Thursday, February 12, 2009

Say What?

Where can one go to on a Thursday night and hear highly informative speeches and fascinating facts together with a great atmosphere? Yes, you’ve guessed it, a Speak Easy Toastmasters meeting.

Last Thursday night, despite the cold and frost we had a large attendance of members and guests who were privileged to her four brilliantly researched and delivered speeches and just to put icing on the cake, one of our new members gave his first speech in the club.

President Ray Ryan as usual presided, and started us off at 8pm sharp. Mary Moynahan was Toastmaster for the night and Grant March as Topicsmaster. For both, it was their first time in the role and they brought with them, their own style and personalities.

Mary introduced our first speaker, Declan Curtis who delivered his Icebreaker speech which was entitled, “From There to Here”. The Icebreaker Speech is one that every member delivers to the club, the purpose of which is to get the member to statr speaking before an audience and also for club members to get to know the new member. A toastmaster never forgets his or her Icebreaker speech.

Following Declan was another of our newer members, Máire Welford, who delivered a marvellous and highly informative speech entitled, “Newgrange, A World Heritage Site” in which she told us the history of Newgrange and the people who built it.

Then is was the turn of Anne Buckley with her speech, “Left, Get it Right” in which she informed us, backed up with research, statistics and fascinating facts, about people who are naturally left handed.

Finally, Angela Sheehan, delivered her speech entitled, “Say What” which was a most fascinating look at cheese making. Angela told us of the history of cheese and also the modern process of cheese making.

After the break, Grant March, conducted the topics session in which the members (and only members, are asked to speak on a topic) practice their skills of speaking “off the cuff” on a variety of different topics in which they have to speak, unprepared, for two minutes.

Jerry Mulcahy was our General Evaulator for the evening and conducted the evaluation session.
This is the part of every meeting in which members receive feedback from other designated members on how they delivered their speeches and suggestions made on how they could improve.
Just as every member delivers a speech, members also get the opportunity to evaluate other members speeches. Evaluating another member’s speech is a skill in itself and is learned by practice.

The next meeting of Speak Easy Toastmasters is on February 19th and also on March 5th which will be our club heat of the International Speech and Evaluation Contests.

The Area final is being hosted by Fermoy Toastmastes on April 7th with the Division Finals on April 19th .

If you have never been to a Toastmasters meeting, why not come along to our next one and see for yourself what happens?. Don’t worry, you will not be asked to speak, guests never are, and, you can come as many times as you like as a guest.

For further information on Speak Easy Toastmasters, visit our website at or contact our Club PRO, Seán on 086 6054784.

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