Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Int speech and evaluation contest night

There’s always a slightly different atmosphere for the annual International Speech and Evaluation competition night.  A buzz in the air, a sense of expectancy and for those not competing the joy of listening to the contestant’s as they put their best foot forward. There was a large attendance of members, guests and judges from other clubs.
  President  Marie Lynes, welcomed all in attendance, before handing control of the meeting to Contestant Chair Sean Corcoran. His years as an experienced toastmaster shone through, as he made a demanding rol ook effortless.  Bridie O’Connell, Topicsmaster, entertained us with delightful Topics to warm the room before the first speaker adorned the floor.
       The thought of getting up in front of a crowd and giving a speech or even saying a few words is the stuff of nightmares for many a person. In Speakeasy it’s made so much easier by the fact when you look down at the sea of people. everyone of them is looking back, willing you to. This is no differen  on contest night.
      First to the arena was Brendan Foley “It all Sounds so Familiar” he took us to Holland where tulip mania, was taking place and painted a vivid picture, of how a false economy based on a mere bulb bottomed out .Then he brought it home by saying, when in 300 years somethings don’t change.
     Next up was Claire O’Connell with a speech “The Lost Gifts”. A very thought provoking Speech. She even incorporated her own poem to make it even more personal. Helsa Giles “Onwards and Upwards” was an inspirational Speech message of which being nothing worth doing is ever easy, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible.
  “Leroy” was the title of Pat Sextons speech. A wonderful tale of a man he met who did not have the easiest of lives. He made him come alive as he captured the raw emotion of what its like not to have been given the best hand in life. How important it is not to judge people at first glance. Last but not least was Kieran Butler “The Single Life”, a humorous defence of the institution of singledom.

 Next was the Evaluation Contest. Maire Corbett  from the Galtees Toastmaster Club delivered the test speech whom we owe a big thank you too. “Dopes” was all about the problem of doping in sports. It was then up to Ray Ryan, Claire O’Connell, Brendan Foley and Pat Sexton, to display the skills of encouragement and positive feedback, to their utmost.

        Well done all who took part to make such a well run meeting. It was a hard fought battle and the winners of the speech contest were Kieran Butler and Pat Sexton and in the Evaluation Contest Pat Sexton and Brendan Foley respectively. All four will be going through to the area final in Charleville. Our next meeting will be on April 14th. Contact us at www.speakeasytoastmasters.com or contact Brendan Foley 0877938641 or Marie Lynes 087 9746947

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