Saturday, January 31, 2015

Why do it?!

Why do it?!

If you want the confidence to speak.
If you want to reach your peak,
Through expressing clearly
What it is you seek,
Consider Speakeasy Toastmasters.

If you think you are shy and retiring.
If you think you are weak or meek,
Let me prove you wrong.
For everybody can be strong.
Consider Speakeasy Toastmasters.

If you've brains burn,
Give us a turn.
We'll keep you on your toes.
The way our meeting goes.
Consider Speakeasy Toastmasters.
Marrian Oviawe, Ronan Condon

If your secret sin,
Is a desire to win,
We've International competitions
To challenge you in.
Consider Speakeasy Toastmasters

If you are funny and witty.
Just moved up from the city.
Missing all your friends is a pity.
Find a new social circle.
Consider Speakeasy Toastmasters.

We meet in the Hi Bi.
Why not come along and see,
What your evening could be.
Ring Liam or Marie.
And join Speakeasy Toastmasters.

By Rona Coghlan

Whatever the reason you choose to come to Toastmasters, we look forward to meeting you. Our meeting will be held in the lovely Hibernian Hotel, Mallow. Afterwards we will adjourn to the bar for refreshments. 5th February at 8.00pm. Further information visit our website at
  or by contact Liam 087 6380053 or Marie 087-9746947

Saturday, January 24, 2015

The Right Side Of The Border- Just

The Right Side Of The Border- Just

It was cold outside, but the atmosphere was warm and convivial in Speakeasy Toastmasters. Bridie O'Connell, toastmaster, with her calm, clear guidance, ensured our smooth progress through a packed program. Margaret O'Regan gave us the benefit of her advice in the role of General Evaluator assisted by Anne O'Donovan as time keeper and Helsa Giles as Grammarian.

Denis O'Mahony broke the ice tonight with his first speech, "My First Steps." He could throw a stone from his house and it would land in Co. Kerry. Thankfully he was born on the right side of the Cork border and is a very proud Cork man who  played for his local team. 

"The Ego, The Self And The Great Illusion," by Kieran Butler. "If you stare at me with a confused, bewildered look or fall asleep, that's alright." This startling opening line was followed by a deep, complex speech, drawn from the school of psychology, which explains the sense of self.
Donie Turner (Killavullen), Bobby Buckley (Dublin),
 Kieran Butler (Mallow)

It is fantastic to have Mary Buckley recovered and back with us. Her speech title was very apt "A Little Bit Of Hope." Mary inspires hope and optimism naturally, wherever she goes. Emily Dickenson said, "Hope is a living dream." Abraham Lincoln lived in hope.  He failed in business, lost numerous elections and went on to become a legendary president. Hope inspires. Hope keeps us motivated. Hope helps us deliver speeches at Speakeasy.
Bobby Buckley, a Mallow native returned  from Dublin to deliver a speech entitled, "The Diary." Bobby brought the diary of his father, who encouraged Bobby's competitive running when he was a young man. He closed his speech saying, "It is good to praise our fathers, to remember how we were, how we lived. It is great that I've this diary, a recollected treasure for my life."

"Written In Stone," by Liam O'Flynn was a collection of local stories. In the time of  the penal laws. Louisa of Ballintray House married Richard Wallace who turned Protestant. She requested a  church removed from his estate. Work group after work group refused to take down the church. They sent to Chatsworth House for workers who were Church Of England to dismantle the church, but they returned home and left the church standing.  This was a very early example of a strike that could not be broken.

David Roche as topics-masters stirred up a storm during the impromptu part of the meeting by using clich├ęs! Here's a few quotes.
"A crow wouldn't be my favourite bird to pluck, if I was plucking." Tony O'Regan.  
"Even I don't know where this story is going to end. " Jerry O'Callaghan 
"My time for calling a spade a spade is over, and I'm now putting it down." Anne Buckley.
Brendan Foley, Ray Ryan, Noel O'Connor, Pat Sexton and Marie Fitzpatrick provided advice to the speakers in their role as evaluators. The following awards were given; Bobby Buckley (Best Speaker.) Brendan Foley (Best Evaluator.) Jerry O'Callaghan (Best Impromptu Answer in Table Topics). 

Speakeasy Toastmasters Club, Mallow, at the Hibernian Hotel, Mallow, at 8.00 p.m. Next meeting Thursday 5th February. For more information go to or contact Liam on 087 6380053 or Marie 087-9746947

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Tarzan Seeks Speakeasy

Tarzan Seeks Speakeasy
On New Year’s Day 2014,
I made a Resolution.
I came up with the solution.
Tarzan's ripped abs would be
This year's personal evolution.

