Friday, December 09, 2005

Speakeasy Meeting

Speakeasy Toastmasters held their Christmas meeting on the 8th December. The capable Toastmaster for the meeting was Dermot Meaney, while Topicsmaster Loretto Barry kept the members alert and entertained with her diverse selection of random topics. Gerry Kelleher was General Evaluator.
Helen O’Sullivan, who recently joined our Club, made an impressive debut as a speaker. Helen’s ice-breaker speech described her recent travels in New Zealand and
China, and in doing so she revealed much of her personality. Marie Fitzpatrick evaluated Helen’s speech. We then progressed from the first to the final speech in the Basic Manual, when former Club President Pat Duggan delivered the inspirational speech project. Pat succeeded in inspiring his audience by describing how organ donation can bestow the “Gift of Life” to others. Congratulations to Pat on finishing the basic manual and achieving the Competent Toastmaster Award. Mary Stack evaluated Pat’s speech.
Following Pat was our current Club President, Angela Sheehan, who completed the
Folk tale project from the Story Telling manual. Angela recounted the Hans Christian
Andersen story “The Little Match Girl”, in her own words, and vividly contrasted the coldness and bleakness of the girl’s life and the warmth and richness of her imagination. Ray Ryan Jnr evaluated Angela’s speech. The next speaker was
Mary Buckley who completed the Demonstration Speech project from the speaking to inform manual, and Mary demonstrated how to make a Christmas Cracker. Sean Lynch evaluated Mary’s speech. Finally John Dillon described the humorous attempts by Old Ned and his son Young Bill to make ends meet during World War 2, which fulfilled the Moral of the Story project from the Story Telling manual.
Speakeasy Toastmasters wishes everybody a happy and peaceful Christmas. Our first meeting of 2006 will be held on the 12th January at 8:00 PM at the Hibernian Hotel, Mallow. Further details about the club are available from Ray at 086-3675706 and from the following websites, the club website and from the club blog which features an archive of our press releases,

Saturday, November 26, 2005

speakeasy toastmaster meeting

Speakeasy Toastmasters held another successful meeting on November 24th. Toastmaster for the evening was Tony O’ Regan, Division A Governor, who gave a witty and assured performance.
The first speaker was Vivienne Buckley, who delivered the informative speech project from the Speaking to inform manual. Vivienne described the various stages and the most efficient team structure necessary to successfully organise a major event.
Also delivering a project from the Speaking to inform manual, this time delivering the Abstract Concept speech, was Sean Corcoran. Sean spoke about alternative medicine and about energy based healing techniques. Sean described how the electromagnetic fields generated by our internal organs can be manipulated to treat illness.
The third speaker was Margaret O’ Regan who completed the speaking off the cuff project from the Speciality Speeches Manual. Out of five possible speeches, ‘Multiple intelligence’ was selected for Margaret to speak on. Margaret described the various intelligences we possess, such as spatial, musical and interpersonal intelligence. These capabilities undergo their most rapid development during our first three years of existence and to develop these capabilities poses a great challenge to those responsible for minding children. The final speaker was Ray Ryan Jnr, who read Gerard Manley Hopkins’ poem “The Blessed Virgin compared to the air we breath” in fulfilment of the interpreting poetry project from the Interpretative reading manual.
Topicsmaster for the night was Gerry Kelleher. His selection of entertaining topics included a role-play and a continuation story, whereby one club member was asked to start a story, a second member continued the story and a third member concluded the story. The meeting concluded with Brian McLoughlin conducting the General Evaluation session and Sean Corcoran delivering an address in his capacity as Area 17 Governor.
Speakeasy Toastmasters will hold their next meeting on the 8th December at the Hibernian Hotel, Mallow , at 8:00pm. This meeting will be our Christmas meeting, and a festive atmosphere is guaranteed. Non-members are welcome to attend and will not be asked to speak. More details about the club are available from Ray at 086-3675706, or from the club website,

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Speakeasy Toastmasters meeting

Speakeasy Toastmasters met on the 10th November and the Club celebrated the
achievements of Pat Sexton and Michael Cronin, both of whom were placed second in
the district 71 Topics and Humorous Speech contests respectively, which were held
recently in England. Another honour was bestowed upon the club at the district
conference, when Jeremiah Roynane was selected to give the keynote address after t
the conference banquet. Michael Cronin also featured at the club meeting, being the
presiding Toastmaster. Breaking with tradition, the topics session was held before the
speeches, with Margaret O’ Regan delivering an intriguing selection of topics.

The first speaker was Ann Lyons, a member of the Galtees Toastmaster Club in
Mitchlestown. Ann’s speech, “Party Animal”, which was a stage 3 project from the
Basic Manual, was a humorous account of an unsuccessful attempt to entertain an old
college friend. Following Ann was Dermot Meaney, who was completing the
interpretative reading project from the Speciality Speeches Manual. In “Up and
away”, Dermot read an extract from Richard Branson’s autobiography, which
describes Branson’s early experiences of long-distance travel in a hot-air balloon.

The next speaker was another visitor from a fellow Toastmaster club, Noreen
McSweeney, who is the President of Muskerry Toastmasters. Noreen delivered
her speech, “My First Communion”, as a Stage 5 speech from the Basic
Manual. In her characteristic hilarious and colourful style, Noreen described the
calamity of being late for the First Communion service of her school pupils.
Finally, Sean Lynch delivered a project from the Professional Speaker Manual.
Sean’s presentation was a sales force training seminar, with the audience assuming
the role of a sales team. Sean made extensive use of charts, posters, audience
participation and a host of props in his speech. Following the speeches, the meeting was reviewed by the General Evaluator, Ray Ryan Jnr. Speakeasy Toastmasters will
hold their next meeting on November 24th at the Hibernian Hotel, Mallow for
8:00PM. Non-members are welcome as always to attend our meetings, and will not be
asked to speak. Further details about the Club are available from our website, .

