Sunday, April 23, 2017

Wide Range

We had a wide range of speeches at this week’s Meeting.    Theresa O’Reilly was Toastmaster for the evening.    Anne O’Donovan was Topicsmaster and got a great response to topics ranging from “Is there one place you would never go back to?” and “Did any teacher from school impress and influence you?”  Don McSweeney was Timekeeper for the night and Liam Flynn was General Evaluator.

The first speaker was Kieran Butler with a speech titled “Connection.”   Kieran spoke about ageism in the workplace and outlined the advantages of employing an older person.   Helsa Giles evaluated the speech.

Next up was Anne Buckley with a speech titled “Different not disordered.”   Anne informed us that April is Autism Awareness Month and she outlined the various aspects of autism.  John Brennan evaluated Anne’s Speech.

Pat Sexton was next to the lectern with a speech titled “It’s about Time.”    Pat gave a strong and profound message about Time. He informed us that the past is a cashed cheque, the future is a promissory note and life is a series of now moments.  Michael Cronin evaluated Pat’s speech.

Marie Connolly was the final speaker for the evening with a speech titled “The Philosopher’s Stone.” Marie outlined the philosophy of pursing happiness through Body, Mind and Soul. She gave a very convincing presentation on how we can best achieve this.   Marie Lynes evaluated the speech.

Our next meeting is on Thursday 3rd May  at 8 p.m. in the Hibernian Hotel, Mallow. Part of this Meeting will be our AGM.   So come along and join us.   Guests are never asked to speak.
Further information on Speakeasy Toastmasters can be had by visiting or by contacting Marie Fitzpatrick, President (086)8548389 or Helsa Giles E.V.P (083)8858848

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