Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Múineann Gá Seift (necessity is the mother of invention)

This evenings toastmaster was Marie Boyle with Marie Fitzgerald as general evaluator. Claire O'Connell took on  the  role of time keeper.
David Frawley gave a speech entitled, "Whiskey." Whiskey is  by  far the  most  common  remedy that won't  cure  the  common  cold. This speech gave the  history of  whiskey. It was  evaluated by Brendan Foley. 
Liam Flynn gave  a speech entitled, "Presenting An Award." Using Thialand's  system of acknowledging achievements, Liam presented a white elephant to the  lucky recipent. This speech was  evaluated by Michael Cronin.
Bridie O'Connell (best audience member)
  Kieran  Butler (best speech), Marie Fitzpatrick (General Evaluator)
Tom O'Connor gave  a speech entitled,  "Action, Consequence And  Reverberation." The Louisanta and its tragic sinking was the topic of this speech. It was evaluated by  Ray Ryan, who won best evaluator.
Kieran Butler won  best speech for a speech entitled, "Calming The Internal Fires." Mindfulness was  the  topic  covered. Taking control of  our attention is the best way to explain mindfulness. We can train our brain by consciously thinking positive thoughts. This speech was evaluated by Pat Sexton.
Rona Coghlan as topics master quoted Irish proverbs which she than translated into English. Members debated the  truth of sayings such as "múineann gá seift," need teaches resourcefulness, "ní thagann ciall roimh aois," sense doesn't come before age, and "ní neart go cur le chéile" there is no strength like that created by cooperation.  Marrian Oviawe won the best topic award.
Congratulations to Brendan Foley who won the local "Soap Box" competition, held at the library. He  goes on to represent Mallow in  Dublin on  November 12.

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