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Speakeasy meeting

Speakeasy Toastmasters held their meeting on October 27th and after Club President Angela Sheehan’s opening remarks, control of the meeting was handed over to presiding Toastmaster Jerry O’ Callaghan. Jerry’s characteristic wit and humour contributed to the success of the meeting.

The first speaker was a visitor to our Club, Michael Broderick. Michael is a member of the Nice and Easy speaking club which is based at the COPE Foundation. Michael is an experienced public speaker, and this was evident in his assured delivery of his speech, “Tunnel Vision”. Michael described how a number of community groups and National Schools co-operated to launch a horticultural project. Michael’s speech was evaluated as a stage 2 project from the basic manual.

Following Michael was Kevin Walsh, a long-standing member of Fermoy Toastmasters. Kevin’s speech, “Elizabeth’s Letter”, began with a description of his Grandmothers’ excitement at the visit of Queen Victoria to Ireland in 1900. Kevin then traced his family’s varying relations with the British Crown, which culminated with Kevin writing to Queen Elizabeth on the occasion of her Golden Jubilee. Kevin showed us the reply he received from Buckingham Palace. After a century, Kevin’s family had achieved contact with the British Royal Family. Kevin delivered his speech as a stage 6 project from the basic manual.

The next speaker was Pat Sexton, who completed the impromptu speaking project from the speciality speeches manual. Pat replied to two topics of which he had no advance knowledge. The first topic was “Blood is thicker than water but boils quicker” and the second was “Beauty is….” Following Pat was Brian O’ Farrell, another member of Fermoy Toastmasters. Delivering a project from the Humorous Speech manual entitled “You’ve wasted your life”, Brian described, in a hilarious fashion, how we squander our time watching rubbish on the television rather than doing something useful. Finally Loretto Barry delivered an education session which described how to increase club membership.

After the speeches, Jerry Mulcahy delivered a range of interesting and entertaining topics. Finally Noel O’ Connor conducted a brisk and efficient general evaluation session. Speakeasy Toastmasters congratulate Pat Sexton and Michael Cronin for winning the Division Final of the Table Topics and Humorous Speech contests respectively. Both Pat and Michael will be competing in the District Finals which will be held in England on the 6th November. Speakeasy Toastmasters will meet again on the 10th November at the Hibernian Hotel Mallow at 8:00 pm. Non-members are welcome to attend and will not be asked to speak. Further details about the club are available at the Club Website,

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Meeting No.4.

Speakeasy Toastmasters held another successful meeting on October 13th. Following the opening remarks by Club President Angela Sheehan, Pat Sexton took control of the meeting as presiding Toastmaster. The first speaker was Pat Duggan, who delivered a speech entitled “The Meaning of Life” which was a stage nine project from the basic manual. Pat described his garden and the trees, plants and vegetables that he cultivates. Pat also shared with the audience the benefits of gardening. Mary Buckley evaluated Pat’s speech. Following Pat was Tony O’ Regan who delivered a speech entitled “Water, Water Everywhere”, which was a project from the Speaking to Inform Manual. After astounding the audience by estimating the average annual rainfall on the typical house, which amounts to 26,000 gallons, Tony outlined how rainwater can be utilised to supply our domestic needs. Jerry Mulcahy evaluated Tony’s speech.

The next speaker was Ray Ryan Jnr who read an extract from “Stone Mad”, the memoirs of the famous Mallow-born sculptor Seamus Murphy. This was a project from the Interpretative Speaking Manual, where the reader is expected to alter their voice to bring the characters in the extract to life. The extract read by Ray described the reaction of the Cork Stonemasons to the introduction of concrete. Michael Cronin was Ray’s evaluator. The final speaker was Loretto Barry who delivered a speech entitled “My sojourn at the C.D.U.” This was a project from the Storytelling Manual where the speaker had to recount a personal experience in a story-like manner. Loretto easily achieved this in describing her experiences as an overnight patient in a hospital( not local!), which ranged from the humorous to the hellish.
Jeremiah Roynane was Loretto’s evaluator.

After the speeches, Noel O’ Connor conducted an absorbing Topics Session, while Margaret O’ Regan as General Evaluator delivered her verdict on the meeting in a friendly and incisive manner. Speakeasy Toastmasters will hold their next meeting on Thursday October 27th at the Hibernian Hotel, Mallow at 8:00 PM. Non-members are welcome to attend and will not be asked to speak. Further details about the Club are available on the Club Website,

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Murder Mystery Night

Murder Mystery Night.
(Originally published in District 71 Newsletter, September 2005.)
Speakeasy Toastmasters, Mallow, Co. Cork, pushed the boundaries of the traditional
Toastmaster meeting by holding a Murder Mystery Night on May 12th 2005. The
meeting took the form of a mock trial, with one unfortunate club member accused of
murder! The roles of Prosecution and Defence lawyers, Witnesses and the Jury were
played by other club members. The Toastmaster and Topicsmaster for the night acted
as Judge and Jury Foreperson respectively. The mental faculties of the Jury were
tested as they had to decide a verdict, as in a real trial, but the Speakeasy Jury had
more fun in the process than a real-life Jury!

The night was planned and scripts for the characters were written by the then
Club PRO, John Dillon. The Murder Mystery Night was highly successful, with
Thirty Guests in attendance, including many members from other Toastmaster clubs.
Speakeasy Toastmasters would highly recommend that other clubs would hold a
murder mystery night and some of the contributions by the Trial characters can be
evaluated as manual speeches.
Ray Ryan, VPPR, Speakeasy Toastmasters, Division A, Area 17.

Friday, September 30, 2005

Meeting, 29/09/05.

Speakeasy Toastmasters switched into competition mode on the 29th September, with both the humorous speech and tall tales contests being held on the same night. Jeremiah Roynane was the capable chairman for the contests.

