Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Meeting and AGM Report

Speakeasy toastmasters had their AGM on 17th May. It started off with two speeches. The first from Michael Dineen called the laptop. In this humorous speech we learned what can go wrong if you don’t have your work on your computer backed up. He outlined three rules .First backup every thing .Second check that it is backed up before you clear away source .Third check that you have carried out rule 1 and 2. The second speech was from Pat Sexton called a modest proposal .In this speech he outlined all the good work that is carried out by the Hospice service and their need for fund raising to carry out this good work. We then had a topic session led by Pat Connolly. This was followed by the AGM where the President Tony O Regan thanked all those who helped through out the year. He thanked Jean Sayers for her work in making the club successful as EVP. He expressed his gratitude to Bridget Breen, Ray Ryan and Liam Flynn for organizing the room and looking after the door for the year. Mary Moynihan was thanked for her secretarial work. Cait Murray for her work in signing up members for the year and it was great to see so many new members. He thanked Bill Martin for his work as treasurer. Noël O Connor for his pro work. The officers for the coming year are. President Jerry Mulcahy. EVP Noel O Connor. PRO Cait Murray .Membership Bill Martin. Secretary Bridget Breen. Treasurer Liam Flynn. Sergeant at arms Marie Lynes, Mary Moynihan and Ronan Condon. The next meeting is on Thursday 31st May at 8pm in the Hi Bi every one is welcome. www.speakeasytoastmasters.com

Monday, May 07, 2012

Old Hat, Choppers, Weddings and Optical Illusions.

Speakeasy toastmasters had a very enjoyable meeting on 3rd May. The first talk on the night was from Liam Flynn called a lot of old hat. Which was all about hats of all shapes and nationalities? We learned that a hat could determine our status and nationality. We got a demonstration of French, Australian, North African and English hats not forgetting the Irish cap. We learned how some people have a head for a hat and how the hat could make the man. The second speech was from Rhona Coughlan called give it a go .In this Rhona tried to inspire us to go for a flying lesson in a helicopter. We got a very humours account of her first flying lesson in Cork in which she had to stay away from the main runway in case Michael O Leary got a hissy fit if one of his planes got delayed. Rhona said to book today and have the time of your life tomorrow. Claire O Connell gave us a demonstration of optical illusions. We learned that there is evidence that these go back to before 350bc and even down through the years they were even used in war. She had examples to show that we did not see what we thought we saw. The last speech was from Bill Martin called the best man. He gave the best man speech at a wedding on the night we had Tony O Regan and Bridget Breen standing in for the Bride and groom. We found out lots about the groom from all their ventures around the world back to their days in short pants in the cubs and how the groom’s height led them to have a run in with the law. After the tea break we had a very lively topic session led by Michael Dineen The next meeting is on Thursday 17th May in the Hi Bi at 8pm every one is welcome

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

From Dracula to bicycles

The speakeasy toastmasters meeting on 19th April was very enjoyable. The first speech was from Angela Sheehan in which she out lined the life of Graham Stoker. We heard about his work and writings and how his book Dracula created the legend. She said that he should be acknowledged more for being a great Irish writer. The second speech was from Mary Moynihan called Patience. In this we heard how she had the perfect day planned, getting her hair done and going to a party. As it turned out Mary had to go on a shopping trip with her sister and ended up being late for the party. After a very humours account of the mishaps of the day and journey we were all surprised to find out that it was a surprise party for herself. After this an award was given to Margaret O Regan for having achieved being a distinguished toastmaster. This was given by Tony O Regan in a presentation called what the courier brought. In the talk Tony outlined all Margaret’s work and commitment to toastmasters. The next speech was by Ronan Condon called get on your bike. He told us that there was resurgence in cycling and that he had a lot of experience of cycling in Dublin. When he moved to Mallow he went from cycling from Mallow to Kilavullen to a sixty kilometre cycle two years ago to 120 kilometres last year and a 160 kilometre this year and he encouraged us all to start and enjoy it. The last speech was an impromptu speech from Ray Ryan in which he had to prepare five speeches and to give one on the night .The topic Milton Freeman was drawn and he gave a very detailed speech giving all his economic views and how he influenced the world The next meeting of speakeasy toastmasters is on Thursday 3rd May in Hi Bi at 8 pm every one welcome www.speakeasytoastmasters.com