Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Mystery Tour

Club President Noel O’Connor concluded his very successful year as president by organising a very enjoyable mystery tour day trip. Noel kept his cards close to his chest as members were guessing as the got on the bus in Mallow as to where our destination would be. As it turned out members were treated to a lovely day out in Lismore and its surrounds. The president also ensured the weather was fine for the day. The day started with a visit to the tourist centre where we shown a very interesting film about the history of the town. This was followed by a visit to the beautiful gardens and the adjoining art gallery.

In the evening we made the short journey to Mount Mellary where some went on to make the walk to the cross on the top of the hill while the rest took the opportunity to tour the vast buildings and to hear the monks recite their prayers. The day concluded with a lovely meal in the hotel in Lismore. On the trip home incoming president Liam Flynn on behalf of those present thanked Noel for organizing a great day.

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