Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Air Exchanger and Dogs

Speakeasy toastmasters had a meeting on 8th March .There were four very enjoyable speeches on the night. The first was an educational speech from Anne Buckley on how to give a more effective evaluation .The main theme was how the evaluator would motivate the speaker to improve. This will help us to learn and improve.

The second speech was from Michael Dineen this was about inclusion and to learn is society as good as we think it is for disabled people. We learned that there are still a lot of problems with access to buildings. There were a lot of very powerful questions in this speech like we should look at the person not the disability.

The third talk was from Liam Flynn in this he had to sell a product. The product he was promoting was an air exchanger for domestic houses to save on heating bills. After hearing his speech every house should have one.

The final speech was from Rhona Coughlan called Get the breed right. This was a very humours speech about having the right breed of dog for your home and what can go wrong if you have the wrong breed.

In the second half of the meeting we had some very entertaining topics from Ronan Condon.

The club International Speech and Evaluation Contest is on Thursday 22nd March In the Hi Bi at 8pm everyone welcome