Saturday, September 17, 2016

First meeting 2016-17!

Autumn Winter Season of Speakeasy Toastmasters kicks off

On Thursday night last Speakeasy Toastmasters resumed for the 2016/2017 season.    Marie Fitzpatrick, new President, extended a warm welcome to the attendance of members and a large number of guests.  
We were treated to a wonderful selection of speeches.   First off was Sean Corcoran with a speech on Rheumatoid Arthritis.  Sean informed us that RA is the second most common form of arthritis.   It affects 1% - 3% of people and three quarters more women than men suffer from the condition.  Children can also be affected by it.   It is an auto immune disease for which there is no cure.  
However Sean ‘s research shows that will the help of modern medication and some holistic help for example a copper bracelet and lots of exercise and avoiding certain foods can help to control the condition.  Kieran Butler evaluated Sean’s Speech and complemented him on his presentation.  
The second speech of the night was from Pat Sexton who told the story of Henry Molaison, was an American gentleman who had a brain injury.  Henry suffered from epilepsy and as a result of a botched operation in 1953 to control his epilepsy and was left with no memory.  For over 40 years a researcher, Suzanne Corkin, observed Henry and even after he died his brain was cut into 2001 pieces so researchers could observe how it was affected. Noel O’Connor evaluated Pat’s speech and thanked him for telling such a powerful story.
Next to the Lectern was Noreen Mortell, a visiting speaker from Castletroy, Limerick, with a speech entitled ‘Holidays with a Kink’. She recalled how a few holidays she has taken through the years took a different turn.   She told us how she went to Bruges in Belgium solely to see the Poppies.  However when she got there she was informed that it was now illegal to grow Poppies, but she still explored the area on a bicycle and found a lovely local fruit drink which was a lot more ‘potent’ that she realised.
 Liam Flynn treated us to a speech entitled ‘The Anvil of Life’.  He recalled the significance and the role the kitchen table played in his own life and how it is the fulcrum of everybody’s life.  This is where we eat our meals, do our homework, have discussions,   prepare our meals.   Everyone has their own place.  Even when we leave home and return we take up the same spot at the kitchen table.  Ray Ryan evaluated Liam’s speech.
The final speaker of the night was Claire O’Connell with a speech entitled ‘Fabracia’.   It was a wonderful original speech full of creativity, whimsy and an alternate universe.
Bobby Buckley was the Topicsmaster for the evening and had the audience thinking on their feet with Topics – How do you deal with the stress of not being able to find something? What personal qualities would you bring to another world?
Marie Fitzpatrick, President asked us to remember three former members of Speakeasy who recently went to their eternal reward.    Deirdre Horgan Dunlea (who was a founder Member of the Club), Tom O’Connor and Jim Culloty.   To their families we extend our deepest sympathy.
Our next Toastmasters Meeting is on Thursday 22nd September at 8pm and all are welcome. Guests are never asked to speak, so don’t be afraid to check us out.
Further information on Speakeasy Toastmasters can be had by visiting our website at or contacting Marie Fitzpatrick, President (086)8548389 or Helsa Giles, E.V.P. (086)0762015

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