Saturday, December 17, 2016

Christmas Meeting

At our Christmas Meeting we were treated to a great night of Speeches and Poetry as well as finger food and Christmas cake and mince pies at the Tea Break.   Maire Lynes was Toasmaster for the meeting.     Mary Buckley was Topicsmaster and for a change she experimented by giving out  a line “It was the night before Christmas..” to the audience and everyone had to continue on after the previous person.    She also had us speaking off the cuff with topics “How to handle stress at Christmas.” And “The twelve pubs at Christmas.”  Bobby Buckley took on the Role of Poetmaster for the Meeting and the title of his poem was “The Christmas Cake.”

He recalled how he was sent as a young boy to buy the ingredients for his mother’s Christmas cake and then watching his mother making the cake and waiting to lick the wooden spoon when she was finished.   It certainly brought back memories for a lot of us.    Liam Flynn, Area Governor reminded us of that a number of members and former members who had passed away during the past year  -  Jerry Mulcahy, Tom O’Connor, Deirdre Horgan Dunlea and Jim Culloty.   He recited an extract from  the poem titled “Jack” which the late Tom O’Connor had  written.

Next to the lectern was Brendan Foley with a speech titled “Ambivalence”   He encouraged us not to be indecisive by writing down a plan and then finding out how to go about achieving it.  He outlined that it is better to make a bad decision than no decision.  Liam Flynn evaluated Brendan’s speech.    

Our next speaker was Jerry O’Callaghan with  a speech titled “From Starlight to Starlight.”   He recounted  the story of his late uncle, Mick who in the 1930s went to a Hiring Fair and got work on a farm for a six month contract to help supplement the family income.   This was a very common practise of that time. Bridie O’Connell evaluated Jerry’s speech.

Michael Cronin was next up with a speech titled “The Ladies of Llangollen.”   He recounted the story of Eleanor Butler and Sarah Ponsonby two upper class Anglo Irish women from Kilkenny in the 17th century who moved to Wales and set up home there.   Their house became a haven for writers such as Wordsworth,Sheeley, Bryon and Scott.    Don McSweeney evaluated Michael’s speech.    

Our final speaker for the evening was Noel O’Connor who read an extract from a book by George Ryan titled “No time for work.”    Claire O’Connell evaluated Noel’s speech.

Anne ODonovan was Timekeeper for the Meeting and Pat Sexton was General Evaluator.
Maire Fitzpatrick, President  wished us all a happy Christmas and a prosperous new year.

Our next meeting is on Thursday 12th January, 2017 at 8 p.m. in the Hibernian Hotel, Mallow.   All are welcome.   Try something different for the New Year.    Guests are never asked to speak. Further information on Speakeasy Toastmasters can be had by visiting adt or by contacting Marie Fitzpatrick, President
(086)8548389 or Hela Giles, E.V.P. (086)0762015

Sunday, December 04, 2016

Christmas Meeting

We had a wide range of speeches at this week’s Toastmaster’s Meeting.    President, Marie Fitzpatrick welcomed all members and guests to the Meeting .  Toastmaster for the night was John Brennan .   Topicsmaster for the  meeting was Ronan  Condon who kept us on our toes with topics ”Flight or Fight” and “Supermarket  Checkouts – Self Service or Not.” 

Leah McCarthy Cahill from St. Mary’s Secondary School, Mallow, was our Guest this week  and treated us to a speech titled “The not so secret lives of Bees.”    She enthralled us with details of Bees and their Hives and how they are now an endangered species.   She encouraged us to plant Bee friendly flowers, and to put out small containers of water and sugar as the bees get thirsty and also to shop local by purchasing locally produced honey.   Noel O’Connor evaluated Leah’s speech and congratulated her on her superb speech. 

Next to the lectern was Marie Lynes with a speech titled  “Violet and Il Duce.”    Marie recounted the story of Violet Gibson the woman who shot Mussollini  and as a result spent the rest of her life in an asylum even though she was not insane.   Mary Buckley evaluated Marie’s speech.     

Theresa O’Reilly  was our next speaker with a speech titled “The Lotus.”    She outlined the benefits of yoga and demonstrated some of the exercises .   Our lives today are a lot more sedentary that fifty years ago so we need to do more exercise because now is felt that “Sitting in the new Smoking.”   Bobby Buckley evaluated Theresa’s Speech.

