained the purpose of the different bones, their make up and injuries that bones may receive. When he had finished his presentation he conducted a very informative question and answer session.
Pat Sexton evaluated Barry’s speech.
The final speaker of the evening was Noel O’Connor with a project from the “Storytelling Manual”, “The Touching Story”, the objectives of which are “to understand the techniques available to arouse emotion and to become skilled in arousing emotion while telling a story”. The title of Noel’s speech was “ A Bundle of Joy” in which he told the story of the birth of his last foal. “Mare’s are the only animal in the world that can stop labour and start again when no one is watching” said Noel as he went on to tell us of short life of the foal.
Tony O’Regan evaluated Noel’s speech.
After the speeches Topicsmaster Ray Ryan kept us entertained with his topics. “Do you think that the property price boom will continue” he asked Tim Ahern who had to speak for two minutes without preparation.
“A charge €4 per bag of rubbish is being introduced, do you think it is fair?” was the topic that Mary Buckley answered. “If you were elected President of Toastmasters International what would your slogan be?” he asked of Jeremiah Roynane which brought some humorous interjections from other members.
After the topics session General Evaluator, Micheál McMahon conducted the evaluation session, which is the part of the meeting, where the speeches are evaluated. As there are no instructors etc in Toastmasters, it is the members themselves who tell the speakers what way they fulfilled the aims of their speeches and issue recommendations. Micheál also evaluated the meeting and expressed his opinion on the way it was run and how the officers performed. He also presented ribbons to, Noel O’Connor for best speaker, John Murphy for best topic answered and best evaluator to Tony O’Regan.
The next meeting of The Speakeasy Toastmasters Club is tonight, Thursday 15’th of May and will be the Club’s ATM night. As always, Guests/Members of the public are very welcome to attend Club meetings and will never be asked to speak. For further information on the Club contact Sean on 086 6054784 or Pat 087 2364240 or visit the Club’s Website at Email,

Thursday, May 08, 2003

8 May

At the Speakeasy Toastmasters Club meeting on the 1’st May in The Hibernian Hotel, ( Chapel Lane) Mallow, President, Pat Sexton welcomed the 40 members and guests and introduced Jerry Mulcahy who was Toastmaster for the evening. Jerry explained his role and introduced the officers for the evening who were Ray Ryan, Topicsmaster, Timekeeper, Deirdre Lenihan, General Evaluator, Micheál Mc Mahon, and Sgt. At Arms, Elaine O’Donovan and Kay Quirke. As there was a busy programme and the AGM as well Jerry started the programme immediately and introduced the first speaker of the evening, Ann Buckley. Ann was presenting a Stage 2 speech entitled “Fairytale Come True”. “As children we are fed on romantic fairytales of happy couples which rarely tell us what happens to these couples when they move on with their lives.” Said Ann, who went on to tell us about the effect of modern living and which can result in stress. Ann pointed out the various different conditions that can lead to stress and ways to avoid them. She also had a handout for everyone in the audience.
Angela Sheehan evaluated Ann’s speech.
After Ann it was the turn of Guest Speaker, Michael Buckley from the Crusaders Toastmasters Club with a stage 4 speech entitled, “Farewell To Famine” which was the story of Thomas Hoar who was born in 1795 and went on to be ordained a priest and then Parish Priest in Wexford. It was the time of the famine and Fr Hoar organized a mass exodus to Arkansas where the local bishop was looking for Catholic families to populate his dioceses. The decadences of these emigrants can be found there to this day.
Michael Cronin evaluated Michael’s speech.
Next to the lectern was Michael Donegan with a speech from and Advanced Manual entitled “The Bill”.
“Ladies and Gentlemen we are gathered here this evening at this memorial service to pay tribute to our dear friend Bill who passed away just a few short weeks ago” began Michael who told the story of Bill who left his native Mayo and took the emigrant boat to England. Michael traced Bill’s life, working on the building sites, coming home and working in Dublin. Meeting Maureen from our own town and coming to live locally and his involvement in the local community to his death.
Eileen Corkery evaluated Michael’s speech.

Topicsmaster was Ray Ryan who kept us on our toes and entertained with some his topics. “If you found a €50 note on the street, what would you do with it?” he asked Michael Walsh, whose answer had us “in knots” laughing. Add on’s were provided by Deirdre Lenihan and also having her say on the topic was guest, Ciara O’Keeffe.
“How do you define a true gentleman”, Kay O’Keeffe was asked, which produced an “add on” by Pat Duggan.
“What was the most difficult topic you were ever asked at a Toastmasters meeting” was asked of Marie Fitzpatrick.
John Murphy was asked, “Have you any summer holiday planned”?

