Tuesday, December 17, 2013

A Night of Firsts

It was a special night at the clubs most recent meeting as five of the club newer members took on new roles for the first time. Breda Forrest and Deirdre Linehan gave excellent evaluations on two fellow toastmasters’ speeches. Helsa Giles as Topics master had the members thinking and speaking on our feet with a very entertaining Christmas themed topics session. David Frawley kept the meeting on track in his role as timekeeper and Brendan Foley delivered a very polished General Evaluator session.

The meeting included four very interesting speeches. Marie Lynes gave a very educational speech on symbols. She told us what the background among others of the harp emblem and the poppy. Liam Flynn on the recent passing of Nelson Mandela gave a speech toasting ‘The King of Africa’.

Anne O’Donovan gave a speech that left the audience feeling she was working for the Northern Ireland Tourist Board. Her powerful description without the use of notes of her recent wee trip to Belfast had the audience feeling that it is a trip that would have to be taken. Claire O’Connell in her own unique way told us how people could legally go about not paying the water charge.

The clubs next meeting will be the clubs first meeting of 2014 meeting which will take place on this Thursday the 9th January. Everybody is welcome to attend. The meeting will begin at 8pm in the Hibernian Hotel and guests present will not be asked to speak. For more information on toastmasters check us out on our website www.speakeasytoastmasters .com or follow us on Facebook or Twitter.
(In the photograph from left David Frawley, Deirdre Linehan, Helsa Giles, Breda Forrest and Brendan