 Jason Fitzgerald’s speech was titled “Negotiating Christmas as a 9 year old Boy.”   Jason told a touching seasonal story about a boy’s discovery of the true spirit of Christmas.     Kieran Butler evaluated Jason’s speech.    

Claire O’Connell was our final speaker  for the evening with a speech titled ”The Observers.”   Claire vividly described what it could be like to be  in a waiting room between Heaven and Hell  and reading our observers report on our lives.    Brendan Foley evaluated Claire’s speech.

Ray Ryan was General Evaluator for the meeting.

Our next meeting in on Thursday 15th December at 8 p.m. in the Hibernian Hotel, Mallow.  All are welcome.   Guests are never asked to speak.
Further information on Speakeasy Toastmasters can be had by visiting our website at  or by contacting Marie Fitzpatrick, President (086) 8548389 or Helsa Giles, E.V.P. (086)0762015

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Speakeasy Toastmasters Schools Contest Result

Six schools participated in the Schools Contest on Thursday night last as follows: 
Nagle Rice Secondary School, Doneraile, represented by Burgit Göbl.  
St. Mary’s Secondary School, Charleville, represented by Grace Browne and Kate Kilcommins.  
St. Mary’s Secondary School, Mallow, represented by Eimear Aherne and Shauna Murphy.  
Patrician Academy, Mallow, represented by J.P. O’Leary and Oisin Carroll. 
Scoil Muhire, Kanturk, represented by Ella O’Rourke.     
Colaiste Treasa, Kanturk, represented by Kayla Wallace and Leah Corkery. 

We were treated to a wonderful  selection of speeches with a variety of topics and the standard was extremely high.    

Shauna Murphy of St. Mary’s Secondary School, Mallow, was the individual Winner and received the Cup sponsored by Mallow Credit Union which was presented by Tom Cronin.   

Kate Kilcommins of St. Mary’s Secondary School, Charleville, was second and Grace Browne, St. Mary’s Secondary School, Charleville was third.

St. Mary’s Secondary School, Charleville, was the overall School winner and were presented the Cup which was sponsored by the Hibernian Hotel, by Marie Fitzpatrick, President, Speakeasy Toastmasters.

Well done to all who participated and thanks to our sponsors Mallow Credit Union and the Hibernian Hotel.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Schools Public Speaking Contest

The annual Speakeasy Toastmasters Schools Contest in on this Thursday 24th November at 8 pm. In the Hibernian Hotel, Mallow.   Each year students from local Schools participate in the Contest.   This is a very important opportunity for students to acquire the skills that allow them to stand up before a group of people and present on a topic.   As their confidence in speaking grows so too does their ability to research a topic and understand the issue arising in the public speaking forum.   So why not come along on this Thursday night 24th November at 8 p.m. and support the students and hear what the future public speakers have to say.  A great night assured.

November meeting


This week’s Meeting had a full programme and a large attendance enjoyed the night.  Anne O’Donovan was Toastmaster for the evening.  Jason Fitzgerald was Topicsmaster and it was his first time doing this role.   He kept us on our toes with “What was the best invention in the last 100 years?” And “Brexit and Trump – is it going to affect us?”  

Bobby Buckley was the first of the five Speakers with a Speech titled “My Aldestrop Moment.”   He  spoke how his outlook on life changed from a very highly focused view to a more open and philosophical approach inspired by looking at a picture of his nineteen year old self.   Bobby’s speech was illustrated by quotations from several poets.  Ray Ryan evaluated the speech.   

Don McSweeney gave a very informative Speech about Robots.     He outlined the concept of a Robot and artificial intelligence.   General Motors was the first company to use a Robot in the car industry as far back  as 1950.  And nowadays Robots can perform surgical operations.    IBM are currently investing millions to create artificial intelligence in Robots.    Dermot Kennedy evaluated Don’s Speech.    

Bridie O’Connell was next up with a Speech titled “An Exciting Life.”  She recalled the life of Mgt Skinnider who was a Scottish teacher in Ireland who joined Cumann mBan .   She was involved in the Easter Rising  in 1916.   Michael Cronin evaluated Bridie’s Speech.   We had another Icebreaker speech this week from Verna Byrne.     Mary Moynihan evaluated Verna’s speech and welcomed her to the Club and congratulated her on a superb speech.   

