Monday, March 12, 2018

Importance of Leadership

Don't follow leaders, watch your parking meters". Bob Dylan.

Whatever about Dylan's rather scathing commentary, good leadership can make an enormous difference in our community. Speakeasy Toastmasters is dedicated to enabling our members to acquire the skills of confident communication, skills that, in turn, are essential for all leaders in our community - from the coach of the underage team to the Chairperson of the local council.

Moreover, Toastmasters also provides invaluable leadership training to our members. At each Club Meeting, different members are given the opportunity to acquire and develop a range of skills in both communication and leadership. The Toastmaster of the evening performs the role of Chairperson, introducing each speaker and ensuring that the meeting is run in an orderly, time efficient  manner.

The Topicsmaster plays the role of Discussion Leader, ensuring that members are given the opportunity to speak impromptu on a range of subjects. The Topicsmaster sets the scene for members for members to develop the vital skills of speaking "off the cuff" in a confident and coherent fashion, skills that are essential in all areas of interpersonal communication, job interviews and work situations. 

Each speaker is assigned an evaluator who provides mentoring and support to the speaker. Mentoring is an important part of the Toastmasters programme ensuring that newer members can avail of the experience of long established members. In the world of work, more companies are focusing on mentoring as a means of team building. 

Within the Toastmasters Club, leadership plays a huge role. The Club President is the captain of the team, providing direction, guidance and support to the leadership team. The Education Officer plans each meeting and ensures that members are provided every opportunity to participate at Club Meetings, acting as part counsellor, part motivator and part strategist. The Pro ensures that the Club maintains a media profile. 

Within the larger Toastmasters organisation, there are several opportunities to serve in leadership roles - as local Area Director or Division Director who oversees a larger geographical area or as a member of the District 71 Executive which directs all Toastmasters activities in Ireland and Britain. Over the years, several members of Speakeasy have served as Division Directors, including Jeremiah Ronayne, Tony O'Regan, Seán Corcoran and Ray Ryan. One member, Jeremiah Ronayne served as District 71 Director in 2003-2004.

Many members of our Club have used their leadership skills to positive effect in various voluntary organisations from the G.A.A to Community Councils to Day Care Centres. Speakeasy Toastmasters is an enabling organisation, enabling it's members to develop a broad range of communication and leadership skills. And all of this is achieved through participation at Club Meetings. Indeed, the Toastmasters banner includes the motto - where leaders are made.

To witness Speakeasy in action, we invite you to attend our next meeting on Thursday, 22nd March in the Hibernian Hotel, Mallow at 8.00PM. As always, guests are welcome to attend and can sit back and observe proceedings with no obligation to speak, unless they wish to do so.

In other news, Speakeasy congratulates Club Members, Margaret and Tony O'Regan for their success in coaching Awbeg Macra na Feirme Debating Team who emerged victorious in The National Final last weekend. The team of Niall O'Regan, Niamh Curran, Breda O'Keeffe and Kate O'Regan achieved a spectacular victory over their opponents from Bree, County Wexford.You can take the Cork out of the bottle but you can't take the bottle out of Cork! 
Breda O' Keeffe, Kate O' Regan, Margaret O' Regan, Niall O' Regan & Niamh Curran

For more information on Toastmasters, please check out our website, or Facebook. Alternatively, please contact President, Helsa Giles - 0838858848. 

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