Friday, April 03, 2015

Area 17 Final

It was a packed program on Wednesday 1st April for the Area 17 Speech and Evaluation Contest.  Eight competitors won a place in the Area Final in each competition.
Tom O’Connor representing Speak Easy gave a speech entitled, “Transcendent Requiem.” “We will sing to our captors that which we cannot tell them in words.” This was the message at the heart of Tom’s speech, which was set in a concentration camp during World War 2
. Under these dire conditions, a man was inspired to rehearse and train his fellow occupants in singing this amazing musical work. We would like to congratulate Tom on winning first place for his speech. Pat Sexton representing Speak Easy, gave a speech entitled, “On The Canvas.” Sometimes life throws so many punches that you won’t be able to float like a butterfly and sting like a bee. Sometimes all you can do is lean back on the ropes and protect yourself, until circumstances allow you to return battered but unbeaten. We would like to congratulate Pat on winning second place for his speech. Éilís Uí Bhríain representing Fermoy, gave a beautiful, nostalgic speech entitled, “Come Here ‘Til I Tell Ya.” Her musical lilt makes listening to her a joy, for Éilís is a West Cork lady and a story teller in the truest sense of the word.  Máire Corbett representing The Galtees, gave a call for action, entitled “Local Heroes.” As commuting times eat away at the heart of a community, leaving people no time for volunteer work, Máire wondered who will coach soccer and GAA in the future? Colette Noonan was unable to attend the competition. Steven Pendle, representing The Galtees, gave a speech entitled, “Change.” Are you reactive or proactive?
Are you doing what you love? The key to finding your true ambition could be in the sections of newspapers that you read, so what have you read so far? Eta Quinn representing The Fáilte Club, gave a speech entitled, “Preventative Steps.” This most practical and useful speech had tips on everything from how to block your phone if it is stolen to how to catalogue your items for an insurance claim. Eta’s speech was an eye opener. Kevin Walsh representing Fermoy, had us enthralled with a speech entitled, “Rope.” This speech was on a murder most foul. Premediated and calculated. This crime from 1940s Ireland was about a black heart and a black end. A man’s plot to have his wife killed succeeded but ended at the gallows for himself.
The Evaluation Contest couldn’t happen without a speech to evaluate and Máire O’Brien from Blarney Toastmasters gave a fantastic speech on diction. It is not often that one enjoys having their diction corrected, but Máire had us laughing and thinking of pronouncing our consonants clearly in the future. Contestants; Conor O’Brien, Johanna Hegarty, Frances Lowry, Eta Quinn, Michael Sheehan, Margaret O’Regan, Máire Corbett and Pat Sexton took part. Pat Sexton representing Speakeasy won first place and Máre Corbett representing The Galtees, won second place. We wish them both the best of luck in the Division competition.
The Division Final will be held in the Hibernian Hotel on April 19th at 2pm. Come and see the masters in action on your doorstep.
We would be delighted to see you at our next meeting, which is food theme night. Hibernian Hotel, Mallow on Wednesday  April 16th  800 p.m. For more information go to
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