Tuesday, May 06, 2014

What Happens In Vegas

At the clubs most recent meeting David Frawley delivered a very entertaining and informative speech about a recent trip he had in Las Vegas. He described the place in great detail and gave helpful hints on what time of the year to travel there, where to stay and how to minimise the amount of money you are going to lose gambling. Margaret O’Regan gave David a very helpful evaluation of his speech.

Throughout the meeting Helsa Giles as toastmaster for the evening ensured the meeting ran smoothly. It was her first time doing the role and her jovial warm character ensured everybody had an enjoyable meeting. Rona Coughlin was the second speaker of the evening and she delivered a very inspirational speech with the title ‘Just Do It’. She encouraged us all to take up a challenge to try something new or also it could also be saying no to something which we no longer want to be involved with. Pat Sexton evaluated Rona’s speech.

The clubs next meeting will take place on Thursday May 15th. The meeting will commence at 8pm in the Hibernian Hotel Mallow. Guests are always most welcome and will not be asked to speak. For more information on toastmasters check us out on our website www.speakeasytoastmasters .com or follow us on Facebook or Twitter

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