Participating in the Humorous Speech contest were Michael Cronin, who described the huge effort to resist temptation in “Lead us not”, Mary Buckley who painted a picture of extremely tangled marital affairs in “The same mistake”, Brian McLoughlin who in “The Lost Sheep” described the bizarre adventures of the shepherd boy who searched for his one lost sheep but in the meantime loosing the other 99 sheep as well!, and John Dillon who recounted how his Uncle Danny’s promising career as a science fiction writer was cut short by marriage in “The Accidental Farmer”. Mary Buckley won the contest with Brian McLoughlin in second place.

In the table topics contest, the competitors were asked to speak for up to two minutes on whether they took the long view or coped with each day as it arose. Pat Sexton,
Michael Cronin, Angela Sheehan, Brian McLoughlin, Mary Buckley and Ray Ryan Jnr were the participants. Pat Sexton was the victor with Mary Buckley in second position. Club members who did not enter the contest were not left out as Topicsmaster Sean Corcoran asked them a wide range of topics which included “What drives you crazy” and “What is your opinion of celebrities”.

Speakeasy Toastmasters wish both Pat and Mary well in representing the Club at the Area final of the Topics and Humorous Speech Contests which will be held at the
Firgrove Hotel, Mitchlestown on the 18th October at 8:00 pm. The next club meeting will be held on the 13th October at the Hibernian Hotel, Mallow, at 8:00pm. Further details about the club can be found at the club website,

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Speakeasy Tm First Meeting

Speakeasy Toastmasters.
Speakeasy Toastmasters commenced the 2005-06 Season on September 1st, with our
first meeting being opened by the new Club President, Angela Sheehan. Seasoned
Toastmaster Pat Duggan chaired the meeting, which was also attended by members of
Clonakilty Toastmasters.

The first speaker was Anne Buckley, who delivered a speech entitled “Mind your
Language” as a stage 8 project from the basic manual, which was evaluated by
Loretto Barry. Anne described the decline of the Irish language over the past century
and a half, the problems in teaching Irish and also gave some hope for the language in
describing the growth of the Gaelscoil movement. Anne was followed by Sean
Corcoran, who delivered a fact-finding report, a project from the Speaking to Inform
manual. In “Over a Barrel”, Sean highlighted the problem of rising oil prices,
presented some unusual facts about oil supply, and explained how alternative energy
sources can reduce our dependence on oil. After the report, Sean conducted a question
and answer session with the audience. Ray Ryan Jnr was Sean’s evaluator.

The final two speakers delivered speeches based on the Entertaining Speaker Manual.
Ann King of the Clonakilty Club, shared with us some revealing insights about body
language in her speech; “Manwatching”. Among other fascinating details, we
discovered how to tell if somebody is lying by looking at their nose and feet, and
when to kiss or not to kiss somebody! Jerry Mulcahy evaluated Ann’s speech.
Vivienne Buckley introduced us to “Sergi, Liam & Theresa”. Sergi was a disabled
Belarus child abandoned in one of the appalling orphanages in that country. Yet, his
plight brought Liam, a Clare-based Christian Brother, and Theresa, a 74 year-old
grandmother, to alleviate the plight of Sergi and other Belarus orphans. Marie Fitzpatrick was Vivienne’s evaluator. A hilarious topics session was conducted by Topicsmaster Tim Ahern, with Tim asking Club Members who did not deliver speeches to speak on topics of Tim’s choosing for up to two minutes. Mary Rose McCarthy of the Clonakilty club conducted the General Evaluation Session. Finally, the Club’s achievements for the previous year were recognised with the awarding of Presidents’ Distinguished Club Status to Speakeasy Toastmasters.

Speakeasy Toastmasters will hold their next meeting at the Hibernian Hotel, Mallow,
September 14th at 8:00PM. Non-members are more than welcome to attend and will
not be asked to speak. Further details about the Club are available on our website, and from our Blog

Sunday, August 21, 2005


Where can you meet new friends, learn interesting and unusual information, develop your unrealised public speaking and leadership skills, and, most of all, enjoy yourself! The Speakeasy Toastmaster Club offers all this and more, and our 05-06 season commences in
In existence for over a decade, Speakeasy Toastmasters has achieved great success, with the club achieving Presidents’ Distinguished Club Status, the highest award for Toastmaster Club performance. Club members have also held high office in the Toastmaster Organisation and have performed strongly in Toastmaster competitions. This success is due to the friendly and supportive atmosphere which is the hallmark of Speakeasy Toastmasters.

Club members deliver speeches based on Toastmaster manuals with Guidance and support provided by the other club members. New members use the basic manual, which covers the basics of public speaking, such as speech organisation, body gestures and effective use of the voice. After the basic manual, members progress to specialised manuals which cover, to give two examples, humorous speeches and speeches for special occasions.

Members of the public are more than welcome to attend our meetings. For € 3 attendance fee (not even the price of a pint!), you are guaranteed an entertaining and stimulating evening. Importantly, you will not be asked to speak. Our first meeting will be held on September 1st at the Hibernian Hotel, Mallow for 8:00 pm. More information about the club is available from Ray at 086-3675706 , from the Club Website, and from the Club Webblog,

Monday, July 04, 2005

Report on officer training.

The new committee of Speakeasy Toastmasters commenced duties in attending the club officer
training session, which was held at the Vienna Woods hotel on the 27/06/05. This session was
held for the Toastmaster clubs of Areas 3&17, which covers North and East Cork. Presentations
on the various officer roles were presented by senior Toastmaster officials, such as Division A
Governor, Tony O'Regan, local Area Governors Sean Corcoran & Margaret McCarthy, and also
by Ann King, Michael O' Sullivan, Jeremiah Roynane and Jim Robinson. Afterwards the
Speakeasy Committee members met their counterparts from the other clubs to exchange ideas.

