Saturday, May 02, 2015

“The Man From Mars”

“The Man From Mars”
Claire O’Connell was our fantastic Toastmaster this week. Tony O’Regan took on the role of General Evaluator. Kieran Butler was our Topics Master and Brendan Foley was our Timekeeper.
Don McSweeney delivered his ice-breaker speech. This ice-breaker was indeed quite a story. Don was out the back of his grocery shop working with a plaster. One of his employees called him with the words, “The man from Mars is here to see you.” His quick witted plaster responded, “you’d best go and speak to him. He has come a long way.”
Denis O'Mahony and Tony Regan
Denis O’Mahony delivered a tribute dedicated to his uncle. His uncle owned two types of transport, a donkey and a bike. On his way home from the creamery, his uncle read the paper, while his donkey navigated his own way home, a far superior system to any modern day sat nav.
Theresa O’Reilly gave a thought provoking speech on our health choices and their long time implications. The easy way out may seem attractive now, but the end result may be anything but easy. Choose your lifestyle wisely. Choose the right activities and diet and the pay-off will be worth the effort. Theresa won best speaker.
Jerry O’Callaghan is a legend in our club for a good reason. From the very first  word of his speech, Jerry had us laughing. His antics confounded a cold caller who rang to sell him a new telecom package. Alas! You have missed the chance to hear Jerry at Toastmasters but I would recommend cold calling Jerry to listen to his entertaining patter.
Rona Coghlan delivered a comic piece about the dangers of buying a second hand parrot. The former parrot of a beautician created mayhem, giving unsolicited advice as to the beauty treatments he felt people required. While an Irish speaking parrot provided lessons in Irish grammar, to his bemused new owner.
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