Thursday, April 30, 2009

Even more Toastmaster Skills

While most of public speaking/toastmaster training is centred on a person giving a presentation and the audience listening, i.e. you talk, they listen. This type of communication is training is extremely important when one’s job or community activities require such presentations.

Think about your daily life, however, and another kind of communication becomes equally important.

Each day we interact with many people in a variety of situations. We may deal with clients and co-workers at work, our family and friends. We may be called upon to calm an upset customer/friend/relation or convince a sales assistant to refund your money. Persuade your son or daughter to clean their room or negotiate a raise with your employer.

And especially in the times we live in (I will not use the “r” word), being a good communicator and member of Toastmasters International can and will, give a person the edge over someone who is not.

Special skills are needed to successfully handle the above types of situations and Toastmasters International; “Interpersonal Communications Program” will help you to develop them.

The program consists of five projects that require different interpersonal communication skills.

In the first project we learn how to start a conversation with a stranger.
Project two requires one to negotiate using win/win strategies to achieve a goal.
In the third project, we learn how techniques on how to diffuse verbal criticism.
In the next project we practice coaching someone who is not performing on your satisfaction and finally, you’ll learn to assert yourself effectively.

The projects in this program are challenging but they will provide you with valuable experience in communication with others.

As with all Toastmasters programs, toastmasters are firstly required to complete the basic program, called “The Competent Communicator” program in which all the basic skills of speaking are learned and practiced.

So why not come along to any of our meetings and see for yourself? Speak Easy Toastmasters meet in the Hibernian Hotel, Mallow on alternate Thursdays from September to May.

Toastmaster meetings are not a classroom but a workshop in which members learn at their own pace in a mutually supportive atmosphere where the emphasis is on fun and friendship.

Summer is almost on us, we hope, and there are only two more Speak Easy Toastmasters meetings left before our summer break. Now is the time to experience the “Speak Easy Toastmasters” experience, think about what we have to offer come back to us in September when we start our meetings again.

You’ll be glad you did.

You are welcome to come along as our guest for as often as you want and rest assured, you, as a guest, will never be asked to speak.

Our final two meetings are May 14th and 28th and tonight April 30th of course.
Further information on Speak Easy Toastmasters can be had by visiting our website at or contact our Club PRO Seán on 086 6054784

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