Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Historical Icebreakers Theme Night

Club members are gearing up for another of Speakeasy’s famous theme meetings. The theme of the clubs next meeting will be of historical icebreakers. Six members will dress in period costume and give a speech about an important historical person in the first person. In attendance we will have names such as Edel Quinn, Canon Sheehan and Elizabeth Bowen to mention a few.

The theme night meeting will take place on Thursday the 6th March. Everybody is welcome to attend and a great night’s entertainment and education is assured. The meeting will begin at 8pm and finish at 10pm in the Hibernian Hotel and guests present will not be asked to speak. Tea and biscuits will also be provided.

The clubs last meeting which was held on the 20th February was very well attended with a great variety of speeches on the night. Bridie O’Connell who took on the role of toastmaster for the evening ensured that the meeting ran very smoothly and Tony O’Regan as topics master got the members thinking and speaking on their feet with a great mix of one word topics.

Marie Fitzpatrick delivered a very informative speech on the importance of our body language in everyday life. The speech gave all present plenty of food for thought. Michael Cronin evaluated Marie’s speech. Ray Ryan then used his speech to bring a very interesting proposal to the club members which created lots of discussion at the tea break. Helsa Giles delivered a very helpful evaluation on Ray’s speech.

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