Philip O’Brien from the Bandon Toastmasters Club joined us for this meeting and he gave a very powerful speech titled “Homeless in Cork City.”   He had very startling facts to relate – homelessness spreads from teenagers to 70 years of age.  There are three emergency shelters in Cork City -  Simon,  Vincent de Paul  and Edel House.   These shelters are fully occupied every night and there is still people sleeping rough due to lack of accommodation.   Liam Flynn evaluated Philip’s speech. 

Marie Fitzpatrick, President congratulated Deirdre Linehan on her recent outstanding  performance  with the Q. Productions in “It’s the Real McCoy.”
The Annual Schools Contest is on next Thursday 24th November in the Hibernian Hotel – a night not to be missed.   An opportunity to see the future toastmasters in action.    So be sure to join us.
Our next Meeting is on Thursday 1st December  at 8 p.m. in the Hibernian Hotel, Mallow.   All are welcome.   Guests are never asked to speak.
Further information on Speakeasy Toastmasters can be had by visiting our website at or contacting Marie Fitzpatrick, President (086)8548389 or Helsa Giles, E.V.P. (086)0762015

Sunday, November 06, 2016

November 3 Meeting

At our recent Meeting we had four informative and varied speeches.
Liam Flynn was Toastmaster this week.    Noel  O’Connor, Topicsmaster,  started  the proceedings with topics ranging from  If a Man’s best friend is a Dog what is a Woman’s best friend? And How long would you go without looking at your phone after it Bleeps?     

The first speech on the night was from Anne Buckley titled “Breakfast of Champions.”   Anne emphasised the necessity of eating Breakfast every day.   She outlined the benefits to one’s health and welfare by doing so.   Anne O’Donovan evaluated the speech.

Next up to the Lectern was Dermot Kennedy with a speech titled “Global Warming.”    Dermot stated that Global Warming is the single greatest environmental challenge to our planet.  He informed us that by one person using one energy efficient bulb it was equivalent to having 125,000 cars off the road.   He encouraged us to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle and also if you have the means to plant a tree.   Trees reduce carbon dioxide in the atmosphere which is the major source of global warming. So those of us who can will have to start digging.  Michael Cronin evaluated Dermot’s speech.

We had another Icebreaker Speech this week from Maria Connolly. Bridie O’Connell  evaluated  Maria’s Speech and welcomed her to the Club and congratulated her on a superb speech.

The final speaker on the night was Helsa who did an Interpretive reading from one of Roald Dahl’s  book called The Witches.   This was an entertaining and alarming speech.  Brendan Foley evaluated the speech.

Claire O’Connell was General Evaluator for the evening .   Marie Fitzpatrick , President congratulated Bobby Buckley  on winning the Over 19 Category at the Europe Direct  Soapbox Competition held recently in Mallow Library.  She also congratulated Pat Sexton and Sean Corcoran who competed in the Divisional Final of the Humorous and Table Topics Contest held in Limerick and did the Club proud.

Our next Meeting is on Thursday 17th November at 8 p.m. Sharp  in the Hibernian Hotel, Mallow.  All are welcome.   Guests are never asked to speak.
Further information on Speakeasy Toastmasters can be had by visiting our website at or contacting Marie Fitzpatrick, President (086)8548389 or Helsa Giles, E.V.P. (086)0762015

Monday, October 24, 2016

Last of October

President Maire Fitzpatrick welcomed the large attendance to the fourth Meeting of the season on Thursday night last.   Toastmaster for the evening was Brendan Foley.   Don McSweeney, Topicmaster for the evening commenced the meeting with interesting topics  - Does song writing count as literature? Could you live without your Television or your Mobile Phone?

First Speaker was Theresa O’Reilly with a speech titled “Laws of Attraction.”Theresa outlined the principles of the Laws  of Attraction and informed us that Conor McGregor and Oprah Winfrey are two people who live by this principle being Positively, Feeling and Visualization.  Ronan Condon evaluated Theresa’s Speech.

John Brennan gave an informative Speech titled “The Internet of Things.”  He explained how through the internet Things can talk to Things example being you can use your mobile phone to turn your heating on or off. This is a new phase in the evolution of the internet and it is a case of science fiction is becoming science fact.  Bobby Buckley evaluated John’s speech and thanked him for his thought provoking speech.

Next to the Lectern was Jason Fitzgerald with his Icebreaker Speech titled “Starting West Moving North.”    Marie Lynes evaluated Jason’s Speech and welcomed him to the Club and congratulated him on a superb speech.

