Sunday, May 17, 2015

On The Clock

Michael Cronin, our toastmaster was charged with the mission of keeping our AGM running on time. Dermott Kennedy assisted him in this aim, in his role as time keeper. 

Marlene O'Mahony delivered a speech entitled, "Why live in a passive house?" 32% of global energy use was accounted for by energy use within buildings. Building wisely and energy passively, should be the aim of all. The passive house is one which maintains a comfortable temperature inside without use of a conventional heating system. The first passive house was built in Germany. An architect built the first passive house in Ireland, which he called the "Blue House." Marlene outlined the benefits of this system, which included low heating bills, low carbon emissions, no mould growth and reduced instances of colds within the family. 

Marie Fitzpatrick delivered a speech entitled "Let No Stone Unturned" For this speech Marie was tasked with presenting an award. She was able to choose both the award and the recipient  She presented an award for excellence to Marie Lynnes for her work as an Educational Vice President. Her work inspired us all this year with texts of organisation and encouragement. Marie Lynnes kept all programs for the year varied and interesting and her lovely way with people ensured a constant flow of volunteers. Marie Fitzpatrick delivered a truly beautiful speech. She presented a delicious cake to Marie Lynnes, home baked and topped with strawberries fresh from her own garden.The perfect award to accompany a perfect speech.

Rona Coghlan delivered a speech entitled, "Tinwhistle, recorder and flute for beginners." Tinwhistles have a long Irish history. A 12th century poem explains the seating plan for guests at the King of Tara's banquet. Playing a tinwhistle in the 12th century entitled you to the same ranking as smiths, shield-makers, jugglers, shoe -makers and fishers. The pigs thigh was the allotted portion of meat for people of this rank. Rona gave a lesson in playing the tinwhistle, flute and recorder. She also gave advice on how to solve basic issues such as squeaking, delay between notes and music being off key.

Liam O'Flynn our president was double jobbing and fulfilled the role of General Evaluator. Helsa Giles, Brendan Foley and Tom O'Connor evaluated the speeches.
We would be delighted to see you at our next meeting, which is on Thursday 28th May at 8pm, at the Hibernian Hotel, Mallow. For more information go to
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