Speakeasy Toastmasters AGM.
The AGM of the Club was also held on Thursday, which began with Club Secretary, Angela Sheehan reading the minutes of the last AGM. Reports were presented by the outgoing officers, Sgt. At Arms, Kay Quirke, PRO Sean Corcoran, Treasurer, Jerry Mulcahy EVP Pat Duggan and President Pat Sexton.
The members of the incoming committee for (September) 2003-2004 are, President, Pat Duggan. Vice President Education (EVP), Sean Corcoran. Vice President Public Relations (PRO), Angela Sheehan. Vice President Membership, Mary Buckley. Secretary, Ray Ryan. Treasurer, Micheál Dineen. Sgt. At Arms, Deirdre Linehan, John Murphy and Michael Walsh.

The next meeting of The Speakeasy Toastmasters Club in on Thursday 15’th of May and will be the Club’s ATM night. As always, Guests/Members of the public are very welcome to attend Club meetings and will never be asked to speak. For further information on the Club contact Sean on 086 6054784 or Pat 087 2364240 or visit the Club’s Website at Email,

Monday, May 05, 2003

5 June

Last Thursday evening the 29’Th of May in Chapel Lane, The Hibernian Hotel, saw the final meeting in the current Speakeasy Toastmasters Club calendar. 42 members and guests attended to hear Pat Sexton preside over his final meeting as President of the Club. It was another very special meeting as two of the members were achieving their CTM Award, (Competent Toastmaster) Mary Buckley and Sean Corcoran. Two more members achieved Advanced Toastmasters Awards, Jeremiah Roynane, ATM-S (Advanced Toastmaster- Silver) and Barry McCarthy, ATM-B (Advanced Toastmaster Bronze). Pat Sexton also presented plaques to the first President of the Speakeasy Club, Joe O’Connor (1993-94) and Ann Coughlan (1994-95) and he outlined the fantastic contributions the both had made the Club and that it was their leadership when the Club was in it’s infancy that made the Club the success that it is today. Pat also made a presentation to Club Members Ellen Broderick and Micháel Dineen who are getting married during the summer.
Pat Duggan (incoming President) was Toastmaster for the evening and he introduced the other officers on the programme, Jerry Mulcahy, Topicsmaster; Timekeeper, Tim Ahern; General Evaluator, Michael Cronin and Sgt’s at Arms Elaine O’Donovan and Kay Quirke.
The first speaker of the evening was John Murphy with a Stage 2 Speech entitled “The Part We Play” and his evaluator was Kay Quirke.
“Soul Searching” was the title of Barry McCarthy’s speech which was from the Advanced Manuals and Margaret O’Regan was his Evaluator.
Jeremiah Roynane’s speech was a monologue with the title “What Are They Marching For?” and was evaluated by Marie Fitzpatrick.
“Waste Not” was the title of Sean Corcoran’s speech which was evaluated by Claire O’Keeffe and the final speech of the night was “Life Is What You Make It” by Mary Buckley which was evaluated by Eileen Corkery.
Topicsmaster, Jerry Mulcahy kept us entertained and alert with his chosen Table Topics. “Couples may now chose to get married anywhere, what is your opinion on this?” he asked Eileen Corkery. Margret O’Regan and Michael Cronin had their say on this topic also, with Michael offering the use of his silage pit for anyone interested. “Is Mallow in need of a top grade hotel?” was the topic for Noel O’Connor. “Is Ireland too dear for tourists?” was Sean Corcoran’s topic and Mary Stack had a contribution to this topic. “Do we have a two tier health system” was the topic for Claire O’Keeffe with Barry McCarthy offering his opinion also. “Do Traffic Wardens do a good job?” was the topic for Micheál Dineen and Pat Sexton had his say here. “Should there be more emphasis on safety during the summer holidays?” Jerry Kelleher was asked and Mary Stack had an opinion on this one and finally “Was there a reason for England’s, no vote, in the Eurovision Song Contest?” was Joe O’Connor’s topic with an add on from Ellen Broderick.
On Sunday 25’th of May, the Club’s Annual Magical Mystery Tour took place in which members left Mallow by bus at 11.30 am to a destination know only to Club President, Pat Sexton. After a journey which took us through Limerick and Ennis and on through Gort towards Galway, we found ourselves gazing at the beautiful scenery along the southern shores of Galway Bay as we passed through Kinvara and Ballyvaughan before arriving at our destination which turned out to be The Alwee Cave. The day remained sunny and warm and we spend a pleasant couple of hours in the vicinity of the cave, including a guided tour of the cave itself. Then it was off again on a journey which took us through the wonderful Burren for our next stop which turned out to be the Cliffs Of Moher where another hour of so was spent admiring the beautiful scenery. The return journey took us along the coast as far as Lahinch and then it was back as far as Limerick where we had a beautiful meal in The Unicorn. On the final leg of the journey back to Mallow members of the group showed that they had more talents than public speaking as “the crack was ninety”
Club Meetings resume again on September 4’th when another exciting, action packed, entertaining year for Speakeasy Toastmasters begins. Information on the Club, photographs and events in from the Club’s activities can be seen by surfing to the Club’s Website,

