Monday, June 03, 2013

And last but not least (for 2013)

The Great and the Good joined Toastmaster Marie Lynes for the final meeting of the Speakeasy season. Marie joined out going President Jerry Mulcahy and in coming Area Governor Anne Buckley at the top table. The club were honoured by the presence of out going Area Governor, Michael Sheehan, in the audience and of course Speakeasy member, Division A Governor Ray Ryan was giving a speech. As she put it so humorously, it was the time to realise that one was amongst titled people.!

The final night is traditionally a night where speakers make the speech that will allow them reach awards along the Toastmaster Program. All four speakers reached their goals with four excellent speeches. Claire O'Connell and Bill Martin completed the Competent Communication Manual and gained their CC award. Bill's inspirational speech, called "Don't let tigers eat me", called on people to be their best when dealing with children, delight in their sense of wonder and help create those wonderful lasting memories. Kieran Butler evaluated Bill's speech. Claire's creative speech looked at what it really means to be Irish and some contrasting characteristics. Claire encouraged us to bring forth the positivity in our Irishness and she included one of her own lovely poems. Mary Moynihan evaluated Claire's speech.

Liam Flynn achieved his Advanced Communication Silver Award, with a dramatic tale of the loss (temporary thankfully ) of a dear family pet, Sol the springer spaniel. The audience gave a gasp of relief when the story reached its happy conclusion.! Bridie O'Connell evaluated Liam's speech. Finally Ray Ryan achieved his Advanced Communication Gold with an absorbing evocative speech about a larger than life character, Unity Valkyrie Mitford and her tragic short life. Pat Sexton evaluated Ray's speech.

Anne Buckley kept the audience entertained with a wide range of topics. Pat Duggan as General Evaluator, assessed the evaluators and the meeting as a whole. Rona Coghlan was a watchful Timekeeper for the night. All were welcomed by guest greeters, Mary Moynihan, Marie Fitzpatrick, and Ronan Condon.

Incoming President Noel O'Connor was warmly welcomed by the audience and warm congratulations offered to out going President Jerry Mulcahy who ably presided over the clubs 20th season and with such warmth and enthusiasm.

Speakeasy returns in September and we hope you might join us, on alternate Thursdays 8pm at the Hibernian Hotel.

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