Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Power of Persuasion

Have you ever needed to persuade anyone in your life?

- your kids to clean their room
- your co-worker to assist you
- your boss to give you time off.

Research shows that while most people believe they cannot be sold, the fact is those same people can indeed be persuaded if they do not recognize that a ‘sales’ technique is being used.

For persuasion to work, whatever message you are conveying must be based in truth and delivered with the right intentions. After all you are persuading someone to your point of view, not conning someone to do or think something questionable.

Tips that will give you an edge in getting others to adopt your ideas are listed hereunder:

1. Aim at a narrow target

When attempting to coax someone to adopt their ideas, many people give every possible fact, figure and feature in hope that some of the information will stick and persuade the other party.
However, if you want to be effective at persuasion then you need to keep your focus during the conversation as narrow as possible. One of the ways to uncover what is important to the other person is either to ask directly or couch your question within a statement.
Allow the person to answer and give you the information you need. Then you can gauge how to direct your conversation based on their response.

2. Use stories to convey your message

Stories are an extremely effective way to persuade. One of the best ways to use stories as a persuasion tool is to simply tell your listener about something that is similar to your concept.

This indirect approach works wonders and keeps people from feeling like they are being sold.

3. Use a quote

The goal is to deliver truthful news or make a point in a way that does not reflect poorly on you or make you appear insincere.
An example would be to say ‘My father always used to tell me…..’ and then tell them what you want to tell them. Who could argue with your father?

None of these persuasion tools are magic or ‘smoke and mirrors’. They are designed to give you a slight edge in your dealings with others. A slight edge goes a long way.

Participating in Speak Easy Toastmasters would allow you to practice these persuasive tools. By using these tools you will find that others are more apt to adopt your ideas, resulting in more winning solutions for everyone involved.

Speak Easy Toastmasters will hold their next meeting at the Hibernian Hotel, Mallow, October 28th at 7:50PM. Non-members are more than welcome to attend and will not be asked to speak. Further details about the Club are available on our website,

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