Sunday, October 05, 2014

The "Impromptu Public Speaking" competition tests the skills of any speaker

The "Impromptu Public Speaking" competition tests the skills of any speaker. This year's competition topic was "My Happiest Childhood Memories." 

Michael Cronin was our winner this year with the choice of his first uninterrupted night's sleep, as his answer. Michael disliked been awoken during the  night for any reason.

Pat Sexton had money on his mind, as his favourite childhood memory involved receiving a pound into his hand.

Kieran Butler should be kept away from play doh, as his happiest memory was putting his play doh in his  hair instead of creating a more standard piece of art.
Helsa Giles, Jerry O'Callaghan and Claire O'Connell at the competition night.

Rona Coghlan loved hiding under a giant duffle coat as a child and watching the world go by. 

Tom O'Connor loved a variety concert he saw when he  graduated from  primary school. Tom acts regularly in local shows.
Marie Fitzpatrick, as topics-master choose the  newspapers as  her  inspiration for the table  topics for the audience. Mary Whelan was unable to  comment on  spoilers for  the  soaps as she  is  an  avid  sports fan. Anne O'Donovan only reads the paper and  has no time to watch the soaps on TV.  Tony O'Regan spoils his wife with  last minute  presents of soap. David Frawley will be saving water by turning off the  tap  while  brushing  his  teeth. Pat Sexton pays his  bills by Quarterly lotto, any objections removes you from the Sexton lotto list . Jerry O'Callagahan will be washing his teeth in rain  water . Mary Buckley believes that a woman will referee an All Ireland Final. Marrian Oviawe is  scared of  spiders and  had  bought out the  supplies of  local lemons to  scare them off. Bridie O'Connell felt that all historical figures are relevant to today if you look at  their lives.
 These are only a few of the answers given. Why not come along and  try  answering a topic yourself? Speakeasy Toastmasters. 8th sharp at the  Hibernian Hotel , 16 October. Contact Marie Lyons 0879746947 or Liam O'Flynn087 6380053 or look at our website www .

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