Friday, October 24, 2014

Well Done Pat Sexton

Speakeasy Toastmasters extend their congratulations to Pat Sexton who won first prize at the Division A Final. The Division A Final is for clubs in the Munster region. Pat will be in Belfast on November 8 where he will be competing against English and Irish Division winners. Pat's creativity answering the  topic, "what's the most important thing we can teach our children?" earned him first place. He highlighted the  role of the  little white lie in society and the consequences of ignoring these conventions.

The club were delighted to see two of our members who joined in
September, delivering their first speeches. The ice-breaker speech
aims to discover speaking skills you already have and to give you your
first experience of public speaking. Marrian Oviawe spoke on her
upbringing and her dream of becoming a makeup artist who inspires
confidence in her clients. Paul McCarthy shared details of his mother’s
unique motivating skills and his love of extreme sports. He also
confessed to losing his grip on a hurley and accidentally knocking out a
team mate with the airborne implement. Hopefully the effects of the
concussion have worn off by now.

Tony O’Regan a former president of the club, gave us a very clear eyed
view of the effect of Common Agricultural Policy reforms. The
abolishing of milk quotas will have far reaching effects on local and
global markets. Mallow as one of the homes of Dairy Gold was a very
fitting placed to deliver this speech.

Nicola Waterman convinced us of the importance of being occupied. As
an occupational therapist she is well qualified to talk on this topic.
She explained how little changes can make the world of difference to

Bill Martin was a fantastic toastmaster bringing his original and
unique style to the role. The “Name Game” created some panic among
members but thankfully we all managed to play along.

Our Topicsmaster for the night was Helsa Giles. Her topics had us all
talking, with everything from “the Ebola virus” to “your dream car”
covered. “Is food the way to a man’s heart?” Ray Ryan won best topic
with his reply, which I can simply summarise as a resounding yes!

Our president Liam O’Flynn has returned from his visit to the Number
One Toastmasters Club in America where he received a warm welcome.

Michael Cronin was General Evaluator with Michael Boyle as time keeper.

Speakeasy Toastmasters Club, Mallow, at the Hibernian Hotel, Mallow,
at 8 p.m. October 30th. We meet alternate Thursdays. For more
information go to
 or contact Liam on 087
6380053 or Marie 087-9746947

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Altar Boys and Half Measures (Area 17 HS and TT report)

Brendan Foley (Welcoming Committee), Michael Cronin
(Winner – Humorous Speech Contest), Peter Langley (President of
Galtees Toastmasters), Pat Sexton (Winner- Table Topics), Margaret
O'Regan (Contest Chair), Noel O'Connor (Area Governor)

The Area Competition for the North Cork Toastmaster clubs was held at
the Fir Grove Hotel Mitchelstown with Peter Langley of Galtee
Toastmasters presiding and Margaret O'Regan taking on the role of
Contest Chair.

Congratulations to Speakeasy Toastmasters Michael Cronin, who won
first prize at the Area 16 Final of the Humorous Speech Competition.
His speech on life as an altar boy had the audience literally crying
with laughter.  Ladies if you ever have the opportunity to hear
Michael speak, I would recommend that your mascara is waterproof.

Pat Sexton who won first prize at the final of the Area 16 Table
Topics Competition spoke on the topic "glass half full or glass half
empty." Pat it seems is not a man for half measures. His life
philosophy was live it large. In fact, I'd go so far as to say that if
Pat is ever sitting beside you, watch your glass!

Speakeasy Toastmasters Club, Mallow, at the Hibernian Hotel, Mallow,
at 8pm sharp. October 30th. We meet alternate Thursdays. For more
information go to
or contact Liam on 087
6380053 or Marie 087-9746947

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Speak Easy Area Winners

Area 17 Winners 2014

Congratulations to Speakeasy Toastmasters Michael Cronin, who won first prize at the Area 16th Final of the Humorous Speech Competition and Pat Sexton who won first prize at the final of the  Area 17 Table Topics Competition. The topic given was, "glass half full or  glass half empty."

The event was held at the Fir Grove Hotel Mitchelstown  with Peter Langley of Galtee Toastmasters presiding and Margaret O'Regan taking on the role of Contest Chair. The Division Final will be  held next Sunday afternoon at the Rochestown Park Hotel.