The Committee are already preparing next season's program. We look foward to welcoming
both members and non-members to our first meeting, which will be held at the Hibernian
Hotel, Mallow, on the 1st September at 8:00p.m.

Saturday, June 04, 2005

28'th May

Speakeasy Toastmasters Mallow

Speakeasy Toastmasters held a rapturous final meeting on the 26th May at the Hibernian Hotel, which featured the annual CTM/ATM night. Toastmasters from the Glanmire, Muskerry, Galtee and Mullingar clubs contributed to the night’s proceedings, as did Michael Cronin, the witty and enthusiastic Toastmaster for the evening. Congratulations were extended to Deirdre Linehan who came second in the District International Speech Contest and to Pat Sexton who competed in the District Evaluation Contest, both of which were held recently in Bath. Good wishes were also extended to incoming Area 17 Governor Sean Corcoran, Division A Governor Tony O’Regan, and the new President of the recently formed Galtee Toastmasters Club in Mitchelstown, Margaret O’ Regan.

Three club members completed their CTM, all of whom had the challenging task of delivering an inspirational speech, a task all three achieved with ease. Mary Stack shared her “Golden Moments” describing the momentous occasions of her life and those people who have inspired her. In “Life is a roller-coaster”, Deirdre Linehan described how listening to Toastmaster Matt Lawlee inspired her to fulfil her ambition to perform before an audience. With a speech entitled “The Begrudger”, Ray Ryan Jnr spoke of the importance of encouraging people to express their talents and not to engage in destructive criticism.

Completing their ATM-Bronze awards were Vivienne Buckley, who described the fantastical “LD2” device, which will translate your thoughts

into the language of your audience, Marie FitzPatrick, in a speech entitled “Class Re-union 2025”, made use of forthcoming class reunion to reflect on her life and to speak on the benefit of setting achievable and challenging goals for ourselves, while Pat Sexton described how the Bruce Springsteen song “Atlantic City” led him to ponder immortality, re-incarnation and the fate of the Soul in a speech entitiled “Limbo”.

Topicsmaster Gerry Kelleher amused the audience with his humourous selection of topics. General evaluator Noel O’ Connor and his team of

evaluators made supportive and incisive comments on the speakers. Finally, outgoing Club President Sean Corcoran ended a successful year by handing control to Angela Sheehan and the incoming committee.

Speakeasy Toastmasters thank all those who supported our activities during the past year, and we wish everybody an enjoyable and safe summer. Our first meeting in the 2005-06 season will be held on the 1st of September in the Hibernian Hotel at 8:00 p.m. Non-members are welcome to attend. Further information on the Club can be obtained from the Club Website,

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Murder by Moonlight

Speakeasy Toastmasters 12th May 05.

The trial in the case ,which has become known as Murder by Moonlight took place in Mallow on the 12th May. It was carried out expeditiously. There was considerable tension in the courtroom as the evidence against the accused mounted. Prosecuting Councillors Tony O Regan and Sean Corcoran had the defence under pressure. Mary Buckley and Loretto Barry fought back valiantly on behalf of the accused Michael Cronin. They succeeded in creating a doubt which eventually prevailed on the minds of the jury. Under foreperson Marie Fitzpatrick the jury after a full, sometimes acrimonious, sometimes amusing, debate returned a not guilty verdict.

Gerry O Callaghan and Pat Duggan were witnesses for the state. Noel O Connor as Dr. Shanahan was professionally impartial. Intense cross examination did not shake Ann Buckley's evidence. Mary Stack made a strong impression on the jury as did the good neighbour Michael Donegan. The judge played by Angela Sheehan was firm decisive and absolutely impartial. The not guilty verdict was greeted warmly.

Later Sean Corcoran President said it was a different Toastmaster’s night and pronounced it a great success and most enjoyable. He thanked all participants and the large audience and invited them to become members.

The next meeting will May 26th at the Hibernian Hotel. There is a full programme and guests as always are welcome.

Friday, April 29, 2005

Division A Winners


Speakeasy Toastmasters on top again.
Deirdre Lenihan took the honours last Sunday night in winning the Division A
heat of Toastmasters International, International Speech Contest on Sunday
night 24'th of April at the Vienna Woods Hotel. This was Deirdre's second
time entering the contest and the second time winning it having come through
the Club and Area contests in the last few weeks.
Mary Stack also of Speakeasy Toastmasters and representing Area 11 was
runner up.
Pat Sexton won the Evaluation Contest on the same night in which
Toastmasters from all the Clubs in Cork and Kerry attended.
Deirdre and Pat will compete in the District 71(Ireland and UK) finals which
will be held in Bath over the weekend of May 13-15'th and will be one of
just 8 entrants in their respective contests which is a fantastic
Speakeasy Toastmasters wish Deirdre and Pat the very best of luck.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Press Releases from VPPR John Dillon from Sept. 04 to April 04

We live and learn as times goes by. There are two clichés for the price of one. But we are near the end of the 2004-2205 Speakeasy year. Next meeting is the AGM April 28th. The night of the 14th kicked off with Noel O Connor as Topics - master dealing out questions about Rule 42. Or again questions that reduced a certain prince and his bride to figures of fun. Oh dear. Again, more seriously all welcomed the award gained by the Mallow Railway Station. So it went.

John Dillon spoke on Toastmasters Education Programme. Marie Fitzpatrick followed with a speech laced with humour as she ran a critical eye over eating out. She contrasted this with dining at home for value financially and gastronomically. She sold the idea that home cooking is best. Pat Sexton evaluated this speech giving it the praise it well deserved and making more puns than we had buns for tea.

Mary Buckley in her speech questioned the causes of increasing crime involving teenagers such as the reckless driving of stolen cars and robbery with violence. All the systems education, health, welfare and justices came in for scrutiny. And importantly parental control. Loretto Barry evaluated praising the depth and scope of this well delivered speech.

