Saturday, September 23, 2006

Speak Easy Demonstration Meeting


The Ryder Cup was not the only prime happening that was affected by the tail end of Hurricane Gordon last week. Speakeasy Toastmasters held their open meeting where the public were welcome to experience

The Meeting first hand and see that it is great fun as well as, learning skills that will always be an asset. The meeting despite the wet stormy weather kicked off with an attendance of thirty three people.

Eleven of those were guests, who told us they liked what they saw and would be back again - great news. It is in the interest of the future of any club to attract a percentage of new members each year.

President Mary Buckley opened the meeting and gave all a ‘cead mile failte’ . Then Pat Duggan took over as Toast Master.

The speeches took off with a great start. Kieran Butler gave a very entertaining speech on his trip to Rome. It was a very well constructed and well delivered speech, and was both informative and humorous.

He was followed by Helen O’Sullivean who told us a fairy tale and then posed the question what was the moral of the story.? Very cleverly done. She had our undivided attention and she was well received by all.

Next came Mike Cronin who needs no introduction. A couple of weeks ago he delivered a short story on 103 FM and got such a response that he took the floor again last week with a witty speech on speed dating and had the audience in stitches.

Then it was Jerry O’Callaghan’s turn. Jerry needs no introduction as a toastmaster. He has gone one step farther than Mike – he once appeared on Television on A Speakeasy Toastmasters Club programme televised in Mallow . His speech was about his first date. He is a brilliant story teller and had everyone in hysterics.

Finally Angela Sheehan gave a stage from the storytelling manual. She told us about the Kerryman Tom Crean who went on an expedition to the South Pole. Angela recalled his experiences in great detail, and revived our memories of him and many other explorers whose courage and bravery we sit at the comfort of our firesides and admire.

Our next meeting is on 5th October, and promises to be as entertaining because it is a Humorous Speech Competition. Come along and enjoy the fun. We will meet you and greet you at the Hibernian Hotel at 7.5O p.m and in the meantime if you have any questions ‘phone our PRO Loretto at 087 4118132 and she will be delighted to help or try our up to date web site at www.speakeasytoastmasters .com

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Speak Easy Toastmasters Open Night

Thursday September 21st we are hosting what we like to call a ‘DEMONSTRATION MEETING’ where everyone is welcome to come and observe first hand what fun we have, while at the same time achieving the goals we set for ourselves. The Topic session generates most of the laughs as demonstrated by Marie Fitzpatrick’s Topic Session at the last meeting. She had a variety of light themes from “Why do ladies love getting flowers” to “Roy Keane’s exploits”

Thursday 21st Vivienne Buckley will be in Marie’s seat. Vivienne is an experienced and humorous speaker, so another fun night awaits us all. We also have five speakers. So don’t be late - come along and we will offer you a coffee and a chat at the break. The Meeting is at the Hibernian Hotel at 7.50 p.m. See you there. Further information about our Club may be accessed on our website

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Meeting of September 7'th 2006

SPEAKEASY TOAST MASTERS CLUB MALLOW has set sail for another exciting year with Mary Buckley President at the helm, and an enthusiastic crew.

Of course she will be welcoming guests and new members aboard also. Our first meeting of the year was held last Thursday in the Hibernian Hotel at 7.50 p.m. There was an excellent attendance of members, and we were delighted to welcome guests als

Mary Buckley presided, and Mike Cronin was toastmaster of the night, Marie Fitzpatrick was topics master. Marie’s choice of topics engendered lively debate and everyone present enjoyed a good laugh. That is another advantages of becoming a toastmaster. You are guaranteed laughter, which is said to add years to your life.

Anne O’Sullivan opened the speech session with a speech entitled ‘Foot ball Crazy’ She equated football living. Without passion in both one cannot be successful. She was entertaining and witty .

Next came Pat Duggan doing a speech form the Speciality Manual. He read of the humorous memories of an undertaker in a small town in America. Pat’s presentation with it’s black humour was well received.

John Dillon our third speaker chose a speech form the story telling Manual. John is a brilliant storyteller . This time he assumed the roll of servant to the famous Robert Bruce and took us on an eight year journey with the famous Scot for 1308 to 1314 .

The last speaker of the evening was Pat Sexton who choose to recite ‘The Cremation of Sam McGee by Robert Service. Pat who is a talented speaker gave a beautiful rendition of this poem, using all the tools at his command – pitch; pace ; and emphasis.

Angela Sheehan was general evaluator, and gave all the officers of the night the ‘thumbs up.’
Before our President closed the meeting Margaret O’Regan – the Area governor gave us a synopsis of her role for the year. Her primary function is to visit all the clubs in her area, inform Clubs of the various happenings and organise meetings and stimulate interest in the Clubs. She had a very simple but profound message i.e. always look for quality.

The next meeting is on 21st Sept. promises to be a good one so do come along. Bring a friend.
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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Speak Easy Toastmasters Club Press Release 5'th Sept

Whatever your goals in life may be, your success depends on your ability to communicate.
Individuals who can express their ideas so that they are heard, understood, and acted upon, possess one of the primary qualities of leadershop.
To day we have numerous means of developing our confidence and assertiveness through week-end seminars and personal development courses.

By joining Speakeasy Toastmasters Club you will cover the same issues in a sociable ‘fun’ way. In fact you will be embarking on a programme that will multiply your communication and leadership skills.
Over two million people have benefited from participating in Toastmasters. You will gain those same benefits. You will at your own pace learn to overcome the initial nervousness everyone feels when called to speak before an audience. You will learn how to organize and present your ideas logically and convincingly. You will improve your listening skills.

You will develop self confidence that will radiate in every situation involving other people. Club members have a wealth of experience to offer each other. Lots of different areas are covered - Public Relations; Technical Presentations; Speeches by Management. Remember all stages are taken at your own pace- no pressure but plenty of support. In the warm friendly atmosphere of the club, members find that they overcome nerves, gain confidence, and assertiveness. They are able to inspire and motivate their fellow workers and clients.

A Toastmasters Club is not a class room.

It is a work shop in which you will develop communication and leadership skills among a group of friends. There are two parts to the two hour meeting . First the speeches, then a break for a coffee and circulating among members exchanging ideas and building new friendships. We have had a few weddings over the years also !! The second part of the meeting contains the topic session.

This is the fun part - the topic’s master of the night asks members of the audience to speak off the cuff for two minutes on a subject.

This is usually very popular and generates a lot of laughter. Needless to mention GUESTS are NEVER asked to speak, unless they volunteer to do so. Where else could you develop life enhancing; presentation; communication and leadership skills in a friendly outgoing atmosphere?

Only at Speakeasy Toastmasters Club, MALLOW. New season started on Thursday 7th September, at the Hibernian Hotel, at 7.50 p.m. We meet alternate Thursdays. So come along and we will give you a ‘cead mile failte’ when you arrive, and a cup of tea

Do remember the Toastmaster of today was once at the stage you are now. For further details phone our P.R.O. Loretto at 087/4118132