Monday, April 29, 2013


The race is on. We are confronted on all sides by people willing to communicate with us and elicit promises from us. So I thought it would be a good idea to explore the effectiveness of word choices. Communicating with precision is not easy. There are a number of essentials to adhere to - the virtues of 1- Accuracy. 2-. Simplicity. 3.- Coherence. 4- Appropriateness. These are the primary essentials of effective word choices.

Choose words that are the exact shade of meaning you wish to communicate. Abraham Lincoln once said “speak so that the lowliest can understand you, and the rest will have no difficulty. Simplicity does not mean that your language must be simplistic, or that you should talk down to your audience. Use short easily understandable words that convey precise concrete meanings. Audiences do not have the luxury of going back over your points as they do in reading, hence the need for coherence.

Besides being accurate, clear, and properly intense, your language should be appropriate to the topic and to the situation. Solemn occasions call for diction that is restrained and dignified. Joyful occasions for word choices that are informal and lively. Suit your language to the tone of the occasion. These suggestions will help you in the construction of your future speeches. Good luck with them.

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