Mary Stack General Evaluator for the night gave a comprehensive review of the proceeding speaking highly of Toastmaster Anne Buckley's role. Ray Ryan was timekeeper and Sean Corcoran presided.

The Next meeting is on April 28th .Guest are always welcome.

Club Website www.speakeasytoastmasters .com


Thursday night's Meeting March 31st was time for Tall Tales.

under Toastmaster for the night Pat Duggan

With spring in the air a little frivolity was not out of place.

Michael Cronin added to his growing reputation by winning again.

The night had events of a more serious nature as well. Pat Sexton conducted an informative educational session with enthusiasm described by his evaluator Margaret O'Regan as smooth and professional.

Sean Corcoran the President got off his chair to do some Interpretive Reading. This calls for elements of acting and voice variation to bring the words to life. Sean's contribution was astutely evaluated as being excellent and powerful by Kieran Buckley.

Loretto Barry was Topics-master. She had everyone worked up about mobiles phones being weapons of mass distraction and 'what about' smoking around pub doors. And the ever green topic what three items would you take to a desert island. Would a man and woman be one or two items someone asked? Topics sessions are mainly fun but often give indications of opinions and attitudes. It is said many truths are spoken in jest.

Mary Buckley general Evaluator and Chief Judge on the night accomplished both jobs in style.

Saturday Night 2nd April 05.

The Area Finals Speech and Evaluation Contests took place in the Garden Room of the Hibernian Hotel Saturday night. Representing Youghal was Tommy Collins with his unforgettable "Images of Auschwitz".

Joe O Connell for Fáilte ( Charleville) intrigued with Turkish Delight. Martin Walsh from Fermoy encouraged all to 'Break the Chains' while Deirdre Lenihan of Speak Easy charmed with her "Satin Slippers ". Deirdre Lenihan was the winner. The Evaluation Contest was based on a speech 'Are you Being Served?' from Paula Kelleher of Glanmire. Again all four clubs participated. Pat Sexton of Speak Easy was the winner.

Contest Chairperson for the night Anne Buckley ran the proceedings calmly and efficiently. Tony O Regan was chief judge and Sean Corcoran presided.


Introduced by Toastmaster Margaret O Regan to give her 'Ice -Breaker Anne O Sullivan performed well in her first speech to the Club. She was given a warm welcome and reception.

Anne Buckley followed with a critical review of the value of organic and non organic foods comparing them both from a nutritional and cost point of view . This was a well researched and detailed speech. Then Michael Dineen told the story of John De Lorean and his cars and the rise and fall of this flamboyant man and how his golden and costly dreams crashed.

Loretto Barry's speech called for a dramatic speech and performance and this she achieved to the highest degree.

It was the eve of St.Patrick's Day and Topics Master Gerry O Callaghan did not let the occasion pass without making the most of it . His own humour stimulated humour all over the room.

President Sean Corcoran presided.

The next Meeting will be Thursday 31st March at the Hibernian Garden Room Mallow. Guest as always are very welcome . It is Tall Tales Contest Night . Be there at 8pm sharp.


It was Speech Contest Night. March the 3rd

The contestants gave last glances at their written words as the preliminaries were sorted. Judges studied their rules. There were some Judges from other clubs.

There was a draw to see who went first second and on down the line. The entrants were to the last man and woman serious contenders. The Topics master Pat Duggan put a few light hearted questions to ease the tension.

Then the Contest Chair person Gerry Kelleher stood up and it started. Time keepers Margaret O Regan and Gerry O Callaghan were ready. The rules are strict on this occasion. After all the winner could be starting out on a road that would lead to Canada. This was the Start of an International Competition.

Very speech had humour, drama wisdom facts and exhortations.

The speakers gave of their best in ideas and in performance. They were actors they were demagouges; they pulled you into the world of their imaginations. Ray Ryan with his speech ‘Dreams’

Michael Cronin with his questions on ‘Who We Are’

Kieran Buckley beguiled you with his The Supreme Toastmaster who to him is Nelson Mandela and Sean Lynch told you how to turn negative to positive in his thoughtful and well illustrated On My Mothers Knee. Pat Sexton talked of the price that is paid for false perceptions of beauty in his speech Swans. He told us to celebrate life for what it is and not to allow images artificially created change attitudes.

Deirdre Linehan had a carefully crafted speech which extolled the rights of old age to the freedom of expression in speech and in dress .Pathos humour with an overall wrapping of kindness and wistfulness made this a winner. It was a very fine performance. They all were. So Deirdre was first and Pat Sexton second in what was one great night.

Pat Duggan and his Topics were outstanding. But the contest was the occasion .Tony O Regan was chief Judge and all was presided over by Sean Corcoran,

Our next Meeting is on the Wednesday the 16th March. Only Saint Patrick could move so from Thursday. Guests as always will be welcome on that Wednesday night.

On Thursday night the 17th Toastmasters came down to earth after the highs of being on national television with an opening speech by Pat Duggan. Pat with paint brushes and wallpaper to hand gave valuable and practical advice on how to do it yourself. Dressed in a paint specked overalls he exuded confidence. Toastmaster in charge for the night assured Pat he would take all the advice home and pass it on to his wife.

Mary Stack gave time to compose and deliver a speech which pointed out how precious a thing time is and how good it is to share it with family, with friends and with the community. Getting and spending consumes time. Giving time to others is the greater gift.

Ger Guerin spoke from experience of work in Korea. He spoke of the people and their culture. He told us how they were like the Irish in some ways and very different in other ways. This was an informative speech laced with humour.

Pat Connolly of the Muskerry Club who was Guest Speaker outlined the ways and means of coping with fear in his speech entitled Catch 22. He told us how some notable people found answers to fear and overcame it. He spoke of his own life in a moving way. This fine speech was then evaluated not once but seven times as part of the Evaluation Contest. Pat Sexton emerged the winner in this keenly fought event.

The Topicsmaster on the night Angela Sheehan ranged in her topics from organic farming to cosmetic surgery to the idea that men are not romantic.

