Monday, December 29, 2014

No Mon(ey) No Fun? Oh yes there is, at Speak Easy Toastmasters

No Mon(ey) No Fun?

No Mon(ey) No Fun? Oh yes there is, at Speak Easy Toastmasters  

Christmas is gone – the pockets are empty, and you cannot afford a night out.

-You will get for the total cost of € 5.00 - coffee/tea and biscuits ; a warm comfortable room; convivial company; many laughs; the greatest personal satisfaction and sense of achievement when you take part; no hangover; no sore head; no empty pockets; you will make new friends and go home energized. Can you find a better offer than that? I doubt it.

-Hibernian Hotel Mallow on alternate Thursdaysat 8 pm sharp for the first meeting ofSpeakeasy Toastmasters Club  Thursday 8th January.
Why -
Because you will learn to
  • Think and speak on your feet through impromptu speaking
  • Prepare and deliver effective presentations
  • Provide constructive and structured feedback
  • Successfully lead and energise meetings
  • Network
  • Build self confidence when communication skills in all areas of life
  • These tools will help you to fulfill individual potential in and out of the work place.
Relaxing Speak Easy Toastmasters Meeting in
 The Hibernian Hotel

May I clear up some misapprehensions about coming to a Toastmasters Meeting. It is widely understood or should I say misunderstood that you will be asked to speak, and worse still, if you do stand up to speak, you will become asphyxiated, and will have to be resuscitated - NOT TRUE. You may come along as a guest to meetings and keep your mouth shut for as long or as short a period as you wish to do so. However, you will, should you request it, be ‘mothered’ and ‘mentored’ for a limited period. I say ‘limited’ because it would not be in your own interest for you to sit on your pretty little ‘tot’ and do nothing month after month. We are a learning by doing Club.There is a great feeling of achievement and self-satisfaction when one takes part at a meeting.

So my dear readers take that gigantic step (we will be there should you trip), and come to our next meeting with an open mind. Give us a chance to impress you, and you will be suitably pleased with us. We are ‘awfully nice’ people.

For further information visit our website at
  or by contact Liam 087 6380053 or Marie 087-9746947

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