Pat Sexton was next up with a Speech titled “How to Eat an Elephant.” Pat outlined how you can undertake any task or write any speech by doing a little at a time by following the guidelines of ROPE that is Repetition, Observation, Presence and enthusiasm.  Claire O’Connell evaluated Pat’s Speech.
Mary Buckley was General Evaluator for the Meeting.

Sean Corcoran and Pat Sexton qualified from the Area Final of the Humorous Speech and Table Topics Contest in Mitchelstown on Tuesday 18th October and competed in the Divisional Final of the Humorous Speech and Table Topics Contest in the Castletroy Park Hotel, Limerick on Sunday last. They came third in their categories.  Well done to both of them.

Our next Meeting is on Thursday 3rd November at 8 p.m sharp in the Hibernian Hotel, Mallow.  All are welcome.   Guests are never asked to speak.

Further information on Speakeasy Toastmasters can be had by visiting our website at or contacting Marie Fitzpatrick, President (086)8548389 or Helsa Giles, E.V.P. (086)0762015

Monday, October 10, 2016

contest night!

This week’s meeting was the humorous speech and table topics contest night.
 Kieran Butler was Contestant Chair for the night.    He was a natural choice for this role as he won this competition last year.  He thanked Liam Flynn of Duhallow Landscaping for generously sponsoring the prizes on the night.      Five contestants participated in the Speech competition and three contestants participated in the Table Topics contest.

First was our President Marie Fitzpatrick with a speech entitled “Don’t Labour The  Point.”   Marie related very funny comments and incidents of her days as a Midwife.  In fact Marie said she could write a book of her experiences of working in the labour ward.   

Next we heard from Margaret O’ Regan with a speech titled “The Irish Mammy.”   Margaret recounted her efforts to send a parcel abroad to one of her children.   However half of what she was sending was not allowed go in the post and despite her efforts on two occasions to wrap and unwrap the parcel she left out one important item that was allowed.    

Brendan Foley was the next contestant with a speech titled “We Will Contact You.”    Brendan had us amused with the things you should say at an interview  and  what you really would like to say at an Interview.   

Next Sean Corcoran took to the Lectern with a speech titled “Blood, Sweat, Steam.”     Sean stated that he sees no purpose in watching or participating in “Operation Transformation.”   It is far better to attend a Gym or swimming pool and interact with like minded people there.  

Claire O’Connell was next up.  Claire took us on a culinary adventure stalking her domestic goddess who turned out to have feet of clay.

After tea break the Table Topics Contest commenced.  Brendan Foley, Sean Corcoran, Pat Sexton and Claire O’Connell had us enthralled with their reply to the topic  “If you could write a letter to your 10 year old self what would you say?”Dermot Kennedy was Topicsmaster for the night and had us on our toes with topics “If you were invisible for a day what would you do?”

Well done to all the Contestants who entertained us thoroughly.  Sean Corcoran and Brendan Foley will now go on to compete in the Area Final in Mitchelstown on 18th October in the Humorous Speech Contest.Pat Sexton and Brendan Foley will compete in the Table Topics Contest on the same night. 

Our next Meeting is on Thursday 20th October at 8 p.m. Sharp  in the Hibernian Hotel, Mallow.  All are welcome.   Guests are never asked to speak.
Further information on Speakeasy Toastmasters can be had by visiting our website at or contacting Marie Fitzpatrick, President (086)8548389 or Helsa Giles, E.V.P. (086)0762015

