Thursday, November 26, 2015

Standing Ovation for Pat

  Every time you go to toastmasters it’s guaranteed you will learn something new. Everyone has their own reasons for joining toastmasters for example they might be shy, have a work presentation or a best man speech coming up on the horizon and many more reasons.
The best way to descried it would be a train where everyone is on the same journey but get off at different places. Some people go all the way, Pat Sexton came first in District 71 Table Topics Contest .A big hearth felt congratulations, well deserved and if that wasn’t enough he also won the Soapbox Competition.
 The atmosphere was cordial as are President Marie Lynes called the meeting to start. Bobby Buckley did a splendid job as Toastmaster and was ably assisted by Liam Flynn as Timekeeper. Theresa O’Reilly gave a wonderful array of topics and even asked Pat Sexton “What you would do if you were not afraid”.

     We were spoilt with four well thought out and enthusiastically presented speeches. First to the podium was Kieran Butler whom there is no doubt has the gift of the gab as he gave examples of how you could smooth talk Noel O’Conner into a pricey purchase. Next up was Helsa Giles with a speech entitled “Winter is Coming” which would be no surprise about Game of Thrones. Dermot Kennedy gave us a well thought out demonstration speech about soft drinks. If you put mentos into coke it fizzes up. Last but not least was Brendan Foley with a speech “My Childhood Hero’s” he told an endearing tale about his love of comics as a child. Well done to all the speakers very enjoyable to listen to.  
   Before tea break Marie Lynes presented Pat Sexton with a cake a lovely gesture which made an ample addition to tea break and added to the celebratory mood. Ann O’Donovan made easy work as General Evaluator awarding best evaluation to Bridie O’Connell who made great efforts to find out about Game of Thrones. Best Speech went to Brendan Foley.
       On Thursday the 26th of November the schools competition, a very special evening and everyone is more than welcome to come. It’s at the Hibernian Hotel at 8 pm sharp. The next Speakeasy Toastmasters will be held in the same location and be on the following Thursday December 3rd .Guest won’t be asked to speak, come along for an enjoyable night. For more information
or contact Marie Lynes 087 9746947 or EVP. Brendan Foley  087 6417938.

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