The saddle sores and gym doors.
The health bores and high scores.
Sweat pumped from my pores,
All accompanied by the coaches roars.
As towards my goal I swore.

Now in 2015 I'm a hot, humble stud,
But it’s not much good.
When the ladies approach I say, "ah" instead of, "ya"
To The boss I say, "em" 
Instead of, "certainly not them."

To compliment my godlike physique, I need a speaking style that is unique. 
That showcases the peak
Of my personality and skills,
Providing plenty of thrills!

I need to join Speakeasy,
Where public speaking looks 
Nice and easy. 
Where the lines are never cheesy.
The speeches are brilliantly breezy.

I'm going to be a wizard with words.
I'm going to cross swords
With the best speaker they have.
And it won't even be a disaster
Because I'll be a Toast Master.
                      Rona Coghlan.
Marlene & Denis O'Mahony at Speakeasy Toastmasters

Ladies and Gentlemen, research has shown that the happier you are, the more likely you are to succeed in your goals. The Toastmasters meeting tonight, Thursday, is going to be a very lively, interesting evening, with plenty of laughter and fun to cheer you up and spur you on towards whatever your January goal is!  
The Hibernian Hotel, Mallow on 22nd January at 8.00pm.Further information visit our website at  or by contact Liam 087 6380053 or Marie 087-9746947

Saturday, January 10, 2015

The Cream Of The Crop

The Cream Of The Crop
The club would like to warmly congratulate Anne Buckley on her appointment as Assistant Division A Governor. Division A covers counties Cork, Kerry and Limerick, catering for approximately 20-30 clubs. Anne is a lady of dignity, charm and grace. Anne’s dedication, foresight and experience will be of real benefit to the 20-30 clubs involved.
On a gloomy night in January, it was a pleasure to come to Toastmasters. The sounds of laughter and conversation drifted down the hotel corridor. A large group of friends and visitors came out for our first meeting of the New Year. Liam Flynn opened the meeting by welcoming one and all to the meeting and thanking his committee for all their hard work in the past year.  Marie Lynnes, our Education Vice President, who puts together the program each week, is seasoned professional. David Roche our treasurer, has a great head for figures. He is currently collecting the last of the subscriptions for the year. Michael Cronin, our secretary, is a mind reader, as he always manages to know just what needs to be done and how to do it. Our Sergeants At Arms, Margaret O’Regan, Brendan Foley and Helsa Giles are busy bees, who act as a welcoming committee, as well as organising the room. Anne O’Donovan helps our new members find their feet. Rona Coghlan takes care of PR. Noel O’Connor as past president, is our advisor.
We had the privilege to listen to four beautiful and varied speeches. We had a gentle and thought provoking speech from Marrian Oviawve entitled “Manners Matters.” She told us that,“ teaching manners is giving a child a lifelong gift.” Her vignettes of teaching her son manners, provided heart-warming insight into the importance of her topic.
Noel O'Connor Area Governor, Ray Ryan Division A Governor, 
Anne Buckley Assistant Division A Governor
 Liam O'Flynn Club President.n
Ray Ryan had a historical gem in his speech, “A Visit To Ireland.” Quotes and anecdotes from Virigina Wolfe, on her impressions of her visit to Ireland were vivid and unusual. They showcased the thoughts of a woman both fascinated and flummoxed the by the nuances of Irish conversation and customs.
Michael Cronin, in his own inimitable style, furnished us with the details of the most colourful man in history, under the title “The King Of Connaught.” To prove a case of cruelty to animals, this gentleman brought a donkey into the court. He afterwards proceeded to pay the fine.
Helsa Giles is passionate in her loyalty, for those who receive support for severe and profound special needs at Cope Foundation. It was her plan to open our eyes to the myriad possibilities to provide everyone with the opportunity to express their unique gifts. She finished with the example of a young man with celebral palsy, who plays bodhran in a band, thanks to computer technology that responds to the blinking of his eye.
Brendan Foley announced he “wanted invigorating, fascinating and eccentric table topics, so he based them on himself.” The following are a selection of answers to the topics. “ What makes me angry? I’ll go for the easy answer. Men make me angry.” Marlene  “ A Smith and Weston trumps four aces.” Dave  “ Paddy, Pat, Patrick Sexton The Great. Opponents tremble when he appears on the contest list.” Mary  “A man should never ask a lady where she put things in the house because she always puts them in the right place.” Kieran
And this is just the beginning. A wonderful year lies ahead of us at Toastmasters. Everyone is welcome to our next meeting on 22nd January at 8pm in the Hibernian Hotel, Mallow.  or by contact Liam087 6380053 or Marie 087-9746947