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Meeting 2

An entertaining and informative night was had by all at this week’s Toastmaster’s Meeting.    President, Marie Fitzpatrick welcomed all members and guests to the Meeting . Toastmaster for the night was Anne Buckley.
 First speech was from John Sherlock, a visiting Speaker from the Fermoy Toastmasters Club, with a speech entitled “I Want To Live Forever.”   John emphasised that we can live forever in people’s memories.   He gave us a list of ideas of how you can make an effort of passing on information of your life to those coming after you.    Older generations never wrote about their lives or related how they had lived their lives.   So he pointed out that by writing a basic autobiography that can be passed on to the next generation to give them an idea of what your life experiences were and let them see what major changes have happened since you were growing up.    Don McSweeney evaluated John’s Speech.
Next up was Ray Ryan with a speech entitled “Only Connect.”   This quiz programme goes out on BBC 2 every Monday night from 8.30 p.m. to 9 p.m.  It is a quiz show that the viewer can get fully involved in and it increases your mental power and speed of thought.  So we must tune in on Monday nights to see if is as beneficial to us as Ray stated.    Pat Sexton evaluated the speech.
Marie Lynes gave an informative speech about Islam.   This is the second largest religion in the world with over 1.5 billion followers.   John Brennan evaluated Maire’s  speech  and thanked her for all the information on this religion which is in the media on a daily basis.
Next to the lectern was Michael Cronin with a speech entitled “Be Not Afraid.”   Michael was encouraging all present to have a plan to do a certain amount of speeches every year. Find something that interests you and be always be on the look out for ideas for a speech.  Liam Flynn evaluated Michael’s speech.
Mary Moynihan was Topicsmaster for the evening with topics ranging from “Tattoos”  to “It is not the years in your life but the life in your years.”
Our next Toastmasters Meeting is on Thursday 6th October  at 8pm and all are welcome.  This is the Humorous Speech and Tabletopics Contest Night.   So lots of laughter is guaranteed.  Guests are never asked to speak, so check us out.
Further information on Speakeasy Toastmasters can be had by visiting our website at or contacting Marie Fitzpatrick, President (086)8548389 or Helsa Giles, E.V.P. (086)0762015

Saturday, September 17, 2016

First meeting 2016-17!

Autumn Winter Season of Speakeasy Toastmasters kicks off

On Thursday night last Speakeasy Toastmasters resumed for the 2016/2017 season.    Marie Fitzpatrick, new President, extended a warm welcome to the attendance of members and a large number of guests.  
We were treated to a wonderful selection of speeches.   First off was Sean Corcoran with a speech on Rheumatoid Arthritis.  Sean informed us that RA is the second most common form of arthritis.   It affects 1% - 3% of people and three quarters more women than men suffer from the condition.  Children can also be affected by it.   It is an auto immune disease for which there is no cure.  
However Sean ‘s research shows that will the help of modern medication and some holistic help for example a copper bracelet and lots of exercise and avoiding certain foods can help to control the condition.  Kieran Butler evaluated Sean’s Speech and complemented him on his presentation.  
The second speech of the night was from Pat Sexton who told the story of Henry Molaison, was an American gentleman who had a brain injury.  Henry suffered from epilepsy and as a result of a botched operation in 1953 to control his epilepsy and was left with no memory.  For over 40 years a researcher, Suzanne Corkin, observed Henry and even after he died his brain was cut into 2001 pieces so researchers could observe how it was affected. Noel O’Connor evaluated Pat’s speech and thanked him for telling such a powerful story.
Next to the Lectern was Noreen Mortell, a visiting speaker from Castletroy, Limerick, with a speech entitled ‘Holidays with a Kink’. She recalled how a few holidays she has taken through the years took a different turn.   She told us how she went to Bruges in Belgium solely to see the Poppies.  However when she got there she was informed that it was now illegal to grow Poppies, but she still explored the area on a bicycle and found a lovely local fruit drink which was a lot more ‘potent’ that she realised.
 Liam Flynn treated us to a speech entitled ‘The Anvil of Life’.  He recalled the significance and the role the kitchen table played in his own life and how it is the fulcrum of everybody’s life.  This is where we eat our meals, do our homework, have discussions,   prepare our meals.   Everyone has their own place.  Even when we leave home and return we take up the same spot at the kitchen table.  Ray Ryan evaluated Liam’s speech.
The final speaker of the night was Claire O’Connell with a speech entitled ‘Fabracia’.   It was a wonderful original speech full of creativity, whimsy and an alternate universe.
Bobby Buckley was the Topicsmaster for the evening and had the audience thinking on their feet with Topics – How do you deal with the stress of not being able to find something? What personal qualities would you bring to another world?
Marie Fitzpatrick, President asked us to remember three former members of Speakeasy who recently went to their eternal reward.    Deirdre Horgan Dunlea (who was a founder Member of the Club), Tom O’Connor and Jim Culloty.   To their families we extend our deepest sympathy.
Our next Toastmasters Meeting is on Thursday 22nd September at 8pm and all are welcome. Guests are never asked to speak, so don’t be afraid to check us out.
Further information on Speakeasy Toastmasters can be had by visiting our website at or contacting Marie Fitzpatrick, President (086)8548389 or Helsa Giles, E.V.P. (086)0762015

