Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Club Meeting Post-Contest

Marie Lynes, President, opened the meeting and congratulated two members of Speakeasy Toastmasters, Pat Sexton and Kieran Butler, who came first in the Area 17 Evaluation and International Contests respectively. This is a great achievement for the club.
 Kieran Butler was Toastmaster for the evening, who guided the proceedings along with confidence and style. As always there is nothing like a good topics session to get everyone actively involved and thinking and speaking on their feet with naturalness and spontaneity. The hugely talented Marie Fitzpatrick as her role as Topicsmaster, gave a star performance getting everyone chatting. Brendan Foley kept us on time, in his role as Timekeeper.
 We were spoiled with four great speeches. Bobby Buckley brought us back in time to his most cherished memories. He really is a joy to listen to recalling a simpler time on Muddy Hill, bringing a slice of what it was like growing up in the 1950’s.
  “A Miniature Eternity” was the title of Deirdre Linehan’s Speech. She had us laughing start to finish with this hilarious tale of child minding. Taking them shopping, to chasing a rabbit she sure had a busy day.
  Ray Ryan was next up “Dinner for a Penny” as the name gave a clue all about the great work Penny Dinners have done since it was established in 1888. Ray told of its origins that when it started up there was a stigma about getting something for nothing so that’s why this nominal fee was used.  We were brought up to date when they now serve 1000 meals a week.
    Last but not least was Sean Corcoran’s speech “Good Vibrations”. Sean has many strings to his bow, one of them being his Banjo. A fascinating speech that was easy to understand even  by the non musical folk. He even brought his Banjo and gave us a tune which was a real treat.      
The Division Final is on in the Strand Hotel in Limerick at 2pm. on Saturday the 23rd. Best of luck to Pat Sexton and Kieran Butler who have already done us proud. It would be great to have as much support as possible on Saturday.
  We only have three more meetings left, the next is Thursday the 28th in the Hibernian Hotel 8p.m. sharp.  It’s Guaranteed to be a great evening’s entertainment, guests more than welcome and won’t be asked to speak. For more information go to or contact either Brendan Foley 0877938641 or  Marie Lynes 0879746947

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