Thursday, May 01, 2003

1 May

Speakeasy Toastmasters Club.
At the Speakeasy Toastmasters Club meeting of Wednesday 17’th of April Jerry Mulcahy delivered an advanced speech entitled “Encourage and Recommend” in which he told us how the benefits that he got from the members evaluating his speeches in the Club gave him “the courage and the idea to start a Toastmasters Club in Cope Foundation”. The name of the Club is “The Nice And Easy Toastmasters Club. Jerry gave us an insight into how this Club operates; the assistance that he got from the other Toastmasters clubs and also the many benefits that that the members of “Nice And Easy” get from being involved in a Toastmasters Club.
Jerry’s speech was evaluated by Tim Casey.
Also delivering an advanced speech was Jerry O’Callaghan whose project was to make an after dinner speech and he choose to make the speech at his “retirement function” (just for Toastmaster purposes). It was entitled “Reflections” and was a humorous look at his working life, the people he knew over the years and the people who influenced him.
Marie Fitzpatrick evaluated Jerry’s speech.
The final speech of the evening was a Toastmaster Educational Session, which was delivered by Immediate Past President, Dermot Meany. Dermot informed the attendance how Toastmaster Club Committees work, the positions available on the committee and the function of the different roles. This was a timely speech by Dermot as the Club AGM takes place tonight, Thursday 1’st of May.
Topicsmaster Mary Buckley entertained us with such topics as “Childrens birthday Parties”, Elaine Ó’Donovan was asked. This topic also produced “add ons” from Pat Duggan, Deirdre Lenihan, Mary Stack and Tony Ó’ Regan. “The number one addiction in Ireland today is” was the topic given to Jerry Kelleher. “There’s no show like a Joe show” was the topic that Kieran Buckley had to speak for two minutes on. “Tied to Mama’s apron strings” Tony Ó’ Regan was asked and it prompted, “Add ons” from Jeremiah Roynane, Pat Sexton and Jerry Ó’Callaghan. The topic Eileen Corkery was asked was, “Would the price of easter eggs or the calories worry you most?” and Jerry Mulcahy and Marie Fitzpatrick had their say on this one.
Jeremiah Roynane conducted the evaluation session and presented ribbons to Angela Sheehan for best speech,
Kay Quirke as best evaluator and Jerry Kelleher as best topic.

Tripartite Meeting, Fermoy.
Members of Speakeasy Toastmasters enjoyed a very pleasant evening in the company of Toastmasters from Crusaders
Toastmasters Club and Fermoy Toastmasters on Tuesday evening, April 21’st.
The evening was hosted by Fermoy Toastmasters and also included the Area Final of the Tall Tales Contest.
Speakeasy Members who took part on the program were Deirdre Lenihan who delivered a Stage 3 speech, Kay Quirke evaluated an advanced speech, Sean Corcoran competed in the Tall Tales Contest and was the winner of the event, and Michael Cronin was General Evaluator.

10’th Aniversary Celebration Night
Almost 100 Toastmasters and Guests attended the Club’s 10’th Aniversary Celebration night in the Hibernian Hotel on Saturday last, 26’th April. Toastmaster for the evening was Tony O’Regan who introduced five memorable speakers and speeches from the last 10 years. The speakers were Matt Lawlee, Joan Lenihan, Eileen Corkery, Kieran Buckley and Jerry Kelleher. Club President, Pat Sexton spoke on the history of the club and also on the Presidents of each year and the invaluable contributions that each made to the Club. The Presidents were, 1993/94 Joe O'Connor, 1994/95 Ann Coughlan, 1995/96 Matt Lawlee, 1996/97 John Stack, 1997/98 Marie Fitzpatrick, 1998/99 Jeremiah Roynane, 1999/00 Kieran Buckley, 2000/01 Michael Cronin’
2001/002 Dermot Meaney. Pat made a presentation to each, and in turn received a presentation from Club Secretary, Angela Sheehan. Speakeasy members were delighted to see so many past members of the Club present and also the many friends from other Toastmaster Clubs who joined in the celebrations.

The next meeting of Speakeasy Toastmasters Club will take place tonight, Thursday 1’st May at 8pm Sharp. The Club will also hold their AGM tonight at the conclusion of the regular club meeting.
For further information on the Club contact Sean on 086 6054784 or Pat 087 2364240 or visit the Club’s Website at Email,