Tuesday, July 26, 2016


Speakeasy Toastmasters are looking forward to our first meeting of the 2016-17 on September 8th, at our usual venue, Hibernian Hotel Mallow, 8:00pm.  Meeting dates for the rest of the year are as follows:

Sept 22nd,
October 6th & 20th.
November 3rd & 17th.
December 1st & 15th,

January 12th & 26th.
February 9th & 23rd.
March 9th & 23rd.
April 6th & 20th.
May 4th & 18th.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Where did the year go?  The phrase “time flies when you’re having fun” comes to mind as outgoing President Marie Lynes jovially opened the meeting by welcoming members and guests alike. She handed control of the meeting to Michael Cronin who donned the hat of Toastmaster for the evening. He ably glides through the various rigmarole’s.
     Ronan Condon was first up with a speech entitled “Technology Trends, a really well structured speech that looked into interesting ideas about how we interact on a daily basis with new technology, it was so evident that this was a subject that Ronan had a great deal of knowledge about. Well done on completing your 10th Speech in the Competent communication Manual, a great achievement.
     Brendan Foley was next up with a speech called “Still Standing” He gave us a very comprehensive explanation of the procedures of running your own business. Inspirational stuff, thanks Brendan.
       “DOB’s Army” was Deirdre Linehan’s nail biting tail, edge of your seat high impact march to victory. It was called DOB’s Army because they were Deirdre’s initials before she married and back then was a coach at a school. The highlight was when she got up on a chair like she did in the all-Ireland final and gave us her passionate locker room words of encouragement, a wonderful example of the effectiveness of hand gestures.
  Last but not least was Sean Corcoran who read a play “A Galway Girl”. He had the setting lovely as he had put a small table and a lamp on it, bringing us into the story straight away. Such a sad tale, brought so expertly alive by Sean. An important lesson to grasp every day and enjoy it.
 Tony O’Regan was very topical with a summer theme in his role of Topicsmaster, awarding Don Mc Sweeny best Topic for his response on holiday romances.
 We had a great year in Speakeasy but it was also twinged in sadness as the passing of a much loved and valued member Jerry Mulcahy. To remember him, we were delighted that his daughter Mary O’Sullivan could join us to present the Jerry Mulcahy trophy to Speakeasy Toastmaster of the year, Sean Corcoran. A deserved winner who does the I.T. in the club. Speaking of which to find out more about us go to or you can follow us on facebook or twitter.
 We won’t be back again until September the 8th on alternate Thursdays 8p.m. sharp.  Please join us, Guests are always more than welcome and won’t be asked to speak.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

After the contest..

Well done to Kieran Butler for being placed third out of nine speakers in the District International Speech Contest. An absolutely wonderful result reflecting a confident, well crafted Speech. Also Pat Sexton was placed second in the Evaluation Contest. The Limerick Riverside Conference was a resounding success for the club.

At  our following club meeting,Marie Fitzpatrick was first to the podium, with a special occasions speech all about the musically gifted Willie Clancy who at the tender, young age of 5 was an accomplished tin whistler.
  Dermot Kennedy had a really interesting presentation on “Development of Computers and Future Trends” He brought us on a journey through how far computers have come, the highlight being some wonderful props including one of the first laptops.
   Last but not least was Bobby Buckley doing a speech from an advanced manual, “Presenting an Award”. Bobby presented this award to his sister Patricia as a small token of thanks for being a selfless carer. A very personal, touching, tribute that was wrapped in sincerity and emotion. Three very enjoyable speeches that received a wave of applause.

Next up was the AGM to decide the new officers for the club  President Marie Fitzpatrick. EVP Helsa Giles. PRO Ann O’Donovan. Treasurer Don McSweeny. Membership Tony O’Regan. Secretary Noel O’Connor. Sergeant of Arms Marie Lynes, John  Brennan, Theresa O’Reilly and Michael Cronin. Liam Flynn will be Area 17 Governor. Congratulations in your new Toastmasters leadership role Liam.   
  Only one last meeting for this season and as always guests are more than welcome and won’t be asked to speak. 8 p.m. sharp at the Hibernian Hotel in Mallow Thursday the 26th .For more information go to or contact Brendan Foley 087 7938641 or Marie Lynes 087 9746947

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Celebration meeting

It’s a really wonderful achievement to have not one but two members of Speakeasy Toastmasters. Pat Sexton will be in the District Evaluation Contest and Kieran Butler representing our club in the District International Speech Contest. We all hope its next stop Washington as a large number travel to limerick to show support and cheer on these two exceptionally talented speakers.
 Marie Lynes welcomed all in attendance and organised a cake to mark the occasion of Pat’s and Kieran’s victory. Control of the meeting was then handed over to Toastmaster Don McSweeney, who was a natural at the top table.