“Tread softly because you tread on my dreams” to quote Yeats.

Time keeping was in the hands of Loretto Barry and Deirdre Linehan and Jeremiah Ronayne was general evaluator.

The next meeting is on the 3rd March and there will be a speech contest.

Guests are very welcome and will not be asked to speak.


Under the watchful eye of President Sean Corcoran they gathered together in the upper room. Toastmaster Gerry Mulcahy conducted the proceedings.

The room with its stained glass panelled doors and it shape and design has very suitable atmosphere for debate and discussion. The Hibernian Hotel is to be thanked for all this and the President and other members expressed their appreciation.

Speakers o the night were Angela Sheehan who with the use of overheads showed the way the club should operate to attract and foster new members she was followed by Deirdre Linehan whose speech called the Leave Talking was a heart warming story of mother love for a daughter departing for university life. It resonated a Rembrandt painting as she sat as if writing her motherly advice.

John Dillon's talk from the Story Telling Manual about a photograph taken near the Culloden monument in Scotland stretched the credulity of his listeners. But they should not forget truth is stranger than fiction. Well sometimes!

Margaret o Regan has always backs her speech with incontrovertible facts.

The abstract subject of happiness, its measurement and attainment is an elusive theme. To join a voluntary organisation may be as beneficial to a person as giving up smoking. To do both of course multiplies the good.

Of course if that organisation happens to be Toastmasters it goes without saying everything is much better.

Speech evaluators were Mary Stack, Mary Buckley and Pat Sexton.

Brid O Keeffe was Topicsmaster and her choice of questions was so apt that all were eager to get involved.

Ray Ryan acted as timekeeper and Anne Buckley and Michael Donegan were Sergeants at Arms.

The General Evaluator was Kieran Buckley who gave an overall assessment with generous praise for the new room and wished the Club good look in it.

Next Meeting will be the 17th February at 7.50 for 8pm sharp.

Guests as always very welcome.


For the speakeasy Club 20th January 05 was a red letter day. RTE's Nationwide programme visited to record the proceedings and had during the day filmed footage for background. Alistair Jackson and his team did a splendid job in putting everyone at their ease while carrying on their work.

The three main speakers for the night were Jeremiah Ronayne , Marie Fitzpatrick and Jerry O Callaghan. All three are experienced performers who have taken the precepts of Toastmasters to heart and mind.What they had to say and how they said it reflected this .

The topics secessions was a little hectic and extremely funny with the added element of attaching microphones to contributors. Anne Buckley Topicsmaster let nothing disturb her equanimity.

Pat Sexton Michael Dineen Loreto Barry and Jerry Mulcahy among others made humorous or serious contributions as appropriate.

Ray Ryan with his usual attention to detail was Toastmaster for the night . Sean Corcoran President gave a brief outline of the history and aims of Toastmasters International before the conclusion of a night which will be long remembered as unique in the annals of the Speakeasy Club.

Next Meeting will be February 3rd-Thursday .At the Hibernian 7.50. Guests very welcome. Guests will not be asked to speak but they may if the wish talk on a topic


Shakespeare ,. W. B Yeats,Mark Twain among others were quoted to good purpose at the reopening of Speakeasy Toastmasters on Thursday night last. Vice President Angela Sheehan had put together a good programme for the night . An audience of thirty five heard four speakers ,described as being of the highest quality by Joe Gibbs a distinguished Toastmaster visiting as General Evaluator.

Michael Cronin was Toastmaster for the night a job he performed with grace ,good humour and efficiency. Mary Buckley was first to the podium with a well researched speech on the advantages, disadvantages of the Internet and E- mailing. She made this complex subject more understandable to her listeners.

Vivien Buckley next spoke on voluntary work and the benefits to society and to the volunteers themselves .She spoke of her own experiences and the joy and satisfaction this kind of work brought to her.

Pat Sexton then explained in a novel and entertaining way why after thirteen years he still was starry eyed about the organisation . The final speaker in this section was President Sean Corcoran. His speech ' Medicine On Toast' told of the great healing powers of honey. He kept a good balance and did not let all these claims go to his head.Older members might recall the royal jelly and it supposedly anti-ageing properties. Oh why did we not use it when it was fashionable?

Jerry Mulcahy was Topicsmaster. He has a great ability to match speaker to the topic to get the most humourous responce . The result of course is great fun.

At meeting's end the visiting evaluator Joe Gibbs said Speakeasy Club was one of the most successful there is- words as sweet as honey to the Presidents ears. Our next Meeting is on the 20th January at the Hibernian. Guests are welcome.

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Thursday night the 9th was the last meeting at Speakeasy before Christmas and there was a festive mood.Mulled wine lubricated the already loquacious members. However the first speech of the night was a sober appraisal of what attracts new members to the Club. High standards good organising and a friendly and fraternal welcome it seems

is the answer. Speakeasy believes it qualifies on all counts. Loretta Barry evaluated this speech and Ray Ryan evaluated very a very humours talk on being bit by the golf bug given by Deirdre Lineman.

Eugene O Connell

gave an account of the life of a centenarian who recently departed this life. The audience heard how her memory reached to the early days of the last century.

This and nostalgic speech was well received and evaluated by Kieran Buckley.

Michael Cronin's speech Humoursly Speaking told of his trip to the Blood Bank .Taking on the air of a latter day Jack Benny he asserted that it was the only Christmas present he could give that would not cost him money.This man can be seriously funny. His speech was evaluated by Jeremiah Ronyane.

Brian McLoughlin's speeches are always unusual and are shot with flashes of humour and wit but are never less than profound. The timeless theme of love and the loss of love he handled adroitly.Mary Buckley evaluated handing

out congratulations and recommendations

Marie Fitzpatrick Toastmaster for the night easily kept proceedings going at a nice pace and Dermot Meany as Topicsmaster rolled out a verity of topics in line with the festive season. Pat Sexton was General Evaluator and gave an assessment of the evaluations and of all the performances of the night.