Sunday, October 05, 2014

The "Impromptu Public Speaking" competition tests the skills of any speaker

The "Impromptu Public Speaking" competition tests the skills of any speaker. This year's competition topic was "My Happiest Childhood Memories." 

Michael Cronin was our winner this year with the choice of his first uninterrupted night's sleep, as his answer. Michael disliked been awoken during the  night for any reason.

Pat Sexton had money on his mind, as his favourite childhood memory involved receiving a pound into his hand.

Kieran Butler should be kept away from play doh, as his happiest memory was putting his play doh in his  hair instead of creating a more standard piece of art.
Helsa Giles, Jerry O'Callaghan and Claire O'Connell at the competition night.

Rona Coghlan loved hiding under a giant duffle coat as a child and watching the world go by. 

Tom O'Connor loved a variety concert he saw when he  graduated from  primary school. Tom acts regularly in local shows.
Marie Fitzpatrick, as topics-master choose the  newspapers as  her  inspiration for the table  topics for the audience. Mary Whelan was unable to  comment on  spoilers for  the  soaps as she  is  an  avid  sports fan. Anne O'Donovan only reads the paper and  has no time to watch the soaps on TV.  Tony O'Regan spoils his wife with  last minute  presents of soap. David Frawley will be saving water by turning off the  tap  while  brushing  his  teeth. Pat Sexton pays his  bills by Quarterly lotto, any objections removes you from the Sexton lotto list . Jerry O'Callagahan will be washing his teeth in rain  water . Mary Buckley believes that a woman will referee an All Ireland Final. Marrian Oviawe is  scared of  spiders and  had  bought out the  supplies of  local lemons to  scare them off. Bridie O'Connell felt that all historical figures are relevant to today if you look at  their lives.
 These are only a few of the answers given. Why not come along and  try  answering a topic yourself? Speakeasy Toastmasters. 8th sharp at the  Hibernian Hotel , 16 October. Contact Marie Lyons 0879746947 or Liam O'Flynn087 6380053 or look at our website www .

Divine Intervention

Speakeasy Toastmasters Competition Night
Noel O'Connor was acting president for this week's meeting . Tony O'Regan was our  contest chair for the  "Humorous Speech Contest" and "Impromptu Public Speaking" competition. Anne Buckley took the  role  of  chief  judge. It took two time keepers in  the  form of David Roche and Anne O'Donovan to watch the clock. 
Michael Cronin won the Humorous Speech Contest with a speech entitled "Divine Intervention". In his youth, Michael had a fondness for lighting the altar candles. Over enthusiasm resulted in a slightly blackened altar cloth and lack of  height obscured his beautiful hairstyle when reading from  the  pulpit . Michael's career as an Altar Boy was anything but dull.
Second place went to "Spot the  Difference" by Brendan  Foley which  compared the  dentist and  the NCT Centre. His description of the  dentist's drill would create a fear of  dental care in the  stoutest of  hearts. The NCT is similarly an exercise in  guilt  and fear for Brendan  who watches in  terror as  his  car  under  goes open  heart surgery.
Mary Moynihan delivered a speech entitled, "What Possessed Me?" This question was brought on  by  an outfit for a wedding.  A pair of  shoes which were too small and an altered dress were the  cause of this  self questioning. On  site dress alterations with a scissors resulted in 4 inch hole under her arm. All
Brendan Foley, Michael Cronin and Pat Sexton 
in  all a dramatic wedding.
Rona Coghlan shared her  experience of lunatics in  her speech on lunacy. The suitability of a pair of  pink fluffy singing slippers as a gift for a man, was in serious doubt according to this speaker.
"Samantha And The Lucky Fairy" was a cautionary  tale from Claire O'Connell.  Samantha was a gorgeous girl who decided to take up  fairy  hunting as  a hobby. Successful fairy hunting resulted in a new job  for  Beanie the  fairy and Samantha learning the  importance of giving very exact instructions to your  employees.
The "Impromptu Public Speaking Competition" was  won by  Michael Cronin on the  topic of "My Happiest Childhood Memories." Second place went to Pat Sexton. Check in next week to find out what they said!

The Area Final is in  Mitchelstown on  Tuesday 14 October. 

Next meeting -16 October. Speakeasy Toastmasters meet every second Thursday at the Hibernan Hotel at 8 PM sharp. Contact Marie Lyons on 087 9746947 or Liam Flynn on 0876380053 or go