     First speaker to the podium was Claire O’Connell. John Brennan then gave us a fascinating speech about the history and future of the daily newspaper as the digital age is upon us. Gerry O’Callaghan took us on vivid journey back to 1966 where he had a first-hand account of the 50th anniversary of the uprising. Kieran Butler wanted to finely hone his already hilarious “The Single Life” and get some helpful feedback off other experienced toastmasters. Last but not least was Ann O’Donovan “Take to the Water” she told of her joy of swimming and all the health benefits. Well done Ann as this is your 10th Speech and on completion will be awarded her C.C. Award a great achievement.
     Margaret O’Regan took inspiration than none other than Shakespeare for her reign as Topicsmaster. Inspired she’d give a quote for example “The Game is Up”, “But Love is Blind”, “To Mine Own Self Be True” “As Good Luck Would Have It” and “Nothing Will Come of Nothing”.

     Liam Flynn was time keeper for the evening and Brendan Foley gave a comprehensive General Evaluation. Only two more meetings to go as are season draws to a close but don’t let that put you off coming, guests are always more than welcome and won’t be asked to speak. Come along and then you could use the summer to mull over some speech ideas. For more information go to or contact E.V.P. Brendan Foley 087 7938641 or Marie Lynes 087 9746947 

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Club Meeting Post-Contest

Marie Lynes, President, opened the meeting and congratulated two members of Speakeasy Toastmasters, Pat Sexton and Kieran Butler, who came first in the Area 17 Evaluation and International Contests respectively. This is a great achievement for the club.
 Kieran Butler was Toastmaster for the evening, who guided the proceedings along with confidence and style. As always there is nothing like a good topics session to get everyone actively involved and thinking and speaking on their feet with naturalness and spontaneity. The hugely talented Marie Fitzpatrick as her role as Topicsmaster, gave a star performance getting everyone chatting. Brendan Foley kept us on time, in his role as Timekeeper.
 We were spoiled with four great speeches. Bobby Buckley brought us back in time to his most cherished memories. He really is a joy to listen to recalling a simpler time on Muddy Hill, bringing a slice of what it was like growing up in the 1950’s.
  “A Miniature Eternity” was the title of Deirdre Linehan’s Speech. She had us laughing start to finish with this hilarious tale of child minding. Taking them shopping, to chasing a rabbit she sure had a busy day.
  Ray Ryan was next up “Dinner for a Penny” as the name gave a clue all about the great work Penny Dinners have done since it was established in 1888. Ray told of its origins that when it started up there was a stigma about getting something for nothing so that’s why this nominal fee was used.  We were brought up to date when they now serve 1000 meals a week.
    Last but not least was Sean Corcoran’s speech “Good Vibrations”. Sean has many strings to his bow, one of them being his Banjo. A fascinating speech that was easy to understand even  by the non musical folk. He even brought his Banjo and gave us a tune which was a real treat.      
The Division Final is on in the Strand Hotel in Limerick at 2pm. on Saturday the 23rd. Best of luck to Pat Sexton and Kieran Butler who have already done us proud. It would be great to have as much support as possible on Saturday.
  We only have three more meetings left, the next is Thursday the 28th in the Hibernian Hotel 8p.m. sharp.  It’s Guaranteed to be a great evening’s entertainment, guests more than welcome and won’t be asked to speak. For more information go to or contact either Brendan Foley 0877938641 or  Marie Lynes 0879746947

Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Speakeasy Club Final Extra photos

Some of the attendance at the Speakeasy Toastmasters Speech contest

Area 17 Final

In our Area Final hosted by the Failte Toastmaster Club, Pat Sexton came 1st in the Evaluation Contest and Kirean Butler came first in the International Speech Contest . They will compete in the Division Final in the Strand Hotel, Limerick @2 p.m on Sat 23rd April. Best of luck to Pat & Kieran!                                            

Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Int speech and evaluation contest night

