Monday, November 04, 2013

Newer members shine.

The clubs newer members have greatly added to our meetings in the recent past. At our previous meeting David Frawley gave an excellent first speech at the club which created a great atmosphere for the rest of the meeting. The clubs last meeting included two members who gave their second club speech and they were both very impressive.
First to speak was Breda Forrest with a very informative speech about feminism. Not only did she get the message of her speech across to the audience, she did it in a way which was very entertaining and had the audience laughing on a regular basis. Cait Murray gave Breda an excellent motivating evaluation on her speech which included some helpful tips for her future speeches.
David Roche gave a very appropriate speech for the time of the year. He spoke about while on holiday in France that he visited a number of War cemeteries. It was a very moving account which a great impact on the audience. His final line was a quotation written at one of the cemeteries which stated ‘Time will not dim the glory of their deeds’. His evaluator jerry Mulcahy thanked him sincerely for reminding us again of the sacrifices made by the people at that time.
There were four other speeches on the night and information on those will follow next week. Also the Club President Noel O’Connor congratulated Rona Coghlan on her participation in the Division A final recently and also to Liam Flynn and Pat Sexton who competed in the soapbox speech contest in Mallow. Well done again to Pat on winning and we wish him the best in the next round.
The clubs next meeting will take place on Thursday 14th November in the Hibernian Hotel at 8pm. everybody is welcome to attend and guests will not be asked to speak.