President Sean Corcoran wishing everyone a happy Christmas urged all to partake of the ample repast .As they did over the clatter of cups they seemed like a very happy family.

Next Meeting of Speakeasy is on Thursday January 13th 05. Guests as always are very welcome.


There is nothing haphazard about Toastmasters. The structures and procedures are democratically organised.

Pat Bradley made his introductory speech on Thursday night 25th.Nov. Calm confident and sincere were words used by his evaluator Marie Fitzpatrick. Pat's sporting and political hero is Jack Lynch ,with such an illustrious GAA figure and politician as a guiding star Pat's standards are high. His opening speech was warmly welcomed.

Ray Ryan is well placed to complete his programme for the year. His speech was evaluated in a novel fashion by Sean Lynch. The speech Aural Assault was technically assured on facts and dramatically delivered . The loss of hearing is a serious matter. Put simply there is no cure' prevention is the only answer. Jerry Mulcahy 's speech was from the Humourously Speaking Manual and was evaluated by Michael Donegan. The Ups and Downs of Transport was the title and the going was extremely funny.

The next speech was from the Story Telling series.This was the first from this manual by John Dillon. The rule applies and a folk tale is to be told. The Children of Lir was John's choice .It was evaluated by Tony O'Regan and was well received.

Order is the first law of Toastmasters as Margaret O'Regan humourously reminded her listeners she being Toastmaster for the night. She maintained order with a smile. That's her way.

Tim Aherne was topics- master . He engaged the members in a list of provocative and sometimes amusing exchanges.

Gerry Kelleher was General Evaluator for the night and he did a very competent and comprehensive job. He drew special attention to the good work of the Sergeant at Arms Anne Buckley and Michael Donegan. Angela Sheehan undertook Time Keeping. This is an important task in the running of things. All this was overseen by the alert and benign President Sean Corcoran.

Next meeting is on the 9th December Thursday night at The Hibernian Hotel . The last before Christmas . Guests are as always most welcome.


Talk is the essence of Toastmasters but now and again there is much more .Thursday night is a case in point . Michael O'Donoghue's story of his fight for life following a body shattering attack by a raging bull was a story of courage ,endurance, acceptance ,faith and hope. Told from his wheelchair as he is seriously disabled he brought is audience to a standing ovation.

On the night the club was honoured by a visit from the District Governor David Thompson who also undertook the job of General Evaluator. Another visitor Pat Lynch from the Muskerry club gave an amusing and insightful speech on gossip.

In another talk Pat Duggan used charts to tell the history of crosswords and gave some clues to the charms of that pastime .An aficionado his enthusiasm was catching.

Jeremiah Roynane spoke on his journey from Mallow to Canary Warf . In his capacity as General Governor London fell within his ambit and he inaugurated a Toastmasters club for these financial brokers or 'masters of the universe'.

Varity is never lacking and Dermot Meaney entertained amused and informed all with his talk on the Hennessey family that originated in Killavullen and now produce the famous Hennessy

They were geese, generals in Dillon's Brigade and politicians as well. Appropriately they were toasted at Mallow Toastmasters.

The evaluators had a challenge to met but Mary Stack Jerry Mulcahy Anne Buckley, Pat Sexton and Michael Cronin were not found wanting.

Tim Ahern was Toastmaster for the night and Noel O Connor Topics -Master.

Sean Corcoran presided and Ray Ryan was Timekeeper.

The next meeting is on Thursday the 25th November. At the Hibernian. You are welcome
On Thursday night the 28th October The Speakeasy Club carried on though the weather was bad .Sean Corcoran presiding was conscious of this as were all those present. Nevertheless there was a Halloween type atmosphere. Angela Sheehan pinpointed this with her speech 'The Ghost of a Promise' an adaptation of Micheál MacLiammóir's story. It was well received by an appreciative audience and equally well evaluated by Margaret O'Regan.

Michael Cronin evaluated Michael Buckley's speech on Tom Hyland the former co-coordinator of the East Timor Ireland Solidarity Campaign. Tom Hyland played a part in the birth of than nation and he should not be forgotten. Michael Buckley did a service in highlighting that continuing contribution. Vivien Buckley spoke on Guy Fawkes . Her speech let to explosive laughter and much hilarity beside. Pat Sexton with his usual wit and grasp of detail explored aspects of the musical life of they Beatles and Jerry Mulcahy in his evaluation added value to that presentation.

Mary Buckley was Toastmaster on the night and Ray Ryan Topic-master. Tony O'Regan was general evaluator.

The club members congratulated Vivien Buckley and Sean Corcoran who moved on to the District Contest in the table topics and humorous speeches respectively having qualified in the area finals in Youghal on the 21st October.

The next Meeting is on 11th November 04. Guests as always are welcome.


The next meeting of the Speak Toastmasters club is on the 28th October 04. On this night Mary Buckley will be Toastmaster . A full programme of five speakers will present their speeches on the night . Angela Sheehan , Michael Buckley ,Pat Duggan, Pat Sexton and Vivien Buckley will give of their best.The General evaluator will be Tony OF Regan.

It will be a night of wise words and entertainment. Ray Ryan will be the Topics- Master. Guests as always are very welcome.
Nothing is predictable about a night at the Speakeasy club.On the 14th there were five excellent speeches and a very good topic's secession.

Ann Buckley started off with 'Once upon a Time'. the story of storytelling. It was well received by a keen and appreciative audience. It is October and an other Buckley Mary spoke on cancer. This was a detailed and well researched talk delivered with sensitivity and even a degree of optimism. Pat Sexton in the advanced series re-enacted Al Gore's May the 26th speech which was intended to expose the duplicity ,as he saw it of G.W. Bush. It was a masterly performance by Pat. Tony O' Regan was next up with 'WE Must Never Forget'. This was a passionate and informative look back at the Great Famine. He contrasted with it the situation in Sudan today. Noel O Connor ended the speech list with a humorous look at the fashion of hair removal. He handled it with aplomb and had the audience in stitches.