There’s always a slightly different atmosphere for the annual International Speech and Evaluation competition night.  A buzz in the air, a sense of expectancy and for those not competing the joy of listening to the contestant’s as they put their best foot forward. There was a large attendance of members, guests and judges from other clubs.
  President  Marie Lynes, welcomed all in attendance, before handing control of the meeting to Contestant Chair Sean Corcoran. His years as an experienced toastmaster shone through, as he made a demanding rol ook effortless.  Bridie O’Connell, Topicsmaster, entertained us with delightful Topics to warm the room before the first speaker adorned the floor.
       The thought of getting up in front of a crowd and giving a speech or even saying a few words is the stuff of nightmares for many a person. In Speakeasy it’s made so much easier by the fact when you look down at the sea of people. everyone of them is looking back, willing you to. This is no differen  on contest night.
      First to the arena was Brendan Foley “It all Sounds so Familiar” he took us to Holland where tulip mania, was taking place and painted a vivid picture, of how a false economy based on a mere bulb bottomed out .Then he brought it home by saying, when in 300 years somethings don’t change.
     Next up was Claire O’Connell with a speech “The Lost Gifts”. A very thought provoking Speech. She even incorporated her own poem to make it even more personal. Helsa Giles “Onwards and Upwards” was an inspirational Speech message of which being nothing worth doing is ever easy, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible.
  “Leroy” was the title of Pat Sextons speech. A wonderful tale of a man he met who did not have the easiest of lives. He made him come alive as he captured the raw emotion of what its like not to have been given the best hand in life. How important it is not to judge people at first glance. Last but not least was Kieran Butler “The Single Life”, a humorous defence of the institution of singledom.

 Next was the Evaluation Contest. Maire Corbett  from the Galtees Toastmaster Club delivered the test speech whom we owe a big thank you too. “Dopes” was all about the problem of doping in sports. It was then up to Ray Ryan, Claire O’Connell, Brendan Foley and Pat Sexton, to display the skills of encouragement and positive feedback, to their utmost.

        Well done all who took part to make such a well run meeting. It was a hard fought battle and the winners of the speech contest were Kieran Butler and Pat Sexton and in the Evaluation Contest Pat Sexton and Brendan Foley respectively. All four will be going through to the area final in Charleville. Our next meeting will be on April 14th. Contact us at or contact Brendan Foley 0877938641 or Marie Lynes 087 9746947

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

1916 celebration

Speakeasy Toastmaster Cub had the privilege of being involved in the “Duhallow Celebrates 1916”.The Edel Quinn Hall in Kanturk was so crowded that they needed to get more chairs. Such a wonderful evening of entertainment, to celebrate such an important historical event. Well done to all the members of Speakeasy who took part.

Wednesday Meeting

       There was up to 30 in attendance at the last Toastmaster meeting. It was held on a Wednesday because St. Patricks Day was on Thursday. Brendan Foley was Toastmaster for the evening, and did a very proficient job of running the meeting. Don McSweeney was in the role of Timekeeper, and Helsa Giles was Topicsmaster.
Margaret  O’Regan was first to the podium with an inspirational speech entitled “Some Day”. She has a wonderful way of painting a picture and brought us on a fascinating journey to Calcutta where she acclimatised to the bedlam of the bustling city having volunteered there for three weeks.
       Steven O’Brien was next up “In bondage to one’s beliefs” it was very hard to imagine that this was only his second speech, such a confident and impressive presentation. A real look at what makes a nation tick and how a person thoughts become reality.      
 Deirdre  Linehan had us all laughing and at the edges of are chairs with her enactment of “Words of Wisdom”. A very accomplished speaker, who owned the stage in the retelling of what a husband with the best of intentions had wrote in a letter to his wife. The humour really shone through with the wife’s thoughts on said letter.
     Last but not least was Pat Sexton with his genuine tribute to the fifth Beatle George Martin. His eyes shone with his hearth felt admiration for a man that will be remembered for pushing the boundary of music and influencing the likes of Bob Dylan.    Ann O‘Donovan in the role of General Evaluator awarded Tony O’Regan best topic. Marie Lynes best Evaluator and Deirdre Linehan best speaker.  Next meeting is one not to be missed as its competition night. A great night guaranteed as all are most warmly and cordially welcome. Guests won’t  be asked to speak. The next meeting is on Thursday the 31st of March, 8p.m. sharp in Hibernian Hotel. For more information see or contact E.V.P. Brendan Foley 087 7938641 or Marie Lynes 087 9746947