Monday, November 13, 2017

Do you ever feel that you are invisible?

You wish to say something. You want to express your feelings. You have an important point to make. The words are there but you can't open your mouth to speak. Once again, your courage betrays you, it's like that you are invisible. 

That is the feeling experienced by the 'silent' majority, by people with something valid to say but too nervous to say  it. That is where Toastmasters comes in. It provides an opportunity and a platform to learn the skills of communication and the confidence to do it in a relaxed, non intimidating environment. 
For 25 years, Speakeasy Toastmasters has been helping it's members to find their voice,  assert their point of view and be invisible no more.

Everything that happens in Toastmasters, is centred around the Club Meeting. This is both our forum and our workshop. Members are encouraged to participate and the 'nerve wracking' is replaced by a positive feeling where you are shown that your words really matter.

Toastmasters was founded in California over ninety years ago. It's founder, Ralph Smedley, had the motto - 'We learn most in moments of enjoyment'. Speakeasy takes that message to heart. At all times, we strive to entertain and educate and to make everyone feel at ease. Our success can be measured by the number of members who have applied the skills learnt and the confidence gained to leadership roles throughout the community, from the G.A.A. to local Day-care Centers. It is also clearly evident in the manner in which members have been transformed from being 'tongue tied' to being confident communicators. 

Our Meeting Programme continues on Thursday night, 16th of November. As always, guests are welcome to come and visit us to see our Meetings  for themselves. You will not be press ganged into speaking, unless you choose to do so. A varied selection of speakers will be the main focus of the night, with a strong 'Topics Session' to round off proceedings. Among the speakers will be Meena Verma from the Raheen Club in Limerick, who recently won the Division B Humorous Speech Contest and participated in the District Final in Sheffield. It promises to be another entertaining night. It takes place in the Hibernian Hotel, Mallow at 8.00PM on Thursday, 16th November. You are welcome to come along and enjoy the experience.

For more information, check out our website or follow us on Facebook.
Alternatively, you can contact Helsa Giles, 083 8858848. 

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