Jeremiah Roynane ran the 'Topics' using a thematic approach to questions about the GAA and then went on to individual topics . He gave plenty scope for humour, which as always is taken up with enthusiasm.

Ray Ryan general evaluator gave a crisp and thorough assessment of all the proceedings. Mary Stack was toastmaster for the night and ran the show smoothly and efficiently. Sean Corcoran presided and the whole event was completed in two and a half hours. Gerry Mulcahy was the timekeeper .The next meeting is on the 28th of October. You are welcome.


A full programme for the 14thOctober arranged by Angela Sheehan will be presented under the President Sean Corcoran. There will be five speakers with evaluations under the guidance of Ray Ryan.Topic -master for the night will be Jeremiah Roynane. Guests and members are assured of an informative and enjoyable night


The first month back ended with the Meeting on the 30th. It was Humorous Speech Contest night with Sean Corcoran as usual presiding. Jeremiah Ronayne was a skillful and affable Toastmaster who started off by explaining the procedures briefly and introducing the competition judges some who came from outside clubs like Fermoy and Charleville.

Before the main event a topics session took place under topics-master Margaret O' Regan. Topics on the night ranged from Ireland's share of Olympic Gold medals to Bono's place in politics. Again to Hector's performance.( that's the Hector of TG4 that was). These topics were treated seriously, sympathetically or humorously and often with all three emotions at once.Topics relating to politics did for some reason arouse more humour than anything else. There was much ball hopping when it came to questions on games.'Men in the kitchen' lead to a clear division in the House. All this hilarity was very much enjoyed by a sizable group of female students who were there with their teachers.

In the Humorous Speech Contest the wining speech was 'Twinkle Toes.' This had vocal variety and body language of a high degree and of course humour. Second on the night was a speech entitled Zen and the Art of Baby Sitting. You may imagine from the title how funny the speech was. Mary Buckley was chief judge ,she and her six judges must have had difficult choices to make. A night to remember was anticipated and it lived up to that. The young guests and the other guest who were most welcome showed their appreciation of the events with warm and prolonged applause.

September 30'th 2004

Thursday night is the next outing for Speakeasy Club. On the 30th at 8pm on until about 10.30 the usual programme will be boosted by the Humorous Speech compaction. Four have entered at this stage but there may be room for another one. If the past Contests in this category are any indication this night will provide high class entertainment. Guests are welcome. All is happening at the Hibernian Hotel at the date and time set out above.Be there and you may follow the winner to the area and even the divisional levels.It would not be the first time Speakeasy going all the way.

Sept 16'th 2004

At their meeting on Sept.16th there was a full programme with three speakers and three evaluators . Ray Ryan , Helen Hourican and Vivien Buckley certainly held the audiences' full attention. Ray's speech entitled the Umbrella told the story of the political assasination of a Bulgarian dissident . This murder was carried out in a street in London at a bus queue. It appeared at first a trifling accident . It was in fact a foul deed committed by injecting poison through the tip of the umbrella .
Helen Houriucans talk engaged her audience in role play when telling the five points used to make a sales pitch.. Vivien read an extract from the novel ' The curious Incident of The Dog In the Night- Time'by Mark Haddon. She read the section where the boy who suffered from Asperger's Syndrome describes the discovery of concealed letters send to him by his mother who had left the family home. This was poignant and the reading a tour de force.
Then there were the evaluations.
Pat Duggan was general evaluator.
Next was topics-master Michael Cronin. Topics were impish and good humour predominated.
All that was in the first half which was good scoring according to Mary Buckley , Toastmaster for the night whose theme was the Hurling Final.. After the usual cup of tea there was a Topics Contest. The contestant went out and re-entered in turn to face the question' What period of History would you have wished to Live in'. Five contestants participated . Two wished to live in the present age , three with romantic aspirations wished to live in the past. There was a winner and runner up but they were all winner when it came to entertainment and participation.
All this activity was presided over by President Sean Corcoran under the time keeping watchful eye of Michael Walshe . Sergeants at Arms Anne Buckley and Michael Donegan were efficient and welcoming as ,of course was guest greeter Jeremiah Ronayne. The President gave an account of the Clubs successful information night at Davis College and thanked the College for its generosity.
Next Meeting September 30th. It will be the night of the HUMOROUS SPEECH CONTEST. It should be a night to remember.

Thursday 14'th April

We live and learn as times goes by. There are two clichés for the price of one. But we are near the end of the 2004-2205 Speakeasy year. Next meeting is the AGM April 28th. The night of the 14th kicked off with Noel O Connor as Topics - master dealing out questions about Rule 42. Or again questions that reduced a certain prince and his bride to figures of fun. Oh dear. Again, more seriously all welcomed the award gained by the Mallow Railway Station. So it went.

John Dillon spoke on Toastmasters Education Programme. Marie Fitzpatrick followed with a speech laced with humour as she ran a critical eye over eating out. She contrasted this with dining at home for value financially and gastronomically. She sold the idea that home cooking is best. Pat Sexton evaluated this speech giving it the praise it well deserved and making more puns than we had buns for tea.

Mary Buckley in her speech questioned the causes of increasing crime involving teenagers such as the reckless driving of stolen cars and robbery with violence. All the systems education, health, welfare and justices came in for scrutiny. And importantly parental control. Loretto Barry evaluated praising the depth and scope of this well delivered speech.

Mary Stack General Evaluator for the night gave a comprehensive review of the proceeding speaking highly of Toastmaster Anne Buckley's role. Ray Ryan was timekeeper and Sean Corcoran presided.

The Next meeting is on April 28th .Guest are always welcome.

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