Monday, December 08, 2014

Join The Festive Fun!

Join The Festive Fun!
Tonight’s meeting will be the Christmas meeting. There will be light hearted speeches and Christmas themed impromptu topics.  Find out what people really think of Santa and his elves. Discover people’s true feelings about cold turkey and Christmas trees and if you’re feeling talkative, throw in your own comments whether it’s during the tea break or the formal impromptu session.
Christmas is a time for nostalgia! Looking back to 2010  Sean Corcoran, Bridie O'Connell, Margaret O'Regan, Angela Sheehan 
If you see a piece holly or a picture of Santa what pops into your mind?  Welcome to the power of the visual aid. In our image rich world people have become visual learners so when making a speech or presentation it is important to use an effective visual aid or prop to enhance your message and to make your audience remember it.
Here are a number of tips that will help you use such visual aids correctly.
Visual aids should be easy to see. Whatever aid is chosen it should be seen by all of your audience, so choose the size and colour so that the people at the back of the room can see it clearly.
Visual aids should look professional. Your audience should be able to look at your aid and immediately get the point. If you are using a Flip Chart or Powerpoint, keep text or bullet points to a minimum.
Visual aids should be explained clearly. Don’t assume that your audience will automatically know what the prop means. Explain what it is for, and what it represents.
Visual aids should not be distracting. The aid that you use is meant to enhance your speech. Show the aid at the appropriate stage in your presentation. As a rule of thumb, you should not pass around a visual aid around a room during your presentation as the audience will be looking at it and not listening to you.
Visual aids should be appropriate to your audience. Use common sense when choosing an aid to use in your presentation. Choose a visual aid with the same care and attention that you prepare your speech with.
The above are just a few tips on the use of visual aids for a speech or presentation. Use of such aids is an important skill that needs to be practised regularly.
In Speak Easy Toastmasters every fortnight, this skill and indeed all of the many skills that go into making competent and professional speeches are practised and perfected by club members. A Toastmasters Club is not a classroom but a workshop where Toastmasters meet to hone their skills and most importantly to enjoy themselves.

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