Monday, November 28, 2011

Thinking outside the box

Speakeasy toastmasters had their meeting on 24th November; there were four speeches on the night. The first was an interpretive reading from Jean Sayer’s. Jean read Steve Jobs speech at Stanford University in 2005.Jean brought this speech to life and brought out the feelings expressed in it.
Pat Sexton gave the second speech entitled While you were sleeping. This was about the history of 9/11, and what was missed by the authorities. This was a memorable speech which was well researched and delivered.
The third talk was given by Bridget Breen. In this talk she had had to use visual aids. Bridget tried to get us to think outside the box. Bridget explained the difference between the left and the right side of our brains and put up some brain teasers on over heads for us to solve which as well as being educational it was very enjoyable.
The final speech was given by Michael Cronin entitled it is never to late .In this talk he told us the story of Mary Delany who at the age of 72 developed a new form of flower art.
The second half of the night was the topic session with Cait Murray giving out lively topics from the mystical power of tidiness to if we should have a cork passport.
Our next meeting is on 8th December in Hi Bi at 8pm

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Schools competition

Schools competition
Speakeasy toastmasters Mallow are holding their annual schools contest on Wednesday 30th November 2011 in the Hi Bi hotel .

There are schools from Mallow, Kanturk, Buttevant, and Boherbue taking part. There will be two contestants from each school. Speakeasy toastmasters are very thankful to Mallow Credit Union for sponsoring this contest.

It is always a great night so if you have a chance come along.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

All in a days walk

Speakeasy toastmasters had their meeting on 10th November. There was great variety on the night with five speeches.

The first speech was given by Marie Lyons. This was a wonderful speech in which Marie introduced herself to the club. It covered where she grew up her education and her work. Marie then told of how she traveled as part of her work and the different places she saw and how she ended up back in Mallow. There was some great humour through out the speech.

Michael Dineen gave an ice breaker in which he introduced himself to the club.
The main theme of his tack was on being an Irish paramedic. Michael outlined all the training that went into becoming a paramedic. He told us of the different standards between being an Irish paramedic and the standards in other countries. He outlined the changes that have taken place and, Michael told us how proud he was of his work.
The third speech was a poem from Jerry O Callaghan. This was a poem on the insights and thoughts of an elderly person it was very well crafted and made us think that things are not always as they seem

The next talk was by Pat Duggan. This was a dramatic talk in which he told us of a dream he had, and it was about where are they now. He named all famous and popular pop stars and wondered where are they now.

The last talk was given by Jerry Mulcahy and entitled All in a days walk. This was a demonstration talk in which he described the various scenery shrubs and plants that you would see on a walk on the mountains of Ireland.

The tea break was followed by a very lively topic session with Mary Moynihan as topic master.

The schools contest is on Wednesday 30th November.
Next meeting is on Thursday 24th November at 8 pm

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Bare Stairs

Congratulations to Michael Cronin and Pat Sexton for winning the Division A final of the humorous speech and table topics competition .They are now going on to represent us in the District final in Glasgow on the 12th and 13th of November.

Speakeasy toastmasters had their last meeting on Thursday 27th October. There were four speeches .First was an ice breaker or first speech from Ronan Condon in this he introduced himself to the club outlining his work and hobbies it was a very confident speech and well prepared.

Next was Bridie O Connell with a talk about adult literacy called second chance .It was surprising to hear that up to 25% of people had some problem with reading or figures. She outlined all the work that adult literacy were caring out to help.

Liam Flynn gave an interpretive reading of Sean O Faolain’s short story Up the Bare Stairs. This was followed by Noel O Connor with a reading of an extract from The Year of the Hiker.

After the tea break we had a very lively topic session from Pat Sexton. The next meeting is on 10th November at 8pm in the Hi Bi.